- Chapter I:The ALGORHYTHM

“I look to the concrete walls and I can see where human ego lies. Is that really, civilization?! Walls?! More walls?! What’s so beautiful in these walls, anyway?! All are following square patterns, and that’s all. Right angles. I see people striving to make straight walls, in a hunt for perfection. I know every details of building a wall. Of any kind. I know how the structures bind. I know how to build it. The more fastidious one, the more requirements, for a fictitious perfection. Here is the line, to be followed. It is stretched and aligned to the level. Here is the bubble, indicating the alignment on horizontal, and here is on vertical. There is the pallet with bricks. These are the types of bricks I want. There are the bags with cement, or any other compound to mix within, and there is the big pile of sand of the granulation I have chosen, to the binding. Over there, are the iron bars. These are the sizes to work with. There are the cutting tools, the bending tools, the knitting tools, and these are the procedures you have to follow. In that side, you have the tools for building my wall. Make yourself new friends, around! Here is the wheelbarrow, be acquainted to it!.. There is the buddy-shovel, one rounded, one flat, - there is the buddy-throwel, in which size you find needy, round shaped, triangle, trapezoidal, rhomboid, longer to shorter, the bucket-dipper, the grouter, and whatever you might need, just ask. Ah, don’t forget, there on the shelves are different hammers, pliers, chisels, saws, frames, hoes, and the list can go on. You have everything you need. Build my wall, then claim your reward. Wow! So many tools, and so much, to be done, in order to build a wall! A simple, straight wall. A wall who will follow a line. The length, is fixed to mark the property. The height, is to keep the eyes of the strangers out of what the property holds in-between. The width, is to everlast. This is the job, to be done. This is the amount of work, and these are the steps to follow till completion of such a task. That, shall be your payment. Eh! Piece of cake! Name the target, come with an offer, we set the price, and shake the hands to close the deal! Wait. That’s not all. And not everything. You see, there are different kind of workers. Some workers, are specialized in building/construction/masonry; among them, few know pretty much about everything, from the bottom to the top, while others, just one type of operation; while others, apprentices, - still learning, or just being a helping hand; few, handy ones, a little of everything, even if they lacking experience or skill. So as workers, different type of characters. Some have more patience than another ones which seem to be in a rush always, even on the account of making mistakes while hurried; others, really skillful, working fast and having best results; then, there would be those who dwell in commodity, either not hurry at all and making a great job, either, clinging on time schedule, under the devise of “time goes, money comes”; while others, really lazy, some are like larvae to the stage of merging to a butterfly, and of course, among these all, are those who do all up-side-down, backwards, in purpose, as if just to annoy everyone, so that finally coming the ultimatum: you’re fired! God bless! One say this way, for getting rid of one who is as it is: doesn’t like working at all. While other, getting rid of the bossy one. Nobody, therefore, is annoyed, nobody gets mad, nobody called fool anymore – and so on. Here is the interesting part: I am the one with the questions. The question-maker. Or the question-settler. The questioner. So I ask, like a child: what’s the purpose of all these? Is anyone, truly, among you, dedicated to this job? One who would just love doing these. One who would love building this wall, from the sketch to the final outcome. I want to know of it.“
[ … ]
-Shall be continued…

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