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would a clone human have a soul

would a clone human have a soul?what do think, can a person really be the exact copy of the person he or she was cloned from....

stringman1773018 hrs ago8 hrs ago

BAN DHMO...NOW!!JOIN THE MOVEMENT TO STOP THIS INVISIBLE KILLER! Dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and kills uncounted thousands of peo...

miclee18917Oct 12Oct 13
There have been a lot of research papers and documented evidence

There have been a lot of research papers and documented evidencePublished lately on a whole range of subjects and covering a broad spectrum of issues that make our lives better or in some cases worse. Global warmin...

nonsmoker64862Sep 22Sep 23
Hydroplate Theory

Hydroplate Theory -The trailer - The entire presentation - I was going sugges...

miclee14612Sep 16Sep 17
global warming what do you think

global warming...what do you think?Harvey producing over 4' of rain in places in Texas and now Irma sustaining 180 mile an hour winds with gust over 200 mph. Not to mention, warmer oce...

Johnny_Sparton57546Sep 5Sep 7
When things come in 3s

When things come in 3'sIn the last week I've come across three items that have made me sit back and take notice.The first one was: Puma Punta. PP is somekind of tabernacle l...

seaworthy66471Sep 5Sep 6
Old photos

Old photo'sAnyone still have old photo's of themselves ? Or has the digital age ,my cloud etc removed the need for physical prints ... We can now scan and store...

oldblue5439123Jul 29Aug 28
Fake news fake science

Fake news, fake science.....Who hasn't heard it a million times? "Studies show"---global warming is real and man made. Children in homosexual unions are as normally adjusted as t...

Aaltarboy41946Aug 23Aug 27
Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse.....joining family tomorrow on Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park to enjoy this rare 2 minute astrophysical phenomenon. But I also marvel at the a...

Aaltarboy1446Aug 20Aug 22
miclee910Aug 19
NewYorkcitylove97-Aug 18
Evolution Satanic invention

Evolution Satanic inventionThe Theory of Evolution was a Satanic invention birthed through Charles Darwin.This theory was used to attack the Creator and reduce the human race to...

NewYorkcitylove75-Aug 9

Random QuestionWho believes there is other life in our universe?...

Track1626722Aug 6Aug 6
how we are being dumbed down

how we are being dumbed downI have not even given this a lot of thought and I do not even know if there is a point to this. I think perhaps it is just to stimulate possible post...

Johnny_Sparton62352Aug 4Aug 5
Sitting by the fire

Sitting by the fire.....That killer white pine, leaning toward some bedrooms, is now in burnable pieces. Got a fat insurance Co. check to replace the roof damage she, her b...

Aaltarboy1535Jul 28Jul 29
Fractal Patterns

Fractal PatternsSometimes referred to as “sacred geometry”. A Fractal pattern is a never ending pattern. They are referred to as patterns of “chaos” and are all a...

daniela77758670Jul 24Jul 25
God Eternal Within the Body DNA Encoded Message

God Eternal Within the Body - DNA Encoded Message you my find this interesting....

stringman1815Jul 18Jul 20
We Carbon Based Life Forms Have Had Good Run BUT

We Carbon Based Life Forms Have Had Good Run. BUT...all things must come to an end Time to move over. Or on. Whatever. What difference, at this point, does it make? YouTube Guy McPherson -...

miclee31434Jul 13Jul 16
Female homo exuals

Female homo.exualsBefore I blog, again waxing scientific, oh ye valued CS posters, thought I'd reverse the process, and see what you all have to write to enlighten us a...

Aaltarboy34823Jun 20Jun 20
think about it

think about it could we be Destroying Ourselves With Technology....

stringman104-Jun 18
can science be a bad thing

can science be a bad thing?The immediate answer to this question is yes. But just how bad can science really get? Of course all of our weapons were developed from science. T...

Johnny_Sparton1,34650Jun 9Jun 12
What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared

What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?...

jarred197-Jun 8
What lays behind the mystery

What lays behind the mystery?Who doesn't love a good mystery, I think everyone does.. or should I say DID (people are too smart/intelligent these days to believe in any such th...

itchywitch28417May 19May 21
Contrails chemtrails

Contrails (chemtrails)?Over the years I've seen the comments. I've seen the articles. It's a subject I've avoided because I don't want to get sucked into the whole topic o...

chame1eon_again25219May 17May 18
It might just get us thinking about

It might just get us thinking about.....spirituality. Not being trained formally in physics (astro-, particle-, modern-, quantum-, etc.), just merely a wannabee dilletante, I still know whi...

Aaltarboy16715May 16May 16
Are YOU A Neanderthal

Are YOU A Neanderthal?Here are ten simple things you can look for to determine if you are a Neanderthal... YouTube Ten Signs You Are A Neanderthal! Me? I'm not say...

miclee25823May 10May 12
Science and evidence

Science, and evidence....We like to think we can have theories "proved" by sophisticated science. Sadly, the scientific method is rather a way to try to show theories are NOT...

Aaltarboy15010May 7May 8
The Reason Behind North Koreas Missile Failures

The Reason Behind North Korea's Missile 'Failures'... YouTube Boeing YAL-1 Airborne Laser Testbed - Jaglavak Military This was first flown in '02. It's since been retired, & ultimately scrapp...

miclee2018Apr 29May 1
Devils Graveyard

Devils GraveyardI was watching the history channel and they where talking about this. the clip explains it in short. the original clip is to log. can't up load it any...

stringman1041Apr 29Apr 29
intelligent light

intelligent lightWhile reading Manly P. Hall’s book, The Philosophy of Astrology (1943), he makes a very interesting statement. In reference to the light given off f...

Johnny_Sparton22930Apr 10Apr 12
stringman1803Apr 11Apr 11
Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky.White guilty, self loathing member of the tribe. New evidence tends to discredit much of his linguistic babbling on syntax,---especially the vapid ins...

Aaltarboy1895Mar 7Mar 7
Wow Im so yesterday

Wow I'm so yesterdayI had no idea this was going on !! Must stick my head out the door more often

nonsmoker58974Feb 23Feb 24
Life after Death

Life after DeathWe would all like to think that there is a form of life after death; There have always been stories of people who have died and come back to life afte...

Mapmaker55549Feb 18Feb 19

communicationI find it odd that during the campaigns , Trump was so bombastic voice wise, now he whines , he mumbles, and he sounds like "wont you pity me because...

studecar19412Feb 15Feb 17

BABIES BORN IN THE FUTURE.Do you think that sometime in the future, babies will be born with a mobile phone in their hand? They will have evolved the ability to mutate in order...

CROWNAFFAIR2185Dec 2016Dec 2016
Track161440Dec 2016
Where Will YOU Be In 2017

Where Will YOU Be In 2017?Before you say, "The same place I am in 2016, of course!" Watch this... YOUTUBE Impending Pole Shift - Future Location of the North and South Pole...

miclee60948Dec 2016Dec 2016
zero day Mozilla alert

zero day Mozilla alertTor too. Details at

Ken_1938112Nov 2016Dec 2016
childerns cap guns

childern's cap gunsSo if by compressing an electron ring I generate fusion heat, what happeens if my device enlarges the orbit of an electron? If motion causes gravit...

Ken_1935614Nov 2016Nov 2016
I can merely dream

I can merely dreamof what wonders await my grandchildren in a future when it is only at the doorstep I can sit....

nonsmoker3164Nov 2016Nov 2016
Panic on Tenerife

Panic on TenerifeVOLCANO WARNING: Panic on Tenerife amid fears huge Mount Teide is about to BLOW Some 92 microquakes were recorded in Adeje and Vilaflor in the s...

zmountainman86065Oct 2016Oct 2016
eeejay: "a blogger's blog"(meet us in the blogs)

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