- Chapter I:


“While people’s stupidity goes on an on with praising royalties, worldwide massacres unveil the greed of mankind. History is being re-written with each generation that passes, for a new learning period in which the worthy scholars wearing the heroism banners further with concocted fairytales to enchant the blind masses, so as in ancient times theatres fully operational, preparing the waves of the culture of lies about to be spread from one corner of the earth to the other, to places in which rhetoric conquer the minds of the clever ones, poetry and writings to spoil the desires of both rich and poor, while painting to depict even grotesque ranked to eulogy. And this is how history is made, for the likeness of the crowds, embalming them with nice little stories of conquest which are far away of reality depicting treachery and murder, - here is how the heroism is born, out of theft and rape, saturating the greed of royalties and the blindness of the masses too large to recognize what’s obvious under a deeper look with the horse glasses in the shelves of the academia, - here is how the banners of civilization were risen, through the massacres done by the rulers beset by the state of action, through the same lineage of those Scribes and Pharisees from the old Judaism condemning Christ, which by their genealogic chain spread their branches in secrecy, through sects and secret societies to dictate the edicts of lawlessness and governance over the world. One could be amazed, to find a whole labyrinth of endless lies depicting history, if not shocked of how much evil could mankind conceive until boasting these days with its inventions; just that these stories, are not to be told openly, but just whispered to the ears of those understanding the foundation of this world, for in rest, nothing is really permitted or rightly said, allowed, and slices of the truth, if there are, being grabbed in hurry and just thrown to ludicrous. It becomes insanity, for the commoner, to even mention of these paths of finding what’s really going on with this world and with the people, as while everything is on the verge of collapse – even the society itself – and thrown by a controlled demolition to Anarchy, the dream for a better sight is widely spread, nurturing the idea of progress and evolution of mankind. In a world in which truth is truth only when comes out of the mouth of the state, through the edicts of governance and laws made-up over night and presented as valid in the early morning, everything that can be said, is to be called non-sense, - or in the modern context – misinformation, misleading. In a world in which truth is valid only from the expertise of academia, everything else is just thrown to the garbage bin of the modern terminology in a wording gamut called theory of conspiracy. In a world in which the actual truth is suppressed by any means possible, being replaced with a surrogate who can not be even challenged, under the premise of fact checking, it is imperative to silence, even when allowed to speak, for a counted time in the hourglass, as who’s invited to speak freely, it becomes like the culpable brought to the scaffold awaiting the executioner’s sword. It is more simple, to just show a brick, to the honorable ones treasuring lies and deceit, for none of them don’t know truly what is made of. It is enough to just indicate the angles of a brick, to the pitiful ruling classes, to let them know why masonry hits the corners of the Law. It is enough to use a scutch hammer with two combs on each side and leave some marks on a brick, to just show everyone else among the listeners that they barely if scratched the surface of what’s truly going on into their world, the earthly kingdom of the insane… “

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- Shall be continued…

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