- Chapter I:


“It’s enough to look about the slaves of ancient times; they were sold in chains. Modern slavery is when humans demand the chains of their own imprisonment. Does anyone really wonder – in the spirit of intelligence, - of an intellect able to discern – why people willingly embrace slavery, within the very System they have developed in last decades? People show their hands out to be imprinted, demanding the technological chains that will bind them to the same sophisticated prison they conceived; even more, they are even thrilled about futuristic world, regardless of consequences of merging biological and machinery. People are waving their new god called science, in the new religion called scientism, with offers on the altars freshly built in honoring the future, dreaming on golden age of prosperity, peace, without to even open their very eyes in front of the cliff on which the world is heading. People merging with machines, - they say. It already started, preparing them in last decades, for the future – a tragic one, indeed. One could assume that it becomes hard for a common man to perceive the level of madness and evil operating through these, because they just can’t imagine such extent. Even more tragically – and shocking, in the same time, for those who only Reality, will prove their fail, their decline, their collapse; for that when those waves will hit globally, all will be affected, without doubt, from the poorest to the richest, from the weakest to the strongest. People can’t just imagine how the world would look like, if their whole life was spinning along their bubble or if their sphere of influence was limited to the same characters following pretty much the common parameters regulating their lives, or if the same patterns are dominant within individuals – as they have stated, resemblance, likeness.
Yet, the modern slave demands imprisonment, without to even realize it. The modern slave becomes fit for the same shared ideal, a futuristic world in which technology takes human being to next existential level – a deceit, however – and that is all about progress, development, - between the various crises, supposing to conquer all and everything, like a sort of god-like figure in which to rule. One could easy understand where all these are going, if really has a dose of intelligence – the least amount of it, necessary for understanding. While the rest – majority, can’t comprehend; their mind, can’t cope over the idea of such harm, or to such extent; it is like when pouring water into a glass, which is already filled with a variety of substances or elements that does not allow anything else be there except what’s already present. I could ask, being into the world, like a small statistic, for myself, or just to share it with others, over time; to ask among the people – if they are willing to participate, of course – to define, in their own view, upon their own reference, on their own, personal choice, what is a slave. Of course, each would have the right to refuse the little quest, or my innocence endeavor in venturing into their minds, each time they desire. For the quest, is simple. To define the word Slave, and its meaning, in accordance with one’s perception, and not resuming to these only, but to show the implications in real life events. I have said: I could ask. But I will not.”

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- Shall be continued…

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