We're putting the band back together...

Whenever I speak to a former band mate, my opening line is from the move The Blues Brothers as we are always joking about about putting the band back together.
It's getting harder to make that statement when so many of my musician friends are gone.

Phil... disappeared.
Chuck... hasn't been seen in years.
Harold... murdered.
Bill... died of a heart attack.
Larry... died of lung cancer.
Frank... died of pancreatic cancer.
Bob... died in his sleep.
Billy... drug overdose.
Danny... heart attack.
Paul... retired, not interested.
Jay... undergoing cancer treatments, would attend a jam if possible.
Carlos... full-time job, does studio work and weekend gigs.

Interestingly, I called a cousin who recently moved to South Florida to update him on my brothers kidney transplant and we got to talking about his retirement and that he and his younger brother still play music. I got the invite as they need a bass player because they are getting a band together!

Occasional parties and social events. They don't play Rock & Roll and chances are, I'll need to buy a tuxedo!

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I got to see the song list my cousin uses for banquets and it's music my dad used to listen too. I cannot recall having played anything by Frank Sinatra.


This is going to be tougher than I thought.

So far, I've got Moondance by Van Morrison. thumbs up

I kinda doubt they would find the audience who wants to hear Purple Haze or Mississippi Queen!
Good for you Chat You will have to video your gig & show us on here
Are you going to be playing at banquets at assisted living centers? laugh

My grandmother loved Frank Sinatra..she was born in 1898..

I think most 60s and 70s music would go over well...

Good luck...
assisted living centers...

Oh, I've got a story for that.
I briefly dated a singer in the 80's who wanted to do opera.
Not much call for it at her caliber and she took part-time clerical assignments to pay the rent. I suggested she make a bunch of cassettes with popular show tunes, take her mini-sound system and go around to some nursing homes to get on a list for entertainment.
It worked. She was able to develop a few places to play.
Not a lot of money, but enough to supplement her income.
Her (captive) audience loved her!
YouTube perhaps... laugh
Definitely NOT Soros family work.
Way low on the totem pole for the likes of you.
Hey great I hung out with the 10k Maniacs before they got famous and became a**hole.
Went to a Springsteen concert at St, Bonaventure with two of them in 1978.
Tickets were like 20usd.

I'm done with you...
Dude, we had such a good time together. Some other posters actually gave us shared names.
Oh wait never mind.
That has to be the most truly lame comment made outside of a text breakup.
Did you bother to actually think about what you intended to post?
Sad really sad, luckily the Welsh will console you through your time of emotional trauma and tear filled rage.
I was too god for you.
All my friends said so,

You should seek help.
Trolling me isn't a good thing for the members of CS to have to tolerate.
I stopped fishing years ago.
I think you mean in the FLA heat.
Even your attempts at insult are adolescent.
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