Soaring gas prices

Yesterday a gallon of gas shot up from $3.33 to $3.75. I remember fours years ago back in the spring of 2020 a gallon of gas was under $2.00.

What's the price of a gallon a gas where you're living?
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Well being outside of the US we have a different world here
so we only get half a gallon for 3.50.

It was worse a year or two ago, now it stabilized a tad.

Anyhows I think we need Trump back to bring back the optimism.
If possible.
Like Grand says different measures here.

UK and US gallons are different; there are approximately 4.55 litres in a UK gallon but only 3.79 in a US gallon so hard to compare precisely.
The average fuel price in the UK is 143.75p per litre of petrol and 153p per litre of diesel

Depends where you buy of course as some stations are cheaper than others
That's pretty much the same as here Gz.
Shawn. Here is what I expect will happen:

not so much

And let's say Trump, our guy, gets back in he can only partially modefy this to the better. Just a tiny litte adjustment down. Cos the damage is done already. Prices went up all over the world cos some (selfish mf's) milked the situation for temselves, and now we can never really get back I fear. However if they had not been allowed to steal it in 2020 and Trump had stayed in charge, well we would not had been in this mess to begin with.
Naivety showing a lack of understanding.

The Red Sea attacks by Houthi rebels, which are forcing tankers to avoid the Suez Canal and instead go round South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope, are clearly playing their part, but so have global refinery maintenance closures, the start of America’s driving season all add up to the increases.

Trump could have done nothing to stop the price of crude oil increase.
Wrong again. Don't you ever get tired of being wrong? Under Trump, gas prices were pretty low. After Trump, it shot up soon after Biden took office.
It’s outrageous here in California. You don’t want to know.
Sure I do, how much is it out there?
No US president influences crude oil pricing, as that is set by other organisations.

Pretty much every country worldwide is increasing the cost of fuel at the pump.
Go away, Riz. Over the last few years, we have always disagreed with each other over politics and the economy.

We will never agree with each other...
But it is true...Riz is actually in saying that...this issue should not be used as a talking point for any political party...
Taken from a media site...NACS (article)

Turns out that U.S. presidents have very little control over the price per gallon consumers pay at the pump.

"It’s that they have very little control over it. Yes, policies and legislation can certainly play a role, but gas prices are largely dictated by oil prices and oil prices are dependent upon supply and demand. Presidential control is not as simple as what those posts suggest on social media."
No, he's not right. There are many factors, yes, but a lot of the high price of gasoline is Bidens policies, and the fact that the Saudis that pretty much control opec do not like biden because of biden and the demos trying to move off depending on oil and onto electric cars for one. Bidens constant war on coal, oil, and gas drives the cost up with the epa guidelines and such here on this country. And when Trump wins, you will see prices come down like they did in trumps first term.
This is me that posted this. Never had this happen before. So I had to log back in.
Don't forget the Russian war in Ukraine started the price rises because of Sanctions. And the latest price rise is due to Ukraine attacking Russian oil refineries.
But governments probably have leeway in how they apply these price rises or if they choose to absorb them or pass them on immediately.
I think passing them on is the easy way out because people don't have a choice. Also the big oil companies could surely absorb the blips.

Yes he is apparently. If you want to read the facts you'll have to copy and paste but it's all out there. No one person controls fuel prices. Like any commodity the price is based on supply and demand. It also lists up to date price changes so go take a look.

Does the President Control Gas Prices?
By Jeff Lenard 5 min read

Turns out that U.S. presidents have very little control over the price per gallon consumers pay at the pump.

February 28, 2024

Seems you don't need to copy and paste.
Too funny...Grand is so enamored by a chihuahua humping his leg...smitten

Embedded image from another site

even the Mailman has problems!laugh
What's the price of a gallon a gas where you're living?

Higher on middle east tension and could go higher yet if there's war with Iran.

In Bc, Canada we are paying $1, 75. a liter take this 4,2 times = -7.35
I don't drive but on my news it mentioned how prices have soared in my state

Not my PM;s fault nor Bidens fault for that matter

I know the why's & you should know the why's instead of allowing propaganda to infiltrate your brain
In the UK car insurance prices have shot up by 50 - 60%. So, not just fuel prices that have increased. All allegedly down to inflation. Cost of repairs, paint etc.
If you're a young person starting life with a car, then you would expect to pay over £1000 insurance premium.
Everything is getting more expensive...sigh
Lots of people are upset and prone to finger pointing...
I was here druring the troll days bunn, I'll give you an example:

I'll hump Trumps leg any day.
In fact I'd be jelux at that chiahuahua,
I'd kick his nuts

Here in Norway prices went down a notch last year.
Riz is very read up on fake news and then he adds some of his own
for good measure.

I filled my tank this morning...$3.60 a gallon.

At the heart of all inflation is a government who is spending money that it does not have...

As long as we do not get a handle on the national debt...we will continue to see everything cost more...
I'm not and it's a fact that no President has control over price reductions whatever you might choose to believe.
No president has control of oil prices, aha... but does he
have a say in ordering pipelines blown up? confused
Does he have a say in foreign policies including wars?
Does he have a say in how to handle national crises like Covid?
Does he and his government have a say in what countries to put sanctions on?
Does he and his gov have a say in what national energy politics should be on
What about green power and investments vs more traditional energy sources?
Is the present adm for or against fracking?

Basically are you a 100% sure "no president has control of oil prices" whatsoever?
These things are not intertwined?

. popcorn
I find this too funny...
Who is paying the Scandinavian troll to peddle this shit?...laugh
The government here reduced its tax take on fuel two years ago. It's going back up now in stages because the price went down.
They also gave us lump sums to offset the cost of electricity. 2x300 euro each year I think.
I thought this blog was about petrol and diesel not gas and electricity supplies.dunno:
I just let them keep on cycling Daphne and throw the odd spanner in the works in case they get a puncture.grin
Fuel is petrol and diesel.

I added in the info on electricity as further evidence that the government HAS control on costs and benefits.

Hope this clarifies things for you.

It seems that people here actually resent hearing facts.

It's just information, not intended to put anybody down so relax.
I'm fully aware of the facts of support for gas and electricity from the Government Merlot but my point in all of this was that the U.S. president has no control over gasolene prices. FACT.

I don't resent being told anything if it's true and I am unaware, that's called positive information. What I object to is anyone believing that Trump actually reduced fuel prices and hoping I'll believe it.

Did you read this article.?

What about from a legacy perspective­? Can presidents say that they reduced gas prices over their term in office? Nope. Every president since 2000 has left office with gas prices higher than they took office (using EIA numbers):

Bill Clinton left office with gas prices 39 cents higher ($1.06 on Jan. 25, 1993; $1.47 on Jan. 22, 2001).
George W. Bush also left office with gas prices 39 cents higher ($1.47 on Jan. 22, 2001; $1.84 on Jan. 26, 2009).
Barack Obama left office with gas prices 49 cents higher ($1.84 on Jan. 26, 2009; $2.33 on Jan. 23, 2017)
Donald Trump was a relative success story, with prices climbing a mere 6 cents during his time in office ($2.33 on Jan. 23, 2017; $2.39 on Jan. 25, 2021).

So it seems Trump didn't reduce prices they just didn't rise that high.
Adressing one person of the lot of you always makes it too personal,
so - instead in general:

I think what made the prices go up was a combo of covid and Putins invasion of Ukraine.
Then it's up to each and everyone if they will believe DT would/could have
handeled that combo any different than the sitting adm. I know what I feel on that.

Thanks for the blog Shawn.
Nice back peddling...laugh
I don't know what you have in mind Daffy, but I see you are a pot strirer more than anything else. What do you look like anyway? Are you a child, an adult..? and what are you doing here at Shwans blog, what is your message. Is it that the Biden adm is a bunch of heroes maybe.

Can you lay out for us what is the main difference between the former administration and this one so that folk can understand what to vote for. Are you an american, and why did you move abroad.
Ah and please put up a photo now love.
Oh, so now anyone who posts actual proven facts is a shit-stirrer. Your comments are priceless. Thank you for the laughs.
Any male who addresses a female as Hun or Love when you do not know her well is creepy...
I am getting a bit tired of the same old rhetoric that keeps on being perpetuated...laugh
Some people use hon or love as a term without any meaning, it’s a cultural thing. But I agree it should not be used on an international website.

I find the constant Trump posts making him out as the next messiah hilarious and proves how easy it is to mislead the simple minded.handshake
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