Driving Under the Influence

Not sure how they figure out the drug aspect, but
they must have their methodee beyond alcometer them bstrds lol


Driving Under the Influence

The 80's was a bit more chilled....


Driving Under the Influence

Nobody wanne add any juicy stories?

When I was 17 I stole my mums car and drove around with a freind at 3am, and got pulled over ofcourse... lol
I was able to smooth talk my way out of it but they called and woke up my mum and told her to come pick up her car and son...lol
Guess who was not sober enough to drive.... yes her... but the thought never crossed ther police minds thankfully innocent

Driving Under the Influence

That's a responsible way my friend. hug

RE: Virtual

This is viritually the best concert ever.
Only about 2 hours...
Keep the link for later use

Hi blue, I agree on your comment on some other blog beer
So Asia is recommended, noted.

RE: Where are the Protests and Riots for these Supernatural Changes

Me I'm only suggesting that if you vote Trump
you hand back some of the power back to the people,
where it belongs.
With that said I have nothing more on that right now.

I peeked at your profile and I suppose it's you playing the piano (Roland)
in thet youtube clip. You're good. thumbs up

RE: 10 minutes of truth

Just for fun- let me paste in two if the comments to the video:

"Democrat motto:
Lie, cheat, and steal like your power depends on it."

"Most 5 year olds have enough common sense to know it was rigged."

RE: 10 minutes of truth

Chancer, I'd like to add another 10 minutes of truth myself.
Watch this if you haven't yet.
The voice of Oliver Stone.
Oliver Stone with Vladimir Putin.
Joe Rogan with en expert
and more.
About potential election fraud and illegal attempted coup d'état.

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RE: Where are the Protests and Riots for these Supernatural Changes

Almost tempted to counter with:
"When are you going to realise that Trump was a vote AGAINST Hillary not for Trump?"
but being he did such a surprisingly good job + started a much needed movement
as an unexpected biproduct I think it's better to not even see him nomore
as only that
but rather a bearer of the future we all can put our faith into.
With other words: Thank God for Trump!
(or as she said it: In Trump we trust)


Entertaining vids... and some videos that is just interesting

Time for some travel maybe....
how about India! innocent

16minutes of guys wanting your dollars in the most chaotic place:

RE: Where are the Protests and Riots for these Supernatural Changes

Disagree Riz, and imagine how much more he cold have done if not so worked against by "them".
But as always we will have to agree to disagree.


RE: Where are the Protests and Riots for these Supernatural Changes

Well all I know is that Trump came on the arena..
and for the first time in decades we had a leader who could shake up the etablishment (some).
What happaned; they went to war on him spearheded by the steele dossier.
And here we are now years later still unable to properly get the last half
of the folk onboard to give them corrupt deep state jackazzes the blow they deserve.

So until them dumb leftie sheeple whom still blindly support that woke crap
and still think Trump is the problem and still can't see that selecting Biden
that senile is a disgraze, until these see the light the deep state
will be very hard to get tied to the ground.

tip hat

RE: Winter is not coming!

Comment 41 comming up, sorry about pushing you alls previous comments
to the other side...
But a change must come you see... rolling on the floor laughing

I heard on the news our norwegian hopeful business REC solar who
actually made silisium components to solar panels had to lay down for good now.
Reason being over production (mostly China) of solar panels in the world,
more than the demand so prices too low etc.
Ok, and I also overheard that a few offshore wind projects too being given up
as the profitability was being questioned, this being in the USA just recently.

It tells me something.

Here is what I suspect is going on: the oil industry is seemingly but halfheartedly
shifting to 'green' while in reallity that as a distraction in wait for the moment
they can switch from oil to nuclear. Which by the way makes sense.
Now I'll strech out this hand: we can have both wind (../solar) and nuclear too,
that I love so much. Hydra we will for sure have for ever.
So both - and. Then later we will learn what works best,
but my money is on atom power. Yea I know, the waste water,
but maybe we'll find better ways to cool the stuff.

Ok, another little anecdote: Elon the Musky guy who is a bit of a dreamer told Joe Rogan
that it doesn't take more than 100 miles squared of solar panels to power the entire USA.
So I sat down calculated how my footballfields that would be.
Well.... not a 1000.... not 10.000.... but 6.5 millon footballfields... grin
What to do on cloudy days was not said.... lol drinking
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RE: To My Surprise

With all that negaitivity off my chest,
I do see that short term this was a rather sweet victory!
(or comeback if you may- looking like a pretty large leap forward)


RE: To My Surprise

It's his responsibility not to cheat. So I don't blame you a lot for that.
I suppose you can continue like this for now.

I did like your story better until you said he had another one.
Being a non-cheater myself I can not really say how he thinks
but my best guess is that he would like to keep both of you
and weirdly enough he thinks he is entitled to.
So if one disappear
he can actually come back and do a drama thingy on her..
and get her back in line... et voila! everything back in order (lol).

So I suppose from his perspective all is a-ok as long as he have both of you (!)
Seems to be the situation.

This may drag out in time just the way it stands Mermaid, cos
he will most likely continue this double play as he is more confy with two
than with only one. Deffo not my cuppa as I'm way too romantic for that,
but some I heard to this (...)
Of that reason when he say he can't forget you
it's less powerful when you are only 50% of the equation instead of the full 100.
Sorry but you should hear this.

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RE: Winter is not coming!

I have some corrective actions to offer: nuclear power. Now.
Not 15 years from now after wind and solar proved insufficient.

Now it's weird to think about how when my grandmother was born it was about
1 billion people eating, shitting and polluting daily. Now it's 8 times as many... eight times as many in about hundered years... and we wonder why it's not a walk in the ballpark nomore... lol
Good going human race! Well done.

Still... we don't need to send some $ to Nigeria to encourage less humping....nono..
No need for that, let them multiply as they imagine that to be the best way out-
still now in 2023 as was in all previous years. Yes be a big strong family! Faammillyy
rolling on the floor laughing
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RE: Beyond Belief

Well thanks for your feedback mister
and welcome to this halfdead blogland in need of revival.


RE: Beyond Belief

Hi there.
I'm not native to english, but still kinda down to earth and this blog-
can you tell me what it's about for simple minded ones like me?

Belief? What-chya'-mean?
Can you gave me an example of an installed belief, and what it could change into and eh.. what would that be all about? Talking about ufo's? buddha? Elon Musk? what is your club soda of choice here?
basically I don't understand what you are trying to convey.
This blog is pretty empty unless if you give at least one example of what you're on about, in my opinion.

RE: So (some of) you want this man as your president (again)

Has my vote as in figure of speach/transferred meaning.

Or if you will- he can be the leader of the free world (what's left of it lol)
until retirement, and then Barron can take over. grin

So he has my vote, now and for always.
I'm pretty smitten laugh heart wings

RE: So (some of) you want this man as your president (again)

What a load of bullcrap Jac.

The man will never be in prison. Why, cos Hillary is not there. Ok..
He let her go, she will let him go.
If you wonder- Hillary and Obama is ruling America right now,
together with the rest of the top donkeys- Biden not included;
he just reads what they hand him.

Ofcourse that is just the politicians. It's not really them who is in charge.
The ones in charge are the powerful elite that these top politicians try to please.
That is their job, and in return they get benefits. This is the essence of the D.C corruption.

Now, Trump on the other hand is on team average worker, as Merlot is pointing to.
So this is a tug of war between the wroking class and the elite.
I'm on team working class with Trump at the helm.
The press is bought and paid for by team upper class- don't listen to them.

Have a good one.
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RE: So (some of) you want this man as your president (again)

Still the same all these years in:

None of you sceptics seems able to see the forest
for all the too overwhelming trees.

Yes he is entertaining, good.
But the substance is meaningful as well, only you don't speak his language,
hasn't paid attention to what happened to him or some other reason only you know.


RE: Media Manipulation

Also they love immigration, the more illigal the better.
Love gays and muslims to the extend they even try to mix the two
but forgot that is like oil and water.
Ehmm what else, yes hate the christian god but will support christmas shopping.

Hate Trump ofcourse, across the board.
Support woke and that crap and anything slightly perverse.

Rite- so one don't have to look for a few examples-
the whole western media is colored like that.
Thank god we have internet right now. Or else we'd be rather f'd.
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RE: Media Manipulation


-Well are they finished telling us Putin had no motive yet,
except greed and megalomania even if he only reacted just as USA did in 1962 (?)

-Telling us we need the corrupt Biden cos the good guy Trump
is a manice to democracy when in fact they are.

- Giving us the idea China is dangerous to world peace
only cos they want Taiwan back under their umbrella again.
Let them have it dammnit!

- in the Gaza matter it's mostly the tune of "stop the bombing"
when Israel is trying to change out
the leadership of that land with a very good reason.
Actually they are dong the dirty job for us - while presented as villains.

- - - -

So... I see no neutral Media any longer. They take sides each time now.
And if you look closely you can recognize patterns.
Do they work for one master or a few? How can it be this well coordinated.
That is a bit of a mystery even to me.

I bet they got a bit confused when Kiev went out and defended Israel! rolling on the floor laughing

drink pouring
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RE: So (some of) you want this man as your president (again)

Ooops... 'speech' seems to be the right spelling.

No I ain't gonna explain to you why everything he said makes sense and was not foul.
Figure it out yourself. If you can't then that is on you, try harder.


RE: So (some of) you want this man as your president (again)

Watched up to the 8th minute.
Good speach as always.
He has my vote.


RE: Judge Cannon...

Good one, welcome back Jac- u been on vacation? bouquet

RE: What Will Smart Homes Look Like Soon?

Well it has happened before with disasterous effect:
Boeng 737-max, two of them even.

RE: What Will Smart Homes Look Like Soon?

I like variation
plus I need the exercise of going up and handle the light switch.

Actually I dislike most modern automation where the computer tries to think for you.

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RE: UAE Foreign Minister in 2017 warns Europe it will suffer.

Gypman. The islamic extremism we can understand what is about
however distasteful and scary.
What do you have in mind regarding western extremism?

Keep it short and sweet please, this is a dating site (ehm.. singles site..)
we're not the smartest- you have one for dummies?

Even with all me cs experience I still have to ask

Thanks for your input Suz-sweetie.
Most people seem ok with giving away personal details as like with fb,
but it ain't 4me.
Then me and the other paranoids have good 'ol skype hehe.


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