Men start their own movement...

They call it the soft guy era...Drizzle Drizzle movement.

Basically, men are now starting to have their own high standards. These standards are very similar to women, some even say they are the same standards that women have been preaching for the last years.

Some of these standards are:

Women must have money.
They must pay.
They must have high quality physical attributes.
They must also tolerate the lack of appreciation from men.
They must buy the ring for men.
They must approach men.
They must provide them with a lavish lifestyle.
....the list goes on....on the same requirements women have required of men for years.

This movement suggest men stop paying women for anything...that means stop your OF subscriptions, don't pay for dates, don't pay rent, don't pay for anything. In fact what it means, now that women have the same earning potential as men, it means that women pay men. Some even suggest that construction workers even leave their jobs and let women do them. Keep in mind folks, this is just what I am hearing and I am sharing here for you.

What do you think women and men of this? I just am learning about it as I type this.

What I think of it? I think it is cute.

I think it is about time that men pursue their happiness.

Let me ask you men, when women have been making all these crazy high demands, what has that gotten you? The real statistics are there: women are only going after the top 5 to 10% of men...leaving the remaining 90%+ men useless to them.

As I predicted, this recent multi-wave woman movement will lead to a beautiful life in the end. When I mean beautiful life, I mean beautiful for both men and women.

Women ran too far.


Men are logical problem solvers. It was a matter of time when men would come up with a solution to the problem. Is this the solution??
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I'm too old fashioned for this new movement.

There are men out there that scam women for such things like clothes, cars and other expenses...this type of behaviour is not try not to feel bitter if you are experiencing this phenomenon...hug

My suggestion to people that do not want to be caught up in scams is to date within your age range, find some common ground as in religion if that is important to you and/or other interests...idea

An educated or working women with an opinion might not be what some want wow depends what you can handle emotionally or ego wise...pointing
I personally do not want to join a club with negative, grumpy or depressed types...grin

My suggestion in attracting women you would like, is to seek out places that you are interested in but not hanging around places that are catering to mostly men or a younger crowd looking for 'fun'... hmmm
(bars might not be a good places or strip joints) typing
Some people (not just women) actually make a wish board/goal oriented type of visual is not as silly as it sounds...I heard it works for some as it gives some direction or keeps them focused on their goal path...professor

For those looking for a true connection without the nagging suspicion of fraud/grifter type mentality...this might be a difficult patient and remember if you sound/act like a depressed/grumpy old will not attract a potential match...uncertain
Starting a men's group (with that agenda) sounds depressing and dull as dishwater...yawn
It will not help you or others in the quest to find a suitable suitor... lips
Good luck and cheer up!!
Here is a reality check for older women finding love with younger foreign men...

most of us have lived alone for years, and have looked after ourselves, i am not talking about being independent , though, like a person would not want another person. a woman who wants to be taken care of by a man or a man wanting to be taken care of by a woman , both seem extreme to me, most people would like to take care of each other.
Another tale of betrayal...

Well said Marlin.
Hello Mb...

Perhaps you are or perhaps you are not. I don't think O.F. ladies care about the age of any man as long as their check cashes.

Hello Daph,

I am going to respond to in many different posts....just to accurately address each one of your points.

I really do not think men are trying to scam women for anything.

This movement is about men setting standards.
It is also said, that this movement is just a joke if somebody confronts one about it.
It is also said, no woman can complain about these standards because they are the exact standards that women are demanding of men.

So, I don't think it is really anything to do with scamming. I just think men are just tired of being disrespected because of the outlandish number of standards women have toward them...rendering 90% of all men undesirable to women.

Daph, do you think that is okay that 90% of men are not desirable by women?

I think men want educated and working women in their lives. With this new movement, men want to be pampered by their woman. That requires money. The woman needs to make money now to accommodate this new movement. Depending on the man and his standards, a highly educated woman and her high income might actually be needed now. I suspect these new standards in men are going to require them to be driving nice cars and living in the best neighborhoods in a big house.

The money needs to come from somewhere.
Great advice Daph. Men should be seeking these wealthy women in the appropriate places. The other women out there that are not wealthy, according to this new movement, might want to consider stepping up to the plate and making more money...maybe they should get a better education or another job.

Men will need to learn some tips from women on how to vet them.

thumbs up

In regards to your last paragraph....I think women have over looked men's shortcomings with personality and world outlook if the physical aspects of a man are there and his wallet is deep enough. With this new movement, I believe men can do the same thing.

Daph, don't some ladies look elsewhere in areas that men have shortcomings in when their man is at work? Why cannot men do that too? The woman is now at work and he will be home with plenty of access to whomever. ....just like some ladies.

Daph, do you not remember...a lot of women do not have respect for men now days?

Daph, do you not remember....80% of women initiated divorced?

Daph, do you not remember....most women back in the day were not happy in their marriages?

Why cannot men take over that position?

Why cannot men get divorced and take the woman for half of her money?

You need to remember, men are just reacting to what has been given to them by women.

Hello Mar,

It is too bad we have moved away from those days.

If you ever get bored one of these days....check out women's dating profiles. I must admit, I have not looked at them lately. But back in the day when I was looking online for a lady...nearly every lady had a list of demands they wanted in a man. There was no sense of appreciation for these characteristics....they were posting them in a way that they were entitled to those qualities. Evidently, these demands have gotten worse. The proof is in the actual data from dating sites...showing that women only go after the top 5 to 10% of men....actually closer to the 5% side. Women want the best of the best.

Why is that?

Is it because they are selfish? Is it because they feel entitled? Is this a woman who can reciprocate love to the lower 50% of guys...or even the lower 70% of guys?

Again, men are just reacting now days to what women have given them.

Believe me, in the end it becomes beautiful for both men and women.

Let me tell you why...(speaking in general here)

Women are publicly exposing what they want in a man and what makes them happy.
Men now know what makes a woman happy.
Men know they cannot make a woman happy.
Through time, women are now discovering what they want in their younger years don't make them happy when older.
Men are now adopting new standards (as mentioned here in this blog).
Women will eventually genuinely learn the woes to their ways.
Women will soften up.
Men will soften up because they react to what women give them.
Happy family life...happier than ever...returns.

Hello Grand,

Nice to see you still around.

I can't argue laugh handshake
Where did you get 90% from...confused
Is it from the men club president?...laugh trying to increase membership...conversing
Attitude is everything...and like attracts like...
If you believe women are your will never get it right...
Be selective...
Grifters smell insecurity and weakness... moping
The best defense is to be positive...a person who values women do not flash money or expensive babbles at tells a lot about the man including their perception about women...(shallow people)
OJ is a good example of someone who married in a short period of time (did not get to know her well) bombed her with gifts (shallow)...but in the end...did not respect her (or her boundaries) his mind he owned her...and it ended
This of course is an extreme example but getting to know someone for a longer period of time and no gifts (flowers okay)...might help...respect yourself and others as a rule...
On a side note...having a few drinks with the person after a few dates is good...sometimes it reveals their true self...(relaxed and talkative mood)
This happened on a date I was on...I was able to see that person for who they were and declined another invitation out with him... hmmm
Public place mind you and a cab ride home alone...grin
Forget the BS of groups...or books they write...common sense goes a long
Same Johnny cheers
Just for the Drizzle Drizzle movement...Enjoy...

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