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DOGS POOP IN ALIGNMENT WITH EARTH'S MAGNETIC FIELDA new study has revealed that dogs choose the direction they relieve themselves based on our planet’s magnetic field. Dogs use the Earth’s magneti...

miclee27939Mar 3121 mins ago

Lovely, lovely springNice sunny weather, almost warm. You just ache to get out. Birdies chirpeth. Insects buzzeth. Wabbits mateth. Pollen spreadeth. I have all signs...

Tulefell9914Apr 216 hrs ago

WD-40...It's safe to say the whole world knows about WD-40. Sold in cans as a water-displacing spray, people probably use it more for it's penetrating oil lu...

chatillion11811Apr 17Apr 18

Fact or fictionStumbled across a book titled "Suppressed inventions and other discoveries" By Jonathan Eisen Makes interesting reading Covers everything fr...

OIdblue742Apr 14Apr 14

AI, and just what goes on in counseling......Individual adult therapies, groups for children, families, couples, even our dogs. Most folks would be surprised to learn of how the various progra...

Vierkaesehoch1602Mar 12Mar 12

Artificial WombsIf this were to happen in USA I wouldn't stop it, I so for it, there 30% of us who can't have children, some who can...because our dna if there was w...

LuckyDuck2018962Feb 25Feb 27

Susan Reed, The Body Snatchers.Has anyone heard of her or read her book? She makes some outlandish claims in it. It has recently been brought to my attention. Either she was p...

Johnny_Sparton1409Feb 24Feb 26

This day in historyToday is the 10,483rd anniversary of the invention of the wheel. It's creator, Ug was born in the village of Grot (population 15) and was orphaned at...

BadlyDrawn1448Feb 24Feb 25

Jussie Smollett saga....exploring the underLYING dynamics...Oh, ye light in the loafers Peebles! From those of us who used actually to get paid to ponder such juicy topics, I aver without a trace of malice. No...

Vierkaesehoch2954Feb 22Feb 22

Children smarter than any adultObsolete. We are all obsolete. China’s CRISPR twins might have had their brains inadvertently enhanced Story at

Ken_19620Feb 22

Recent space Origins Explained Published on Jan 30, 2019 This is pretty interesting.

LuckyDuck20181095Feb 1Feb 15

What is Reality? – Part5 (Conclusion) - Other Perspectives of RealityIt is difficult for an open-minded person, especially if he/she has a scientific background to deny that the various issues of the socially-accepted c...

socrates441587Feb 1Feb 3

What is Reality? - Part4 (Self Understanding and Reality)Perhaps the most delicate and certainly the most important area of which the individual seeks an understanding to some extent, which may vary from per...

socrates4423012Jan 27Feb 1

What Is Reality?- Part 1 (The Question)What is reality? Is it strictly the world based on sense-experience as perceived through the medium of the physical senses? How justified is this clai...

socrates4476652Jan 6Feb 1

What is Reality? – Part3 (Logic and Physical Sense Experience)A closer examination of the various aspects of socially-accepted concepts of sense-experience reality mentioned previously reveals the presence of two...

socrates4434031Jan 20Jan 25

What is Reality? – Part 2 (Measurement and Reality)If something can be measured, whether directly or indirectly, is it real? According to Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, if energy has to be added t...

socrates4422122Jan 16Jan 18

Airliners DO NOT Fly! They Levitate! PROOF - Passengers are ripped off for $BILLIONS by being told 1/2 the price of a ticket covers the cost of fuel. THAT'S A LIE...

miclee36633Dec 20Dec 22

Climate Change Is NOT The Problem.The Problem Is Global Industrial Civilization... Changing Climate Is The SOLUTION....

miclee38838Nov 28Dec 11
MEN IN BLACK Do they exist

MEN IN BLACK. Do they exist?Are they part of a cover up to conceal the truth about UFO'S and extra terrestrial beings that have visited our planet and in some cases communicated...

CROWNAFFAIR24616Nov 28Dec 4
Where The Lightening Struck

Where The Lightening Struckis a safer place to stand-__ now, that you took away that 0.0001%...

secludedStar70-Nov 25

All hail Canada - we have a new kingdom of life - make way for the HemimastigotesApparently these very early forms of life, are eukaryotes. This means that unlike bacteria, they have complex cells that contain specialized organell...

JimNastics26318Nov 17Nov 18

FacinatingThere was a wicked intense wind storm cross over my province a few days ago. Apparently, this happened.

Track161114Nov 16Nov 16
Sad but true

Sad but true................... Sad but true....

jarred1125-Oct 8

The purpose of the EphodOne of the most interesting stories of the Bible is the story of the Tabernacle. We begin seeing it in the book of Exodus and it keeps popping up in...

Ken_191862Oct 5Oct 5

SPUTNIK...On October 4th, 1957 Russia launched a satellite into Earth's orbit. Named Sputnik, this satellite transmitted beeping radio signals that could be det...

chatillion1654Oct 3Oct 5

While the FBI are busy digging for more dirt.....Apparently it's showing up on many sides of the issue. Now reports by a BF of this whack job female Ford, that lots of the important stuff she's been...

Vierkaesehoch2438Oct 3Oct 4
The longest day

The longest day..!So, today we come to 21st June,2016 again.....the longest day of the year!!!? Well, I remember the times, one would relish and be out the whole day w...

orchid4175418Jun 2016Oct 2

Area under the curveI came to this seminar in good time to get a place on the first row, center. …I always prefer to sit on the best seat be it opera, ballet, Yeti wa...

Tulefell2274Sep 7Sep 8

Defying logicBeen and paddled kayak yesterday. Saw a female elk with 2 calves. Totally under impression. But where is the logic?...

Tulefell29238Aug 27Aug 27

Breakthrough discussion relating to SETIIt is 5 videos here. The concepts.. These are video excerpts of the recent Breakthrough symposium in connection with Project SETI (Search for E...

Ken_192817Aug 24Aug 25
Genetic counselling

Genetic counsellingBranch of genetic engineering will give better help for human . Which type of child you want sport person , good in academic speicaly in Math and sci...

i7p9t1381Aug 2018Aug 2018

"If you wish upon a star, doesn't matter who you are..."But, if you want to see shooting stars (i.e. to wish upon), you may want to look to the north eastern sky tonight. It is the peak night for the Per...

JimNastics24213Aug 2018Aug 2018

Bermuda Triangle: Scientists think they've figured it out...Twice this week I've seen stories that scientists think they've figured it out what causes planes and boats to disappear in the region known as the Be...

chatillion26419Aug 2018Aug 2018

Women and men.....sneaky psychological vetting on CS...Probably fair to say, consistent with all other marked differences here and elsewhere between the sexes, that women get much more mail/notice/likes/ f...

Vierkaesehoch1875Jul 2018Jul 2018

The longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st century...NASA reports the longest lunar eclipse of the century will happen FRIDAY 7-27-2018 transforming the moon into a reddish-orange ball for more than 100...

chatillion4871Jul 2018Jul 2018

On this date in 1969...On July 20th, 1969 two American Astronauts, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo 11 Mission, landed on the moon. I remember watching TV at...

chatillion2057Jul 2018Jul 2018
Ken_1941322Jul 2018Jul 2018

Qif you cant Q anything you are feeding on the bodys of the good t m dillonger...

Unknown1831Jul 2018Jul 2018

Year Of The AntEverywhere I look, all I see is fking ants. All around the house and property and not only me. Seems like there is an explosion in the ant population...

Track162609Jul 2018Jul 2018

Females and males.....Striking.......In very primitive life forms, there are methods of exchange of genetic materials, between sexes, but it hardly resembles s*xual reproduction. But all...

Vierkaesehoch2507Jul 2018Jul 2018

Men and women----Suicide attempts versus completions.Sorry, all, for such a serious topic among my ongoing more silly and lighthearted W & M series. But the data are clear. Women attempt, without comple...

Vierkaesehoch2899Jun 2018Jun 2018

Men and women........Data......Many will know of how, among some men, fishing stories occasionally turn up tales of specimens several times larger than even remotely biologically p...

Vierkaesehoch2262Jun 2018Jun 2018

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