- Chapter I:


“Modern slavery was possible due to destruction of people’s perception upon Reality; they have become complicit to crimes against humanity, by partaking, participating, collaborating and promoting obscurity, darkness, and evil. Thus all implications reflect upon the society on the verge of collapse, awaiting Anarchy being established as a mean to a change, like the ancient quotation upon the order of the Phoenix, mixing Ordo ab Chao with a New World Order rising out of the ashes. Therefore, all has been pre-planned, for the downfall, the actual System that has built in last decades, to collapse, for emerging of a new one, in a change, with all the technological developments included. Whatever the result would be, implying various disasters on global scale, meant to deliver chaos everywhere, it will finally lead to the same ancient dream of an empire – but this time, such empire is the new, but old Babylon. In the new world, whole mankind will be enslaved – regardless of the elite’s caution into dreaming on their Atlantis, such ruler to be proclaimed and worshipped as God, will impose its tyranny on every single human being, - other way said, no exception, for the rank, or status, for the wealthier, or for those surrounded by armies, - and I assume are very rare, the people who would understand what these mean, truly. The waves of tyranny unleashing in these years, are nothing compared to what comes, and whatever happens in this world by now – so far – is nothing, compared to the storm that’s definitely coming. It will not matter who is the king, and of which country, from which nation comes a weapon or who’s controlling, - it will not matter who’s prince fortune and how much can weight in gold, nor how many islands may entire armies conquer, - it will not matter what kind of technology people use, publicly, or under military secrecy, - it will not matter how many circles of secret societies gather, and how many presidents or leaders they could install, - it will not matter any chess-game nor anything what belongs to human knowledge or science. For that mankind has never seen – and never had before, such trial. That’s why, all what has been written, it’s non-sense, for such times of unspoken cruelty unleashing upon mankind. That’s why, all that is coming, it is unspeakable, unbearable, and unconceivable. One can not talk upon things who does not comprehend, and just by talking about these, it’s an act of lack of knowledge. The only ones who truly warned – and could speak about those times to come, were – are – and will be – the very saints. In rest, people’s mumble. People’s way to serve a purpose – of their own – either be there madness, or just hunting down fame or wealth, privileges of any kind, or favors, - and of others – serving for other ones, who will remain in shadow. It is easy to speak about anything, nowadays, - and so easy – for all are lies and deceit. But if spreading lies is so easy – as even more easy, to find believers of such lies, what about truths?! There are truths, mixed with lies, which gives confusion. And there are lies who appear such as truths, in a mix, leading astray. Where are the truths, then?! Not the particularized ones, not the limited ones. The ultimate truths. Where are they?!
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