our brain & radio waves

It has been said that our brains have been mapped out and very much understood by scientist that they now have radio waves they can send out to interfere with how our brains operate.

Quite honestly, from what I have been running into with people and how they are, I think there might actually be some truth to that.

What are your thoughts...if you have any?


Get it? If you have any thoughts...if the radio signals have not blocked out your ability to think. hmmm

uh oh
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Maybe the Havana syndrome has something to do with it Johnny, ever heard of that in your net surfing ?
No Butcher...but checking it out now. Thanks
I have heard of that...didn't know they had a name for it. Yes, that could very well be part of things.

I would speculate that it could go much deeper than that though...but sure, that is probably part of what can/could be done.
Science knows shit!
Read through Retraction watch for all the scams scientist use to falsify their work. Fake reviews, false data.
Then a retracted pares will still be cited in others.
Really shitty for people like Cancer patients.

Replication crisis

The replication crisis (also called the replicability crisis and the reproducibility crisis) is an ongoing methodological crisis in which the results of many scientific studies are difficult or impossible to reproduce. Because the reproducibility of empirical results is an essential part of the scientific method, such failures undermine the credibility of theories building on them and potentially call into question substantial parts of scientific knowledge.

The replication crisis is frequently discussed in relation to psychology and medicine, where considerable efforts have been undertaken to reinvestigate classic results, to determine both their reliability and, if found unreliable, the reasons for the failure. Data strongly indicate that other natural, and social sciences are affected as well.

The phrase replication crisis was coined in the early 2010s as part of a growing awareness of the problem. Considerations of causes and remedies have given rise to a new scientific discipline, metascience, which uses methods of empirical research to examine empirical research practice.

Considerations about reproducibility fall into two categories. Reproducibility in the narrow sense refers to re-examining and validating the analysis of a given set of data. Replication refers to repeating the experiment or study to obtain new, independent data with the goal of reaching the same or similar conclusions

Retraction Watch

Tracking retractions as a window into the scientific process

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this explains all of the radio stations in & around Washington, D.C.
DLM...interesting read.

Thanks for sharing.

thumbs up
AB....I am guessing you are expressing some of the interior works of the covert operation.

...and yes, I would say that certain songs and frequencies effect things.


Have you ever heard of BLACK NOISE? ....David Bowie talks about it....very interesting.

Speaking of radio stations....I am not sure exactly what is going on around DC...but, like I mentioned to AB, check out what David Bowie says about BLACK NOISE...this could easily be introduced into music.

Pretty simple
Like Solfeggio tones or the various waves Alpha, Beta so on.Really where have you people been hiding for the last fifty years?

And the classic BROWN NOTE!
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