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Its the Pigeons fault

It's the Pigeons faultSouth Africa — There was something very suspicious about the homing pigeon found last month deep behind the security gates of this remote diamond mini...

Keepers21825Apr 247 hrs ago
Thought I would save a lot of time

Thought I would save a lot of timeAnd leave you all to fight over being at the front...

Onthcrestofawave18912Apr 22Apr 23
So how come its so easy to manipulate a civilized and humane society

So how come its so easy to manipulate a civilized and humane society?(We may be humane but our controllers aren't) I for one believe we as a people want to live in peace, but the governments, well their Masters of this...

knowledgeantruth18416Apr 20Apr 22
Does anyone on this planet be there trueselves all the time

Does anyone on this planet be there trueselves all the time?What I mean by that is when your alone, are you the same person you are when others are around? we all have secrets from our past or our present, and...

knowledgeantruth26318Apr 16Apr 21
So whos worse the MEDIA or the GOVERNMENTS

So who's worse, the MEDIA! or the GOVERNMENTS?They both lie manipulate and cheat us on a daily basses. But who's so powerful to manipulate them. Think about it, if the media and our governments ar...

knowledgeantruth906Apr 12Apr 13
Invisible Warfare does it exist

Invisible Warfare! does it exist?What is invisible warfare? does it exist in Ireland? lets see, all the shopping complex's and the shops are English, lets say 80% I know it's more, bu...

knowledgeantruth864Apr 12Apr 13
QUOTES AND QUESTIONS Is there a such thing as an independent press

QUOTES AND QUESTIONS! Is there a such thing as an independent press?"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, or in America, (new world they still called it) as an independent press. You know it a...

knowledgeantruth29818Apr 11Apr 12

Links.Why do people post links to videos and articles supporting their, quite often crackpot, views as if it's some kind of authoritative confirmation when...

Harbal48946Apr 7Apr 10
Cute Friends

Cute FriendsCute Friends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

jarred137-Apr 4
Parlez franais SVP Please Speak French

Parlez français SVP / Please Speak FrenchParlez français SVP / Please Speak French Alimentation, amour, voyages, vins, animaux, Arts, cinéma, vidéo, sports, art de vivre, plaisir, livres,...

Marc20101,03561Dec 2Apr 4
Ok Enough is Enough

Ok Enough is Enough#!!!Wasnt the school shooting in florida devestating enough! Now we have an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT/DACA RECIPIENT ARRESTED FOR MAKING THREATS IN NEW YORK...

Jada_Bella33320Feb 25Mar 27


jarred158-Mar 26
Help Needed Serious Blog

Help Needed / Serious BlogI need comments and references. I have a transgender female friend whom her husband kidnaped their babies (10 months). He is the biological father...

Crunia173-Mar 26Mar 26
Playing field locker room lessons

Playing field/locker room lessons....Lots of forum/blogging on our interactions with others. It seems to me that, given the many differences between the sexes, experiences in youth can ha...

Vierkaesehoch1002Mar 23Mar 23
We are perhaps too hard on ourselves here

We are perhaps too hard on ourselves hereOkay we all know CS has moments of unusual interest, blogs which create snippy comments and outright rudeness and when that happens there are gasps an...

Elegsabiff1,431132Feb 27Mar 20

Super HeroesCurrently, on the boob tube they put on all the superman epics with Christopher Reeves and there are many other comic heroes such as Iron man, Capt Am...

Akeldama4016418Mar 19Mar 20
Jada_Bella33219Mar 1Mar 19
What is the Lonewolf

What is the Lonewolf?What is the Lonewolf?...

jarred159-Mar 19
Power cut where were you when life ended

Power cut - where were you when life ended?Imagine for one moment, there is a power cut and that the electricity doesn’t come back on. Where would we be? Just imagine no TV and no Internet. Wha...

Bunyi88824128Mar 17Mar 18
One Fine Face

One Fine FaceOne Fine Face...

jarred145-Mar 17

. I HATE ithow boring of a person do you have to be that the only thing you have to talk about is someone else? I don't mind if someone wants to come vent to me...

jarred175-Mar 16
is over done and finished

is over, done and over, done and finished....

jarred160-Mar 15
my best and only friends

my best and only friends?smoking heroin and reading. my best and only friends?...

jarred156-Mar 14
How do you deal with people who simply talk too much

How do you deal with people who simply talk too much?How do you deal with people who simply talk too much?...

jarred173-Mar 13
The Truth About Making Mistakes

The Truth About Making MistakesThe Truth About Making Mistakes...

jarred156-Mar 11
Further signs of vanishing civility

Further signs of vanishing civility.....Someone cuts you off in traffic, road rage incident follows with knives. Bullied in school, bring the artillery to school and kill a dozen kids and te...

Vierkaesehoch872Mar 10Mar 10
Fear Has Two Meanings

Fear Has Two MeaningsFear Has Two Meanings...

jarred159-Mar 7
Never Give Up

Never Give UpNever Give Up...

jarred153-Mar 4
Jada_Bella1051Feb 25Feb 26
I believe that humans will die out within 300 years

I believe that humans will die out within 300 years.I believe that humans will die out within 300 years. How? We'll do it ourselves. Nature is not what will destroy us. It will be by a nuclear expl...

jarred164-Feb 23
Haiti Oxfam

Haiti / OxfamSpeechless with indignation.

Crunia575-Feb 9Feb 22
Florida School Shooting

Florida School Shooting /I do not want to discuss anyhing related to the event "per se" here. I saw there is a thread and maybe a blog about this subject. No that I do not hav...

Crunia106-Feb 16
I suffer from Anti Mythonite

I suffer from Anti-Mythonite .Pfff ... Last night the entire evening in the hospital sat ... All kinds of investigations and testing had ... Have just received the results from the...

jarred1102-Feb 14
Leave my page

Leave my page...!!!Pfff... Gisteravond de hele avond in het ziekenhuis gezeten... Allerlei onderzoeken en testen gehad... Heb net de uitslag gekregen van de dokter... Wo...

jarred191-Feb 13

50 yrs from now who will care?When you think you are indispensible and think you're so important today, stick your finger in a bucket of water pull it out and see how big a hole i...

Akeldama4035133Jan 12Feb 6
just close your mouth when you chew thats all I ask

just close your mouth when you chew that's all I ask?just close your mouth when you chew that's all I ask?...

jarred175-Feb 6
OMG humans acting like monkeys

OMG! humans acting like monkeys -OMG! humans acting like monkeys -...

jarred166-Feb 1

!Cuba!Commonly called the Archipelago of the Sea of ??the Antilles also known as "The hot land" (Because of its climate), or the Caribbean Sea, all this due...

Amed3231330Dec 29Feb 1
CSs surprises me

CSs surprises mewhat connecting singles surprises me a lot actually is it's members are not serious on their promises....

ramailogarula23616Jan 30Jan 31
The Socially Rejected

The Socially RejectedThere are many people, both here and elsewhere, who continually complain that they are victims of society, they have the counter Midas touch, everythi...

daniela77759877Jan 27Jan 29
there not going to find any truth in a phone call or text

there not going to find any truth in a phone call or textSome times I ride the bus and see 17 people all looking at there phones like zombies, there not going to find any truth in a phone call or text...

jarred178-Jan 23

MARTIN LUTHER KING DAYAugust 28, 1963... He delivered his 'I Have A Dream' speech 55 years ago this year. He was murdered 5...

miclee18617Jan 15Jan 15
The_Tara: "Blue up"(meet us in the puzzles)

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