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Share the Music

Share the MusicThe White Stripes - Well It's True That We Love One Another Go Ahead...

galrads1,222122Mar 121 hrs ago
Soviet anthem is bloody amazing

Soviet anthem is bloody amazing!I kid you not. I've listen to it a gazillion times (despite the fact that I can't understand a word) and each and every time I do, I cannae but marvel...

1one11541214 hrs ago6 hrs ago

LOVE IS ...???Breathless Heart breaking...

itchywitch3,434169May 2015Mar 21
Songs from then to when Songs

Songs from then to when SongsThe daddy of songs? This is going to be a...

Lukeon985Mar 18Mar 19
Saint Patricks Day Verde que te quiero verde as Lorca said in his poem Romance Sonmbulo

Saint Patrick´s Day / "Verde que te quiero verde" as Lorca said in his poem Romance Sonámbulo.To all my irish friends in CS and foreigner enthusiasts I Am Of Ireland by William Butler Yeats 'I am of Ireland, And the Holy Land of Irelan...

Crunia143-Mar 17Mar 18
Excellent harmony

Excellent harmony!!Yes!! Let it be me!!...

tatami370Mar 18
The theme song of most CS members

The theme song of most CS membersFrom the legendary dous...

tatami14311Mar 16Mar 17
Morning Sky

Morning SkyMorning Sky...

jarred129-Mar 15
tatami1198Mar 5Mar 6
What a man

What a man!!!Love the lyrics of his songs and of course his music too!!...

tatami30435Feb 28Mar 4
tatami20414Feb 22Feb 26
Christian music

Christian musicHas anyone heard or listened to carman he is a contemporary Christian singer/songwriter....

Scottishgentlema842Feb 13Feb 14


Lukeon1297Feb 8Feb 10
Lukeon1465Jan 20Jan 21


Track16960Jan 6
An iconic singer

An iconic singerAn iconic singer with his iconic song welcoming the new year...

tatami16912Jan 1Jan 3
Silver Moon

Silver MoonSilver Moon...

jarred1111-Dec 24
My Rules

My RulesMy Rules...

jarred176-Dec 23
Hallelujah Aleluya

Hallelujah (Aleluya) To finish this year with a positive energy, I wanted to share this beautiful version of the Hallelujah sung by Il Divo...

daniela77720822Dec 18Dec 18
stringman31126Nov 24Dec 18
Track161340Dec 13
Jimi Hendrix 75th birthday today

Jimi Hendrix 75th birthday todayIf he was still alive, he would be 75 today. Would he scream at his grandkids..."turn that music down !!" ? Probably not. Here's some in...

JimNastics2085Nov 27Dec 11
Youll Never Know

You'll Never KnowYou'll Never Know...

jarred192-Dec 9
Try Not To Look So Pretty

Try Not To Look So PrettyTry Not To Look So Pretty...

jarred196-Dec 8
Youll Never walk alone

You'll Never walk aloneYou'll Never walk alone...

jarred161-Dec 1
Follow The Leader

Follow The LeaderFollow The Leader...

jarred188-Nov 29
The Night comes to an end

The Night comes to an endThe Night comes to an end...

jarred196-Nov 27
A Little Guitar

A Little GuitarLast weekend here at the house....

Track161584Nov 25Nov 27
Cant Get You Out Of My Mind

Can't Get You Out Of My MindCan't Get You Out Of My Mind...

jarred183-Nov 26
Do You Believe Me Now

Do You Believe Me NowDo You Believe Me Now...

jarred186-Nov 21
Chiseled In Stone

Chiseled In StoneChiseled In Stone...

jarred184-Nov 20
Goodbye to lovin

Goodbye to lovin'Goodbye to lovin'...

jarred190-Nov 20
The Nicki Minaj Cover has a hidden agenda

The Nicki Minaj Cover has a hidden agendaThe Nicki Minaj Covered has a lesbian and queen of heaven agenda For my brothers or sister that try to defend this wicked act Proverbs 17:15 “He...

NewYorkcitylove74-Nov 19
I Think To Myself

I Think To Myself ...........What A Wonderful World

Willy3411880Nov 16
NewYorkcitylove71-Nov 16
John Todd exposes the satanic powers behind the music industry

John Todd exposes the satanic powers behind the music industryJohn Todd exposes the satanic powers behind the music industry...

NewYorkcitylove74-Nov 11
ive been loving you

i've been loving youi've been loving you...

jarred168-Nov 9
Cool music blog

Cool music blogchill on the funky tunes and let your body move to...

Freedomofspeech917426Nov 4Nov 5
Watch Beyonce Grammy Awards Illuminati Exposed 2017

Watch Beyonce Grammy Awards Illuminati Exposed 2017Watch Beyonce Grammy Awards Illuminati Exposed 2017...

NewYorkcitylove115-Nov 1
Halloween music blog

Halloween music blogIndeed Halloween is upon us and all the witches, ghosts & ghouls will be out tonight You might find yourselves doing the time warp again ht...

Freedomofspeech913713Oct 31Oct 31
Sometimes When We Touch

Sometimes When We TouchSometimes When We Touch...

jarred171-Oct 31
Chinese ladies dancing

Chinese ladies dancingChinese ladies are so beautiful, artistic and feminine...

Freedomofspeech924728Oct 24Oct 25
Vierkaesehoch: "Very fake news"(meet us in the blogs)

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