- Chapter I:


“Indeed, a worldwide prison, in which re-education takes place according to society’s desire. Desire for Freedom?! Freedom of what?! Most around me, have been trained since childhood, to a different perception upon Reality, - therefore, everything in their world, in their own bubble, individual and collective, it’s a distortion upon all what is truly Value. What has become of this world?! It is exactly the product of their deeds – from actions to even thoughts, from causes to effects, divided so as to fit their dreams, their illusions. Could anyone truly understand the level of harm that has been done in last two centuries?! Or, at least, in the last one?! Last decade?! Year?! Month?! Day?! Minute, - or even second?! When someone thinks that in each second, someone dies of hunger, of thirst, of illness, - or on the opposite pole, victim of a crime, rape, slaughter, - human trafficking, organ harvesting, secret experiments on private labs, and on and on and on, - IF – truly one would have just a moment of its life, to think upon these, to just think, - one single second, at least, of its “countless” time to be wasted, then, and only Then! It will truly understand. For while the many rejoice in imagining the better world according to the propaganda, others, truly suffer. And while so many suffer – in their own way, however – for non-senses, others truly know what that sufferance is. But what these all, are, after all?! Words in vain, or memoirs written to be one day wasted, like the leaves of this walnut, falling in September, awaiting the rain to sink them deeper into the ground and fill it with iodine…
Most of the people around me, do not wish to hear about ultimate truths. For their world resume, mostly, to what comes into the belly or in their pockets. So many lives, to be wasted, for Vanity!.. So I do understand this man in front of me; I do understand his silence. For it is the same Silence I share, being into the world, and just observing, like a silent witness, a world to perish. Everything around me, sinks in Vaingloriousness. People! – all they do is to carry stones, from a corner of the earth to another. Some of them, carry beautiful stones for their graves, while others, burdened by pebbles. If they will realize! If they will realize, how they are deceived! If they will realize how the entire world, is being deceived, for the ultimate price to be paid, in an unseen war, for their soul. I do feel his grief, looking into those deep, amber eyes; as much light as spreads within, as much sorrow, underneath; like a lily, in its beautiful fragrance, life it is felt when receiving warmth of a soul; I feel too small, to perceive such lore, here, apart of the human world, when tries me a smile. It is a smile of knowing whom you are…”

[ … ]
- Shall be continued…

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