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BlogBloggerCreatedLast Comment
Track16350Dec 13
Jimi Hendrix 75th birthday today

Jimi Hendrix 75th birthday todayIf he was still alive, he would be 75 today. Would he scream at his grandkids..."turn that music down !!" ? Probably not. Here's some in...

JimNastics975Nov 27Dec 11
Youll Never Know

You'll Never KnowYou'll Never Know...

jarred135-Dec 9
Try Not To Look So Pretty

Try Not To Look So PrettyTry Not To Look So Pretty...

jarred146-Dec 8
Youll Never walk alone

You'll Never walk aloneYou'll Never walk alone...

jarred134-Dec 1
stringman23223Nov 24Nov 29
Follow The Leader

Follow The LeaderFollow The Leader...

jarred151-Nov 29
The Night comes to an end

The Night comes to an endThe Night comes to an end...

jarred163-Nov 27
A Little Guitar

A Little GuitarLast weekend here at the house....

Track161094Nov 25Nov 27
Cant Get You Out Of My Mind

Can't Get You Out Of My MindCan't Get You Out Of My Mind...

jarred151-Nov 26
Do You Believe Me Now

Do You Believe Me NowDo You Believe Me Now...

jarred161-Nov 21
Chiseled In Stone

Chiseled In StoneChiseled In Stone...

jarred148-Nov 20
Goodbye to lovin

Goodbye to lovin'Goodbye to lovin'...

jarred157-Nov 20
The Nicki Minaj Cover has a hidden agenda

The Nicki Minaj Cover has a hidden agendaThe Nicki Minaj Covered has a lesbian and queen of heaven agenda For my brothers or sister that try to defend this wicked act Proverbs 17:15 “He...

NewYorkcitylove52-Nov 19
I Think To Myself

I Think To Myself ...........What A Wonderful World

Willy3411690Nov 16
NewYorkcitylove49-Nov 16
John Todd exposes the satanic powers behind the music industry

John Todd exposes the satanic powers behind the music industryJohn Todd exposes the satanic powers behind the music industry...

NewYorkcitylove50-Nov 11
ive been loving you

i've been loving youi've been loving you...

jarred140-Nov 9
Cool music blog

Cool music blogchill on the funky tunes and let your body move to...

Freedomofspeech914526Nov 4Nov 5
Watch Beyonce Grammy Awards Illuminati Exposed 2017

Watch Beyonce Grammy Awards Illuminati Exposed 2017Watch Beyonce Grammy Awards Illuminati Exposed 2017...

NewYorkcitylove86-Nov 1
Halloween music blog

Halloween music blogIndeed Halloween is upon us and all the witches, ghosts & ghouls will be out tonight You might find yourselves doing the time warp again ht...

Freedomofspeech911413Oct 31Oct 31
Sometimes When We Touch

Sometimes When We TouchSometimes When We Touch...

jarred149-Oct 31
Chinese ladies dancing

Chinese ladies dancingChinese ladies are so beautiful, artistic and feminine...

Freedomofspeech921928Oct 24Oct 25
Love Is

Love IsLove Is...

jarred168-Oct 23
a love song

a love songI have to google for the English translation. And glad I did!...

tatami16714Oct 19Oct 20
Country music our choice

Country music our choiceYep post videos of any country song and any country artist you like......

Freedomofspeech91,397130Aug 26Oct 18
Happy Birthday to

Happy Birthday to..........the one and only.... . . . . . singer, guitar strummer, and excellent lyricist,.................. . . . . . Paul Simon, who turns 76...

JimNastics1040Oct 13
Eminem is not your friend brothers

Eminem is not your friend brothersObviously the Black males seen behind Eminem during his “freestyle” on the BET Hip Hop Awards and those who are praising Eminem for the contents of hi...

NewYorkcitylove81-Oct 11
R E M music blog

R.E.M music blog Do you like this band? Do you have a favourite R.E.M song?...

Freedomofspeech913013Oct 9Oct 9
RIP Tom Petty

RIP Tom PettyTom Petty Dead at 66. We're told after Petty got to the hospital he had no brain activity and a decision was made to pull life support. It...

LoveRanger5226610Oct 2Oct 3
Traditional Techno Dj from Belgium

Traditional Techno Dj from BelgiumSpreading my audio works online for who want to listen to. freely, daily Enjoy daily quality techno...

cravatar1042Sep 27Sep 28
Having a deep appreciation for those who deeply appreciate

Having a deep appreciation for those who deeply appreciateAs of late Ive been awe inspired by a group of enthusiest musicians from Ukraine, that even the original band they copy, would have to take their hats...

LoveRanger521512Sep 24Sep 27
Freedomofspeech923627Sep 19Sep 20
Santa is getting a little help from his friends

Santa is getting a little help from his friendsHe could have asked his friends instead of Rudolph the red-nosed.......

tatami1222Aug 8Sep 8
Good bye Walter Becker

Good bye Walter Becker.Steely Dan gave us an alternative to the tedious 3 major chord usual modern music. Pentatonic scales sound ok, but a guitarist familiar with the modes...

Aaltarboy970Sep 4
Disco blog Boogie on down

Disco blog - Boogie on downIt's time for disco fever and let's boogie on the dance floor Thanks to everyone who participated in my country music blog and I enjoyed the musi...

Freedomofspeech926218Sep 1Sep 3
for the good times

for the good timesfor the good times...

jarred163-Sep 3
Johnny Cash country and western legend

Johnny Cash - country and western legendAny requests? I will start with “The Gambler” and “Hurt” his last song. What do you consider to be the best song "Johnny...

Freedomofspeech927717Aug 24Aug 26
John Denver

John DenverThis song is very under rated and has such beautiful thoughts expressed. Annies Song - John Denver When I hear this song it makes me think deep and...

Freedomofspeech938523Aug 19Aug 24
RIP Chester

RIP ChesterI was in my late teen when i first heard this song on my dad's old casset recorder + radio.. i waited for a number of days listening to the radio to g...

AmyC20171230Aug 21
Music blog John Lennon Songs

Music blog - John Lennon - SongsWhat goes through your mind when you hear this song? Does this song move you? Does this song make you question the world you are living in? Does this...

Freedomofspeech9213-Aug 19Aug 20
Track161263Aug 19Aug 19

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