increase in funerals

I have been noticing a large increase in local funerals by me for the past 6 months or so. I never said anything but I have been paying attention.

Just last night, I overheard a member on my pool team talking to another guy about how people he knows are dying. He said, in the past week, he went to 3 of them.

I am curious. I remember after the vaccine was administered, there had been some reporting on excess deaths. I wonder if they are still monitoring that today?


Stay safe everyone.
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a Professor was acquitted by the MSU; his groundbreaking paper shows that more than 250,000 people have been killed by the COVID vaccine is now found in the literature

October 26, 2023
Health/Healing Methods/Alternative Medicine/Nutrition

By Steve Kirsch

MSU professor Mark Skidmore has been relieved by MSU; his groundbreaking work showing that more than 250,000 people have been killed by the COVID vaccine is now found in the expertly reviewed literature.

After a seven-month review by his university, Mark Skidmore was acquitted of all accusations, and his new, improved work was published in a more credible journal reviewed by experts.


It is now back in scientific literature that more than 250,000 people were killed by the COVID vaccine in 2021 alone.

Other independent polls (such as Rasmussen and the external surveys I have conducted) all agree with these figures that the vaccine has killed a comparable number of people as the virus. So this is a great confirmation of Mark's figures.

So how do they want to explain the results that are verifiable and can be repeated?

Answer: You will not do it. You will ignore them. Because they can't explain it. It is too difficult to put people in the gas in this thing. Therefore, they had to leave the paper unethically withdraw when it came out. Now that it is published, they will ignore it. No fact review, nothing. Silence.

Please help share the good news about Mark Skidmore with others. It is important that we let the world know that their governments have lied to them.

Source: MSU Professor Mark Skidmore was exonerated by MSU; his landmark paper showing over 250,000 killed by the COVID vaccine is now back in the peer-reviewed literature
Johnny, I'd suspect all this increase in funerals are happening because people are getting older and dying. But what do I know! cheers
Uncut News,hmm?rolling on the floor laughing
there are tons of reports and stats of excess death tolls.

there is no need just to link to

just make your homework

ps: and bear in mind MSM and mainstream search engines may not disclose all reports
Hey Johnny
Eish, you could be right and it's the vaccine 'time-up' starting to kick in. Problem is I had one too and hope 'they' got me on a 5 year lease on life instead of a 3 year...moping
Anyway I guess you could move from that area just to ensure your chances, if it's not the workings of the covid vaccine. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Good luck.thumbs up
Affirmative. Lag time on the 2x ultra safe vaxx...1 year..
Now 2 years ...I live walking distance from a hospital, fire
Station & American Ambulance Co.
.. business is good..[ .and noisy.
Will it help?dunno
What about young and healthy people dying?
Sudden death?uh oh
I agree!thumbs up
People are waking up from the nightmare of this life when they die don't they Dani ?
death is absolutely nothing to worry about..
It all depends, Butch...
Only if they know the way out.
Or they'll come back on the merry go round/the loop.

I certainly won't. I'm out of here!
No, nothing to worry about. wink
Totally untrue! Ever more witless baseless misinformation, lies, from the anti-vaxxers.
Have the funeral home a deal on?
More people alive after vaccines than dead anyway. Lolapplause
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