- Chapter I:


“I wonder what is truly the difference between a slave and a free being, observing a society struggling to survive in the prison they created. The world seen through the eyes of a child, resembles a heavenly place, the philosophers say. But what if that child is being brought to the light in a different place than the greenery of which these quotes seems to arise and amaze the minds of the commoners? What seems to be then, the ultimate truths, for those who love and praise illusions?! When among these commoners, rise and quote from the tribunes, the well-known quotes saying about how to make a better world, or pursuit of happiness driven by positive thinking, brain working exercise and various techniques such as meditation, ensuring a prosperous life to everyone, I wonder, really, are all so blinded, or blindfolded from the truth? – for everything they have quoted for decades, it is a big, big, big Lie. Deceit. I wonder: how can they be so much deceived, to such point and to such an extent that when you even try to show them a glimpse of Reality which definitely contradicts everything they’ve quoting, you get disregarded as individual walking among them and trying to understand the world and do good deeds as you feel it, if not, in easiest cases, just ignored. Even more, the spirit of zealots seems to have taken new levels of domination, among these .. happy slaves – to be called properly, and not being rude at all, for there were times in which in order to defend these lies and everything that is rightfully called Deceit, they were even ready to use violence, or any sort of means such as a punishment for not aligning to their patterns, made-up beliefs, or claims. If there should be truly an understanding mind among these freedom-quoters, peace-makers, wisdom-teachers, disciples-of-light, and so on mixes of minds, hearts and strings of ideological precepts, - but no! just poor, pathetic imitators of all! Sometimes, it’s good to say art is a form of imitation, for such aspect of a definition is quietly suitable, for these times, in which everyone has to copy something or someone, rather than being original, or just calling being original what’s taken to extreme, such as something resembling ridiculous, obscene, out of contexts, outside the norms. But there is much truth, in all these behavioral patterns as well, for these people – commoners – which made a habit into imitation art, strengthen the illusion, which dominates their life. If truly, even the word Intelligence is reaching to a point of distortion that at some point it could be called wisdom something vulgar, profane, like any other short sentences or tries of wording like in a commercial advertising, then, indeed, that shows to what kind of value the society reached to be. For such lowest values on a negative scale, doesn’t indicate something else except that they were gradually led to such state of mind and heart, through social engineering and other forms of control. These are indicators of the lowest level of a society on the verge of collapse, the imminent failure being in plain sight. To wonder more, about who is truly free, and who is a slave, when none of these words does not carry the original values, in these modern times?!..”

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- Shall be continued…

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