women's discrimination

I am surprised the women have not gotten together to protest this....blatant discrimination that has been going on for years.

It is called pretty privilege.

We are taught that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...while there is some truth to that, there are many characteristics of humans that are commonly held in favorable view....and considered beautiful.

Do you really want me to go through and post evidence of that?

How many of you noticed that attractive women get important positions in the workforce? Yes, there are unattractive women too that get great workforce positions...but pay attention to how many beautiful women get those positions over other women....Hollywood actresses, weather ladies, television hosts....the list just goes on.

I feel sorry for you ladies.

sad flower
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Ever read Harrison Bergeron?
Probably free online.
Mind opening.
Dude Rick and Morty nailed your point.
"Beth: “How could you make my son miss an entire semester of school? I mean, it’s not like he’s a hot girl. He can’t just bail on his life and set up shop in someone else’s.” "
I'm a fan of Ishmael Reed.
This is old and I'll only quote a little .

January 14, 2008
Ma and Pa Clinton Flog Uppity Black Man
by Ishmael Reed
Feminist hero, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, offended Frederick Douglass–an abolitionist woman attempted to prevent his daughter from gaining entrance to a girls’ school–when she referred to black men as “sambos.” She was an unabashed white supremacist. She said in 1867,” ith the black man we have no new element in government, but with the education and elevation of women, we have a power that is to develop the Saxon race into a higher and nobler life.”

Steinem should read. Race, Rape, and Lynching by Sandra Gunning, and Angela Davis’s excellent Women, Culture, & Politics,” which includes a probing examination of racism in the suffragette movement. The Times allowed only one black feminist to weigh in on Ms. Steinem’s comments about Barack Obama, and how he appealed to white men because they perceive black males as more “masculine” than they, an offensive stereotype, and one that insults the intelligence of white men, and a comment which, with hope, doesn’t reflect the depth of “progressive” women’s thought.

Do you think that the Times would offer Steinem critics like Toni Morrison Op-ed space to rebut her? Don’t count on it. The criticism of white feminism by black women has been repressed for over one hundred years (Black Women Abolitionists, A Study In Activism,1828-1860,by Shirley J.Yee).

I asked Jill Nelson, author of Finding Martha’s Vineyard, Volunteer Slavery and s*xual Healing, how she felt about Gloria Steinem’s use of a hypothetical black woman to make a point against Obama. She wrote:

“I was offended and frankly, surprised, by Gloria Steinem’s use of a hypothetical Black woman in her essay supporting Hillary Clinton. I would have liked to think that after all these years struggling in the feminist vineyards, Black women have become more than a hypothetical to be used when white women want to make a point, and a weak one at that, on our backs. It’s a device, a distraction, and disingenuous, and fails to hold Hillary Clinton – or for that matter, Barack Obama and the rest of the (male) candidates – responsible for their politics.”

On the second day of a convention held at Seneca Falls, 1848, white suffragettes sought to prevent black abolitionist Sojourner Truth from speaking. The scene was described by Frances Dana Gage in Ms. Davis’s book:

“Don’t let her speak!” gasped half a dozen in my ear. She moved slowly and solemnly to the front, laid her old bonnet at her feet, and turned her great speaking eyes to me. There was a hissing sound of disapprobation above and below. I rose and announce ‘Sojourner Truth,’ and begged the audience to keep silence for a few moments.”

Many minority feminists, Asian-American, Hispanic, Native-American and African-American, contend that white middle and upper class feminists’ insensitivity to the views and issues deemed important to them persists to this day.
Hey Johnny. To a degree I agree, but there are exceptions. Look at Rosie O'Donnell and Rachel Madcow. Probably two of the most unattractive women on television. Those are the two that came to mind first, I'll think of morelaugh
Hello Loh,

Yes, there are some lesser attractive ladies in higher up positions. But just the fact that "pretty privilege" even exists...is enough to prove discrimination.

Hello DLMac,

I will have to look into Harrison Bergeron. You have a lot of information you have shared. Thank you for doing so.

By the way, you picture reminds me of a gentleman who does YouTube...Hammerhand.


The ole saying goes, "Don't judge a cover by it's book."

I went out with an oh so very pretty lady, and uh, well when she kissed me on the cheek, she left some jelly like stuff on my cheek. So, I told her, "Hey, what is that jelly like stuff on my cheek?"

She was embarrassed and answered, "Oh, silly me. I'm sorry. I kissed your cheek and some of my denture adhesive stuck onto your face. I must have put too much on before we met tonight."

It's just business.
A pretty face attracts, sells, makes you buy stuff you don't need.
No matter if it's a sport's "journalist" with an Instagram full of semi nudes or a popular Onlyfans account or a sales representative charming the businessmen out of their money.
There is no discrimination in this, there's a hierarchy.
One is the bait, the other does the job.
Exceptions exist.
Never heard of the Velvet Mafia? Hwoods GAY power brokers.
Rosie was close to Madonna.
Watch Brit tv if you really want to compare actresses.
Plus Brit, and most European women, allow themselves to age.

My pain doctor says I look like Santa.
The full pic shows mr with a ZZtop near length beard.
Considering Bergeron was written in October 1961, Vonnegut was way ahead of the curve.
Supposedly the entire story.

Dude watch the latest episode of Archer. It is set in a Plastic Surgery clinic.
Damn funny.
I need to highlight this from Reeds article because it remains true.
"Many minority feminists, Asian-American, Hispanic, Native-American and African-American, contend that white middle and upper class feminists’ insensitivity to the views and issues deemed important to them persists to this day."

Some women have found a way around that.
They give out and move up. dunno
Up where?
US women seek a man to clean up their debts.
Then to pay for the bodywork.
Then they expect him to cower whilst they berate him for using a slightly incorrect pronoun on a barely known media personality.

Feel sorry for unattractive men too, same applies. Jobs where one is customer facing - whoever or whatever the customer - have always been for appropriate-looking people. One example, you point me to a health-food shop with a fat clerk with bad skin of either sex and tell me they have great sales?

Women, and men, HAVE been protesting this for years which is why now people with obvious disabilities are now often in customer-facing positions, visible proof that the employer is PC. It is still all about appearance. You have to look good, or you have to look PC in an undisturbing way, to succeed in business.

Sometimes taken beyond the point of common-sense. There's a govt company I had to interact with in the UK where the guy I tried to talk to on the phone had such a dreadful stammer I eventually gave up and went into the office instead. The man at reception had truly hideous scarring on his face and neck, looked like from a fire, but only had to understand what I was looking for and point me in the right direction. As it happened, he had a lovely voice, the few words we exchanged. Me, i would have switched the two across - but then I don't know what the stammerer looked like. Would have had to be bad, though, the scarring was unsettlingly disturbing.
Hey Robert,

I was waiting for you to say it was some raspberry iced donut filling. What happen here? laugh

You know what, there are some pretty ladies out there with dentures. But your date...she sounds very special.

Hey Tens,

You look pretty in your picture. Pretty privilege is not a bad thing if you are pretty. grin

It is just business until that much less attractive person needs to settle in life for half the amount of resources that a attractive person gets...just for their physical attributes.


I think there is much to be learned here.

DLM, I really think Robert still has a lot to learn. You tell him. laugh thumbs up


I need to highlight this from Reeds article because it remains true.
"Many minority feminists, Asian-American, Hispanic, Native-American and African-American, contend that white middle and upper class feminists’ insensitivity to the views and issues deemed important to them persists to this day."

That is some interesting information. It would be exciting to get a bit more context to that statement to get a better understand what it addresses exactly....for example, what are some of the minority feminists' issues that were deemed inportant that are not being covered.

Thanks for sharing...it is stuff like this that helps educate ourselves.
thumbs up thumbs up

The more we understand human nature....
Friendship, I bet that exists.

I suppose in a world full of different types of motivations...one has to do what one needs to do to survive.

True Suzy,

It somewhat applies to men as well.

However...even though physical attributes of a man are important to women...a woman's physical attributes have a more powerful pull on men and on women both.

Go back and read Ishmael Reeds article he sites authors and studies.
I posted a link to it. It is old from when Hillary ran against Obama.
Nothing has changed though.


January 14, 2008
Ma and Pa Clinton Flog Uppity Black Man
by Ishmael Reed

And another.
Not Reed.
Lizzie Cyr

Lizzie Cyr was a Canadian woman known for her role in a seminal Canadian court case. Cyr was charged with "vagrancy" by Calgary Police, in 1917. Vagrancy was, at that time, a euphemism for prostitution. The john who reported her claimed she had infected him with gonorrhea.

Cyr had been charged with vagrancy on previous occasions, but, in 1917, she was defended by John McKinley Cameron, a lawyer with a record of taking pro bono cases, and finding new arguments for their defense. The magistrate hearing her case was Alice Jamieson, one of just two female magistrates in Alberta.

Jamieson, interrupted Cameron's questioning of Cyr's accuser, where he had been pointing out that, as a frequent customer of prostitutes, he couldn't know whether Cyr infected him, or he infected Cyr. Cameron had pointed out that Cyr's accuser was just as much a risk to public health as Cyr. After Jamieson sentenced Cyr before he was finished his defense of her, he challenged Jamieson's status, arguing that, since women were not recognized as "persons" by Canadian law, Jamieson's appointment as a magistrate was invalid.

Jamieson sentenced Cyr to six months hard labour.

Appeals courts in Alberta had upheld Jamieson, but, in 1928, the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed that, under Canadian law, Jamieson was not a "person". Five Canadian activists for human rights, Emily Murphy, Henrietta Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney and Irene Parlby had cited the rulings of the Alberta appeals courts in their pursuit to get women's rights recognized. In 1928, Canada was still on its evolution to a fully independent country, and rulings of the Supreme Court were not final. They could be appealed to the United Kingdom's Privy Council. The UK Privy Council did overturn the Supreme Court, confirming women were "persons". This ruling is considered a historic moment in Canadian Constitutional history.

In October, 2018, Naomi Sayers, an activist for women's rights and indigenous people's rights, referred to Cyr's case in an op-ed on in the Huffington Post, on Canada's murdered and missing first nation's women. Sayers suggested that prejudice against Cyr's Metis heritage played a role in the harshness of Jamieson's sentence. She noted the irony that while the UK Privy Council's ruling helped white women establish their right to vote, aboriginal women were not able to vote until 1960.
Embedded image from another site

Wikipedia cut how WHITE WOMEN benefited from the Cyrr case.
Read the article enlightening. Indigenous women did not become considered as people for like the next forty years.

The Person Behind the Persons Case

In 1929, the British Privy Council ruled that Canadian women were persons under the law. What sparked this victory for women’s rights was the trial of a forgotten Calgary prostitute twelve years earlier.
Not much is known of Lizzie Cyr. Her arrest record indicates she was five foot six, with brown eyes and a dark complexion. She was born in Canada and described as a mix of First Nations and European descent. “Wife” is listed as her occupation, “vagrant” (or prostitute) as her criminal occupation. Her mug shot shows a woman who looks friendly but shy, maybe a little scared. However, in profile, eyes downcast and a defeated expression on her face, Cyr looks much older than her twenty-nine years.
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