a single attractive man

It is interesting, I will say.

I have heard some stories lately and it has made me think.

The title of the blog is " a single attractive man" This problem I speak of does not apply to single attractive women.

Now, let's make some unobvious statements here. When men and women find attractive in the opposite sex is a bit different. Men are visual, and so are women. So, when I say a single attractive man, I men a man...he don't have to be a super model, but must somewhat be pleasing to the eye...and of course, women value a man's personality as well. So, this man must be accepted by the community he is in.

Okay, here is the story.

A man gets out of a long term relationship, by his choice. He is out of society for 10+ years when he was in a relationship. He does not think anything about himself other than he needs to get his new life on track and start living it.

It is not long, he decides he main form of socializing in a small community will be at the bars. (not the best place..yes...I agree) But, he starts there. He starts going to the bar, not drinking a lot...he is not a big drinker...but just to get his mind off of things and start getting in touch with some old friends and making new friends along the way. This man is baffled one day. A man comes up to him and this man is begging him..."please don't take my wife, she is all I have." The newly single man looks at him in the most confusing way and say, no need to worry, I have no intention on doing anything like that.

This newly single man is not really looking for a new relationship. He is still trying to figure out where he wants to be in that realm of his life. For now, he is perfectly fine being single. Not to mention, he knows how it is when somebody cheats with a man's woman...and he would not want to bring that into anyone's life.

Fast forward to last night. This single man, who has been single for some time now is out on the town and out of nowhere, another man comes up behind him...a friend of his (so he thought) and starts to choke him. I was told there was some alcohol involved, so this stuff does is a bar. So the single man sitting down gets up and throws the man choking him off of him. The single man keeps proclaiming, what is going on here? I did not know there was anything between us. This went on for about a minute or so until the so-called friend's wife came over. She said something and that seemed to have got the aggressive man even more aggressive toward the single man. Then the single man put 2+2 together. Is she the reason for what just happen? The aggressive man starts stating...she is mine, we are married. The single man...all he could say, being confused and all was, "I am happy for you two."

All of that came out of nowhere...the single man told me he was totally unaware of him even being behind him.

So...the problem with single attractive men.

Can jealous men become wrongfully violent toward them?

From the story I heard, I would say yes. It is something that a man will need to become mindful of.
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Jealousy is a weak man's excuse to stir up trouble. I've seen guys start BS fights because someone glimpsed at his girlfriend/wife.

I like to call them arseholes...laugh
Some people cannot handle their alcohol and take out their insecurities on others...the single guy just happened to be convenient target for the married man's problem...he needs a leash...laugh
Commenting only on the title of this blog.

" a single attractive man."

Attractive men and women may have multiple relationships for reasons other than love, Trust, and compatibility.

They are often use as playthings.
As a grossly unattractive man, I have no idea. It could be a problem maybe.
Always the huge difference between the sexes for you, Johnny! Guess what, single attractive women get attacked by jealous insecure women because their men fancy them. Men and women really aren't different species. We have a surprising amount in common, even.

People who spend most of their social time in bars are not going to be interacting with the human race at its most sober and contemplative. professor

Jealous man sees his bored maybe tipsy wife is watching a man he knows and all his insecurities well up and he lurches over and starts a pointless scene

Jealous woman sees her bored maybe tipsy husband is watching a woman she knows and all her insecurities well up and she lurches over and starts a pointless scene

Moral of the story - don't drink alone in bars becoming the focus of neurotic people who, although described as friends, aren't really friends, are they? Just acquaintances who drink too much. scold

Your friend has been single for quite a long time and needs to find some drinking buddies. Safety in numbers.
Hello MB,

Thank you for your interpretation of that situation.

I know the guy that did that to him...and I thought about that situation. The guy who did that to him was raised by a single mother. I wonder if it is not possible that because of that, perhaps he was not taught how to manage his masculine power (emotion) correctly.

It is said, that a man who cannot control his emotions, is a dangerous man.

Hello L.L.,

I wonder...this happened this past Saturday...the 10th. That is 4 days before Valentine's Day.

I wonder though...if his wife was not embarrassed by that situation. I personally know her too and I know she is a bit shy.

It is said...."never embarrass your woman."

It is too bad with the most romantic/loving day of the year around the corner...this has happened in her presence.

Hello Friend,

Yes, both men and women can be players.

I suppose if they are outright open of their intentions and their partners are okay with it, game on.

It is only when deception is being introduced...that is when things get outright wrong. However, when the uprise of dark religions take place, stuff like this is to be expected.

Track...have you ever checked out any online dating blogs on Youtube?

From my understanding, only very few men are getting dates. I have been on here for over 10 years, guess how many dates I have gotten? 0

In real life situations, I get to get out and socialize in person...I took up a hobby (pool)...and I have met many new people and made many friends. In real life situations, it is much easier on showing your personality than it is over the internet. Women value a man with a good personality.

Perhaps, if no luck on here...try real life?

Fair enough Suzie. thumbs up I cannot argue with that.

It sounds like maybe men and women are more similar than I thought.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
This blog reads to me as the OP
Is making a desperate plea for one of the woman here to tell him HE IS attractive

Blue....thumbs up thumbs up

I will take what I can get.laugh
Hey hey there Johnny!!

I remember one lady named Mabel Serrup whom I was in a relationship with for three days.
Then suddenly, she started messing around with a guy named Chorizo Aneggs.

Now, Chorizo was a young buck. He was also very good at Pocket Pool. I think he went to tournaments as well.

She did me wrong. You know because a three day relationship. Now that was a long time, and things can serious after such a long time like that.

Anyways, I didn't fuss or argue with her. I just let her go.
After she admitted it her cheating to me, I was walking away from her when she shouted at me, "Hey wait! Please don't go. Don't go. Please."

So, I walked back to her and said, "Really?"

She had a cruel smile and said, "Yeah! Please Don't Go. Please Don't Go Holding Yourself Back. Get the h*ll out of here! Get lost! Ha ha ha ha ha! Hee heee hee hee!"

Whew! She really believed in the ole "Cruel to be kind" method of relationships.

Oh well.

rolling on the floor laughing Robert...

You meet some really cruel women. doh

You know Robert, L.L. has been banned from posting on the blogs now. uh oh So, I hear. She wants me to express a few words for her on her behalf. I am not so sure she would want me to do that for her though. laugh

I am sure if she read your story here...she would have came on and kindly reminded us of 1 of 2 things. One of them is, "don't sleep." and the other is the silver coin in the nether regions with that dancer lady. rolling on the floor laughing

Essentially, she would be trying to cheer you up Robert....reminding you that some women can be a bit more cruel than your lady story. tongue ....sorry L.L. I could not resist putting some words in for you. rolling on the floor laughing
Hey man. Haven’t heard from ya in awhile. Just checking in. bouquet
You Mr have sexy kind eye's and a lot of women would find you sexy lips

The only problem with you is that you are too young teddybear , just saying hug
Hey there, it's 4AM and I am wide awake, so I am just being cheeky and butting in here wave

Totally agree with doing real life, but I have also been here on and off for years, found 4 amazing Men here over those years that I will remember and cherish forever, people are put in your life for a reason/season, don't ever give up, 'um maybe more than one line would help with the 0 above'
Another one way too young wine, lol, it comes with getting old laugh teddybear smitten
Hello MMH,

I am still around....just have some interesting things going on in real life.

Hello LJ,

Nice of you to stop in and make a comment....hopefully you are in a deep dream state at this time.

Oooo juicy…okay I won’t ask you to divulge. That’s good enough for me. Good to see you man.
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