- Chapter I:


“The more you know about the world and what happens with the people, the greater responsibility one has. That is because its knowledge. It has the choice of being a living weapon, able to destroy, to damage, to harm, turning to darkness, obscurity and evil, or.. to keep an oath of silence, like a witness of times who remain in shadow, and wherever is needed, to offer its help. One thus is aware of its purpose, and by its own free will, chooses to turn to the light, recognizing God as His Master, Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. That is true awareness, to know your nature, of a human being. To know you are sinful. To take act of your own sins. To judge yourself, instead judging other. To know your weaknesses. To know of your recklessness. To know yourself and the place you belong. That is true path of understanding. To realize the value of a human being. Of each human being, regardless of their deeds. For then the soul, looks into the world and know value of each. It knows the value of a king, so as that of a servant. It knows the value of a commander, so as that of a man of the army. It knows the value of the noble, so as that of a common man. Then, knows the value of an old man, same as that of an infant. The value of a troubled mind or heart, so as that of one in balance. The greater responsibility one has, for such knowledge is given to it, as a blessing, for a purpose, to fulfill. It’s one’s duty, therefore, to protect what has. For this is blessing from God.
I am here, seeking understanding. This walnut was planted here, so I can rest. If I can find rest, under its majestic crown, others may taste the same, too. I just wonder, how such a marvelous tree, from all its bitterness, and what a sweet fruit, can give, to the stretched hand to pick it. I know from this friend of mine, when the fruit is ready to harvest. Before, I wanted to pick any nut when I had in my mind, upon my will. But I’ve learnt, over time, something else. For I have asked the tree, when its best time to ripe, how could I know, and received the long-awaited answer: when I allow you. So then I knew, how the tree blessing the earth; the more stems of one year wood, the more fruits; the more branches, the more leaves; but always, the right amount that it needs, and so rewarding! Same, I have learnt about this majestic tree, to have a reminder of it, in my garden. A part of it, to take it with me, and there it was! From a small nut, a whole tree! Like a twin, of this one! Same, I have learnt what the tree likes. And thus, I asked the tree, what would like to grow underneath. And then, other trees, wanted its shelter. So as bushes. So as herbs. So as vines. And then, I have learnt of its needs, what it needs to survive, and what it needs to allow others, to survive. I have learnt as much as was needed. So as its fruits. To be given just the amount that is needed. I do wonder: could I ever ask more?! I have everything I need. I carry my soul with me, wherever I may be…”

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- Shall be continued…

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