- Chapter I:


“Old story new: the poor share the same greed as the rich, whole world is founded on slavery; while the poor complain over richness of others who doesn’t deserve it, they inherit the same greed, for most of all would do the same, under such circumstance of changing their lifestyle, or just advancing on social classes; one more thing which indicates the same greed, is the obvious fact that only under certain conditions, the poor ones, help eachother, as in rest, the poor become poorest, trapped in the same desires, passions, lusts, endless dreams and fictitious hopes for the better. It was always, this way; just that the recorded history, is not properly preserved, or better said, it is fixed, modified, from a generation to another, to hide the royalty under a sea of lies. A generation comes and learns about heroism, which is nothing but rape, theft and murder – masked under different laws, in which all are permitted under special circumstances, - hidden from the sight of the world and thus lies weaving the new clothes of presenting the kingdoms and empires, the princes and the queens, the emperors and their conquests. Heh! So laughable, when to think over such idea of education, which is nothing else but indoctrination, dictated by the ruling classes, by those assigned to overwatch all what happens into the territories drawn over the chessboard on which all with power of decision, to move the pawns wherever it matches the players, wherever is suitable for the variant of the game. Learning about the criminals of the world, has been a fashion, till decades ago, when all started to collapse, already, as if children in schools had a click somewhere in their hearts, to just reject the charade embalming the presence of history at their class; slowly by slowly, the tyrants will be forgotten, as they are replaced by the new ones, trained and formed upon the new, modern system that has been built in the same purpose, of reviving the old Babylon. Where there is no need anymore, to remember the birthdays of the royalties, their battles, their conquests, their registers with dates, wealth, or countless wording, all are being left to oblivion, - the new replacing the old, empowered this time, to rule, to conquest, to subdue. Human ego, rooting to evil. Nothing new, under the sun. Just that the methods of control, have been perfected to new levels, up to even people embracing openly their prison, worldwide, - even demanding the chains, the imprisonment; it is indeed, the world all have built, upon the same precepts and laws, the same inventions and theories, the same lies to be spread widely and as much as it should until the core of deception to merge with the human being who lost along its path any form of real perception. But that is until Reality strikes. For with each wave, the chains of the people are felt more and more heavier, as the years passing, and social classes melt into a unitary whole awaiting the trial, with each echo, the despair of the world splits the earth and the sky, and then, the richness is felt like a damnation as much as poverty, the life becomes meaningless for both rich or poor and nobody, anymore, seems to find a relief, while the world leaders chat in vain for a union of all, under one banner, in the affairs of a state, in the hope of an empire and a promise of immortality, - blinded, of course, trapped in a waving of deceit, to lead mankind in its trials. Barely if someone, to be found here or there, to think upon how a brick is made. Barely if someone to really understand that God watches the hand of a little girl molding clay in the heat of the sun, and for her sufferance, still spares the world to not be devoured by hungry beasts. How much weights a simple, common brick?! It weights as much as the greed of an entire world. “

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- Shall be continued…

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