- Chapter I:


“I want a better world!” say many people around me, but they sustain modern slavery, individual and collective. I wonder, do they really know what they are doing?! Whom among them takes responsibility for its own actions?! None seems to know. None seems to care. None wishes to find, to understand. None seems to bother. To these people, nobody can tell them anything. But to just let them be. As they wish. In their world. Dreamers of a change. Dreaming the better world they imagine. Nobody who know truly what’s going on with them and with this world, can speak openly about these. In rest, everyone can talk about such matters, for everything they do is to just mumble. Yes. Mumbling around. Theories after theories, of how to fix the world – and none of them seems to work; all have failed – and will fail. For everything is failing. Few, however, among them, ask the same elementary question of a child: Why? And the answer is so simple. In its Simplicity: You want a better world, make it! Then, most of them, have no idea how – and unable to have the same capacity of thinking, just give up, rise their shoulders, make a grimace on their face showing disappointment, and move forward. With the same question, in their mind, and even more confused. That is because they do not have the courage – yet – to face Reality. For such Reality is striking, through its very Simplicity. They are unable to cope with it. And I believe them. They were trained since childhood, to a different perception. A limited one. A narrow one. The same Reality which we all live, it’s in plain sight, for everyone – every single one – to see it. It is right there. Then, very few, among them, who have an inclination to be more insightful, leave the superficiality away, for a time, trying to comprehend such an answer. They ask themselves, therefore: how can I contribute to this world, making a better one? – and that’s indeed, the 1st, elementary step, into re-discovering themselves. As human beings. For among the various programs of mind controlling humans, implemented along last decades, were the ones meant to determine people to loose their identity. Without identity, they try to identify, they seek identification towards something. But since others do the same, all the attachment that comes out is to the same people, depersonalized, deprived of liberty of thinking, deprived of feeling, - for many around them, even without realize, at least, and they are bond to the same chains, their humanity being stolen daily, little by little. Without humanity, all becomes just an imitation. To be human, nowadays, it’s a sacrifice. For you are being exposed to a world trained to act against humanity, a world who would try to extinguish humanity by any means or forms – even without knowledge upon what they are doing to themselves and to others, to or in what way they harm themselves and others, how the infliction comes upon them and in their sphere of action, to what extent the damage has been done, to what degree, and how to even recover, of such traumas. The world, therefore, can not be fixed, for the same reasons such as people are living a life where they are deprived of freedom. All and everything, got to such level of distortion, that even the word Freedom, is not properly understood. The other great question, to ask each of them, around me is: do you know whom you are?... So as the others: do you know what’s your purpose into this world? Who are you, and why you are here?!..”

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- Shall be continued…

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