- Chapter I:


“From the same human ego, the greed determines humans to behave as animals, despite their banner of civilization risen to the clouds. Even more, as the human being surpass the animal in intelligence, this greed fuels a different direction, in which even the animal, if would have this gifted conscience, will be amazed, to see a human turned into a beast, and even farther, to such resemblance. The greed doesn’t keep count on social class, status, rank, or level. It enwraps the heart leading the human to a path of evil, from where once amplified, inflicting harm upon itself and others. From the same greed, flickering little by little with sparkles in one’s mind, human wants more and more, without being satisfied with what already has. This greed has the same rooting, which is human ego. Feeds the heart and mind with desire to have, to get, to obtain, obliterating one’s conscience so much as to even fully blind it, developing evil from within, out, spreading it into the world like a plague. Modern times, has shown the greed of mankind, into what they have done, in the name of progress and evolution. Modern people have shown how greed dominates their being, from the little things to come in their possession, until the big events to accomplish, without any regards of repercussions. The ego thus is fed in a permanent state of mind and heart, all the feelings get distorted and from here one, blindness. While some are feeding the greed for any material things to be acquired, others feed it to obtain different advantages, fueling the desire of possession over information, knowledge, power, authority, and list can go on with domination over others. If greed doesn’t keep trace on what choices has one or another, it becomes contagious, from person to person, transcending – indicating in the same time that there is something beyond this development of greed: comes from within the human, but also, from outside; while the human being is the one among two natures, and has its own choice to make in matter of good and evil, comes a different aspect, that of influence; the human being, thus, can be influenced from an external factor, to shelter greed in its heart and mind; this external infliction, comes from another being, - human, or.. non-human. Then, one can discern that the greed is tied to evil, and thus, evil, inflicts human beings, through the demons; devils, indeed, being those who bring this seed of evil, deceiving the human being to accept it, and shelter it in its mind and heart, from where in fertile ground, gives birth to a whole tree, that is grown in deceit until maturity, its fruits being shared to everyone else around, and spread like a plague, worldwide. Aware of not, the human being growing the seed of greed is being led to a dark path, as from wandering and spreading evil without even knowing what is happening to it, and doing atrocities, although a big leap, carries the same elements of obscurity. The evil rise in human heart and progressively, from inside, out, it is spread, being visible often through the actions and reactions who inflicts upon what surrounds it, through the harm done even deliberate, in last stages. Modern people say they have conquered the universe, boasting with their inventions, but they weren’t able to conquer their own ego, at least, in most cases they have shown they are not capable to conquer themselves. Modern people, forged an empire of lies and deceit, and built their own prison, and its just a matter of time, until to really see what they have done, where their so-called progress and evolution led, for Reality is the only one who confesses the obvious deceit, the fail of mankind being visible day by day, in a process of acceleration of darkness and evil on worldwide scale.“

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- Shall be continued…

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