Our planet....we are being told it is a sphere.

I am not saying it isn't a sphere...however, there are some out there who are trying to make a case that our planet is flat.

I have a question. But first, imagine you are looking at a globe. It is round (sphere), like a basketball right? Are we not being told that is the shape of our planet? We are being told that our planet spins on its axis. The north pole stays north and the south pole stays south...correct?

Okay, when you are visualizing this globe. What do you notice if you were to travel to the south pole? Would not somebody at the south pole technically be upside down? That person must have a lot of blood rushing to his/her head. And what about if you are at the equator, you must be standing sideways?

What do you think?

Is the planet still a sphere or flat?
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Flat earth vs hollow earth

These theories have been around since the dawn of civilization

Also some believe in an all powerful creator

And his evil brother called Satan or some such thing
Why lend credence to absurd ideas with absurd questions? Consider the magnetic and gravitational fields and then define your understanding of upright or upside down or sideways. Or more simply just of 'up and down'. Try describing the orientation of the spokes of a wheel with reference to nothing but the wheel. I suggest up and down mean nothing unless an external reference point is introduced, such as the track or the axle. Strapped to a pendulum suspended above earth blood will indeed rush to the head, but the pendulum is a separate system and is motion in a plane. So too the bug on the flange of the rolling train wheel in its cycloidal motion will have a cool ride presuming they have pressure sense - the bug might be right in asserting it lives in a flat world
Heyyy Johnny,

what if the earth is not north and south? What if the north is actually the south? What if the earth is floating sideways in the universe?

I think if you listen to Pink Floyd "Dark side of the moon" and smoke and drink, you might experience feeling the earth actually moving where you can feel it.

Or not. Just saying. dunno


I also want to add, maybe the Dog Man of Michigan really exists. If so, maybe he can get together with the Cat Lady of the nearest Neighborhood.

smoking groundhog

"what if the earth is not north and south? What if the north is actually the south?"

The poles have reversed several times in geologic history. Scientists say they can tell by magma layers along cracks in the ocean bottom. But I've never heard of how long this takes. If you were holding a compass during a reversal, what would you see?
Maybe this:

Embedded image from another site
Hello Blue,

You are upside down. lol

Yes...though. This stuff has been around for some time now. However, I don't recall ever hearing about anyone bringing up the question of being upside down through...or even how that can be explained.

Hello Fargo,

I am not going to get involved with your "absurd" comment....

However, I have read your full comment...now 3 times...and I am still not understanding what you are saying. Something about gravity is about all I got from it.

Thanks though.

Hello Robert,

A lot of "what ifs" there. lol What if we should try to figure out your "what ifs?" tongue


Floyd is good tunes. thumbs up
Now Robert...you bring up another great conversation for another blog....the Dog Man getting with the Cat Lady. hmmm uh oh laugh
Hello Korn,

Yes, that is what they say. That would be something to try to make sense out of also.


Chat.....thumbs up We would probably see that.

wave wave
You know what Fargo...as a side note here.

I have recently discovered something in life.

Let's say a person believes that the woman he is in love with, whom he has never met in person, or even talked to....and...he has been giving his entire life savings to (and now he is broke)....let's say that person believes she is 100% real and legit.

Even though many around him can see the reality of the situation...and has tried to help him understand that reality...

However, he persists that she is real and legit....and literally does not have one dollar to his name to put in his gas tank.

As long as that guy thinks that she is real love and legit...then she is real love and legit.

Do you get what I am saying?

Basically what I am saying is, when people make up their minds on something(s)...it could be the most craziest thing in the world...but if they believe it is real, then guess what? It is real. It is real to them. It might not be what I would agree with as being real...but as long as I don't have to get brought into the mess of their delusion, have at it, I say.

And I say that the earth - and the whole universe - is a dome.
This is a computer simulation or matrix.

Food for thought, hey Johnny?
Johnny, is this a sneaky way telling us you need gas money? confused cheers
all other planets and suns and moons seem to be ball shaped.

Why the fk does it seem logic we are the disc shaped item in the universe?

Even if you say galaxies and solar systems are spiral shaped, it still doesn't look like the sphere they try to draw for earth.

I sailed, the calculations are for a ball.
Future predications moon, sun, tides, are for a ball.
Flat or Sphere?
Depends on whether you view reality as 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional, not including any dimensions beyond our natural / raw state, of physical comprehension.
Blood would only rush to your head if at the North or South poles, like anywhere else on this planet, you stood on your head allowing gravity attraction to flow opposite to how the standing body has come to evolve over the eons.
The question then might be the answer in its self, why doesn't the blood pool in one's feet and ankles when standing upright?
Besides, why is the North top and the South the bottom? For convenience at best, simply because in an Infinite Space, which in theory may quite well also be spherical there is no up and no down. Everything is at an angle. W.
wait wait.
in a disk there is no south. it is a circle across the rest.
In a ball, you are practically attracted to the centre of the ball.
The centre of gravity is a point within the ball.
Like a stone gets tossed in a pond and makes a circle.
imagine that circle being a half ball spreading out. as it goes 50cm to the side it would also go 50cm to above.

So the stoneswall from the earth center goes few 10.000 miles to left right and above. the air added to that does the same.
for the stone ball there is no up or down. any point has the same force from the center
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