- Chapter I:


“Why this infatuation, for such a waste?! Each piece of concrete shows how mankind built its prison, while each piece of steel pointing to the gate and the chain, while the key in the lock being twisted and then thrown away, as if some spirit have done it in purpose so that no one to find a way out, in this labyrinth of illusions. Yes. Illusions. Not those illusions of which the gurus and the other teachers of nothingness preach, deceiving the world, for their cult, religion, or benefit. Not those illusions of which the scholars recite like parrots without any discernment upon what is truly real or not. Not those illusions of a wording in vain, as when people gather to hear the perpetuation of lies and applaud over the discourse the elevation of madness, nor as they cheer the flow of sand out of the disciple’s mouths. But the illusions which are present in each one’s life. Those illusions taking away the freedom of a human. Those illusions charming the eyes and luring them to deceitfulness. Those illusions melting the hearts of people, stealing their life away. Those illusions squeezing the minds of people, mending them to magic, witchcraft and thus, rooting in obscurity, darkness, and evil. Yet, these are not to be told, to any of them. Rare, to be seen one among thousands, to even try to understand. If not one in a million, to really comprehend. I oscillate between two worlds. The one of the seen, and to which such illusions compress, tighter and tighter, to not be deciphered, and the one of the unseen, to which these illusions could not compare, encompassing something beyond. One world, traps easy through the senses, all is charm and glitter, consuming the energy within. While the other one, beyond the veil, hides other forms of deceit, coming straight from demons, or devils. The unseen war, happens in myself, subjected to this body who carry my soul, and happens outside of what’s in me, where in the realm, all can be distinguished through mind, heart and soul. Then, the enemy within, transcending, the enemy outside of me, inflicting. I understand, as much as it was given to me, how much deceit, is in this world, and in what ways the human being is inflicted. It is so easy to harm, the human being. And so hard, to mend broken minds, shattered hearts, and tormented souls. In the seen world, I see the walls mankind have built, for imprisonment. In these squares of concrete, they are living their lives?! So much trouble, for a place to stay, and call it home! A place turned into a box with many shelves, where to keep their stuff. Stuff with no real value at all. A place in which to hide their being, sinking in shadow and darkness and only way out of a kind of reality being in front of a black screen. A place where to nest dreams and hopes. Concrete walls, and steel. The hearts of the many turned to concrete, while others, merging to machines. The clay mixed with iron, silica and magic. Is this, really, the way they have chosen?! – I ask silently. All I can see in the seen, are just walls with no real use, in what is life, but merely, to destroy it. Has really human being turned so much?! No place, for a tree, calling as not belonging there?! But is a wall, called home, and is a home as belonging? Nothing really belongs, just a paper fluttered in vain, calling it property. Who’s property?! Who owns, truly, something?! Who owns the paper? Who owns the signature? Who owns the stamp?! So much futility, in world of man!.. “

[ … ]
- Shall be continued…

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