- Chapter I:


“It’s a hard question, for majority, for knowing who you are involves sacrifice, which is something rare, in these modern times. Yet, people sacrifice unknowingly, so much time of their lives, on everything who perish, even with the price of losing their very freedom. While in minority, among them, are those who search deeper understanding, their sacrifice being greater, for they have to live in a world in which humanity disappear, swept by the tides of the events happening upon the will of the masses. But even rare, their sacrifice is the one who still holds this world, to not break apart, so, it’s not in vain; their role in society is a noble one, even if they are living among the common people who have no idea what’s going on with themselves and with this world, or, if they reach to live isolated, in monasteries, or in wilderness, hidden to the eyes of the people. Of course, there are others who have sacrifices to make, without even knowing that they are the blessed ones too, as due to their sacrifice, the good into the world springs and waters the troubled hearts; while other blessed ones, have a different sacrifice of which they do not know, for their very sufferance, brings blessings upon the world. I think upon all these, to strengthen my soul; sometimes, I need rest too. But when I remember who I am, and what is my purpose, I realize, in my smallness, how greater are all around me, - so that this tiny fraction who lives and is blessed to know deepest things, to have a purpose, to have its use. Sometimes, there are those who come around me – to such an encounter so as to change the little it is needed, in their lives; just by meeting me, they know they are not alone, and that sacrifice is needed, from each, for this world to have sparks of lights, too. It is like a meadow, where the fireflies come around, for the joy of the children. Apart of all these, there is much to know and to find. Each time when I think upon all these heavenly things, my heart finds peace. Then, I know all these are real, encouraging me to go on; then, when I am tired, I rest.
I came here to these lands where wilderness thrives, to meet my friend. Although he is here in isolation, whole universe, seems to float around him. Here is no place for sufferance. Sufferance, is in the world. There, far away… If any of that sufferance attaches to me, and becomes present, at some point, I have a friend, who understands what burdens me, and shows me why such sacrifice, is needed. That is what makes me human. To be able to feel. To feel what a human being is. To know my identity as human being. To feel others, too. A sacrifice is for myself, to know what’s in me. A sacrifice, then, for others, to know what happens with them. I do not wish a better world, for the world is good as it is. It is the world in which I live, in which I have a purpose. The world becomes better when one allows itself to understand what makes it this way. Each human being, has its own role, and place, into this universe. It is a pity, that so few, are able to understand. But even these few – as they are – they are necessary, for even if humanity seem to disappear gradually, their presence, is felt. It is enough, to even know they are here. Not for the hope. Not for expectations. For just being present. For just being here. For I am here, understanding...”

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- Shall be continued…

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