- Chapter I:


“From afar, I watch what happens into the world, and I could see the storm coming; it’s one who could wipe out entire humanity, and only God can intervene. I look from here, and I can see the sufferance. A glimpse of it. And as much as is needed so I may understand. Into the world out there, people succumb to the idea of a prosperous future, while their future is sealed already by their own choices, by their own deeds, by their own madness. There in the world, those who call themselves elites thinking they are ruling from shadow, are merely just slaves seduced by darkness and evil; but they do share the same spirit of lawlessness, transcending from common ones to the noble, and as if their affairs involves higher purposes, the will of the few upon the shoulders of the many. While those few, in their madness, pull the strings of the wheels of power by coercion, if not.. seduction through various means, to compel the masses take the established course within their councils, the many others, in their recklessness, without assuming responsibility for their own actions, or just blindly submitting to the herding, share the same fate. For such fate that awaits it is no salvation except God. There is much sufferance, to come, in order to cleanse the earth of such darkness, to show from the common one to the king, that the universe does not spin upon the will of mankind. There is much sufferance, to come, in helping the mankind to understand what it means to live in a godless world, in which every hope for the better is turning in more worse, in which every light over the sky, starts dimming and extinguish from the sight of those who boast they’ve conquered it, in which every voice of pride and rebellion be reduced to silence. With such price, to be paid, a part of the world would heal, while the trials of mankind rise to horizon, to cure the madness. There, into the world, the rich getting richer, without to consider from where their richness came, and why they’re just being allowed to have even what they didn’t earned. Then, the poor getting poorer, without to understand why their living will get harder and harder, ending up in misery and pain. There, into the world, those who have taken power into their hands, in order to rule, in lawlessness being and without discernment, do not think upon what awaits them too, like the same ones led through ignorance into being order-givers, or just obedient ones. While those who thrive thinking the world is thus limited to the wealth they control, behold, or gather, have no time for deep matters of the society they’re inflicting, the other ones in shadow, planning rebellions to be crushed in blood and cries. Same, in the many hearts, the seeds of destruction and chaos, one step away in throwing the world even closer to the edge of the cliff. None of them, seems to realize what they have done by now, so far – regardless of status, rank, or title, in society they form; while very rare, a voice sweeping the crowds, warning them to take heed of what’s coming; the harvest times, to begin, while the reapers, to separate the crops. There, into the world, those who struggle to survive, living upon worldly laws and troubled by their choices; while those who truly live, reconcile with God, on the path of understanding…”

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- Shall be continued…

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