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You Were Born To Be My BabyI was made to be your man...

Track1652317 hrs ago15 hrs ago

LOVE IS ...???Breathless Heart breaking...

itchywitch7,158276May 2015Apr 20

Song Remakes...I listen to a local classic rock music radio station that has a few hours of talk show in the morning and music at 10am. One day, they talked about li...

chatillion86989Aug 2018Apr 20

hey, hey, we're down to two Monkees...Musician news today reports Peter Tork who played bass for the 60's teen sensations The Monkees died at the age of 77. Mickey and Michael are the two...

chatillion1609Feb 22Apr 18
hpylady_1021Apr 16Apr 17
Hans471132531Mar 11Apr 14

Where Do You Want To Bewhen the sun goes down? I want to be at Mountain Jam!!! Sound of Sunshine Michael Franti & Spearhead That's the sound of sunshine go...

hpylady_560Apr 11

Maestro Myung-Whun Chung -'The Most Chill Conductor EVER' Hi-Yo Silver...AWAAYYY!!!...

miclee391Apr 10Apr 10

Song to cheer up track Feel free to add any others Just no songs about kombucha Thanks...

OIdblue1205Apr 9Apr 9

Crazy..Crazy For You "Crazy For You" Sometimes I can't breathe And when I wake up in the morning, I can't believe This whole world's crazy with...

hpylady_830Apr 4

Mick Jagger needs a new heart valve...In recent Rock music events, the Rolling Stones have postponed their North American tour originally scheduled April 20th to July 29th. 75 year old sin...

chatillion1134Apr 2Apr 3

My Latest ObsessionI love rediscovering old music I haven't heard in 25 years...

Track161514Mar 28Mar 29
Keeper of my happiness This I need to practice doing this every day

Keeper of my happiness.This I need to practice doing this every day.The only keeper of your happiness is if you stop giving people power to control your smile,your worth and your attitude. ~Mandy Hale....

Bearwoman860Mar 26

Moody Musicians...My first recollection of a musician who was 'difficult' to work with was guitarist Jeff Beck. His first claim to fame was with The Yardbirds in 1965 w...

chatillion1216Mar 14Mar 17
Lukeon17314Mar 12Mar 12

Cover songsCover songs can be good or not so good depending on your taste in music and the quality of the song being remade. A friend of mine yesterday put this...

Willy34111008Mar 11Mar 11
only1life1082Mar 7Mar 7

TuesdayThere is a Saturday blog and a Sunday one. I was suggested to do a Monday one. There are some great songs about Monday but I want to do a Tuesday one....

lshtar35344Mar 5Mar 6
Lukeon23514Mar 3Mar 5

No strings attached...I haven't played guitar in a few weeks. The last time, one string had popped. It was high E and I only had a spare B string so I put it on. I know it...

chatillion1104Feb 28Mar 1

Magnifique MusiqueIt Don't Mean a Thing .. Uwe Steger Bugari Evo .. Uwe Steger

hpylady_650Feb 18

Quantum weird other-worldly music - the thereminI'd never heard of these before, not by name, and was bug-eyed watching one played in a classical concert. It isn't touched but played by the energy o...

Elegsabiff17210Feb 18Feb 18
Willy3411530Feb 14
A question for the Irish

A question for the Irish.....One of my favorite Irish groups is The Corrs. One of the tunes played by them (see below) is 'Toss the Feathers'. Do any of the Irish blogger's kno...

Hans47111868Feb 11Feb 12
Warkings Follow The Cipher Amaranthe a review

Warkings/Follow The Cipher/Amaranthe - a review!Since the death of my father, I have only been to one concert, and that was Shania Twain. So when a Facebook page offered up a competition for two tic...

Philipsen710Feb 12
Exploring a new music genre

Exploring a new music genre.I am very much a heavy metal fan. Usually, that's the only genre I listen to most of the time, but there are some breaks where I put on some country m...

Philipsen1065Feb 9Feb 10
only1life1326Feb 8Feb 10

Very Sexy Song by a talented vocalistOoooh, I get so high When I'm around you baby I can touch the sky You make my temperature rise You're making me high Baby, baby, baby, baby Ca...

JimNastics1432Feb 2Feb 2
The Isle of Innisfree updated

The Isle of Innisfree - (updated)Innisfree is a real part of Ireland (thanks to Mollybaby's correction) that Yeats uses as the setting for his poem, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”. Yeat...

Hans471117110Jan 13Jan 19

Bonana fanna fo-firley...In January 1965 singer Shirley Ellis released a single record called "The Name Game" that made it to #3 on the US song charts for Billboard Hot 100. I...

chatillion734Jan 16Jan 17

Give Me a Beat...Passenger.. Let Her Go Ed Sheeran .. Perfect Dan & S...

hpylady_1191Jan 16Jan 16

Led Zeppelin 50 years ago...On January 12th, 1969 Led Zeppelin's self-titled debut album was released. That was 50 years ago. Their musical style and presence inspired millions....

chatillion1345Jan 12Jan 13
JimNastics22224Dec 8Jan 8
Marianne Faithfull

Marianne FaithfullOn the last day of the year I would like to share this simple but profound song by a very special lady..... All I Wanna Do In Life You've...

Hans471126217Dec 30Jan 1

God Only KnowsThe meaning of the Beach Boys classic....

Willy3411991Nov 18Dec 28

True Perfection.It's a very rare thing. But, it does sometimes exist. You may have even personally experienced it, perhaps in the afterglow of a fantastic sunset,...

JimNastics1002Dec 27Dec 28

70's Rock...Year end and there will be lots of music marathons with countdowns of my favorite Rock bands from the 60's and 70's. I'm listening to some David Gi...

chatillion20514Dec 24Dec 26
Willy34111181Dec 24Dec 24
Bentlee3,184213Nov 5Dec 23

Oki DokiCatriona Gray of the Philippines and Tamaryn Green of South Africa.

Lukeon1160Dec 17
JimNastics18913Dec 13Dec 13
JimNastics26139Dec 2Dec 3

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