Did Kurt Cobain and Nirvana really change the landscape of music?? It's been 30 years since his death. Bassist Krist Novoselic's career faded and drummer Dave Grohl's career soared.
They still play Nirvana songs on classic radio.

Drugs, sex and grunge music...
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I don’t think he changed the landscape. He was unique and made a dent is more like it.
They did at the time but the change never lasted.
Kurt and Nirvana (and other bands) brought us grunge. I just read Dave Grohl's book, and his roots were punk. The amalgam of the band's music was so interesting. It's a shame Kurt killed himself. Such a great band...

Grunge was a new niche, so in that way Kurt Cobain's legacy did change the landscape of music.
Cobain, certainly had some issues that people weren't following. I read a Wiki about his life and addictions that caused his health problems. That and success was overwhelming.

Nirvana was in constant rotation with MTV. Their videos were played constantly.

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