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FeminismFeminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve the political...

socrates4425125May 2817 hrs ago
Unwritten History of the Unknown

Unwritten History of the Unknown:25 Nuclear detonations in the history of this planet, Have you heard of them? Now what I was thought in school was that back in 1945 their where 2 Nuk...

Thelastjubileeyr906Jun 16Jun 17
Harbal18611Jun 16Jun 16

A blast from the pastI took a trip down memory lane when I looked at some very old threads. Those who have been around here as long as I have will no doubt remember some...

ooby_dooby1337Jun 15Jun 16

I don’t believeI don’t believe in ghosts or spirits of the dead. I don’t believe in the potency of curses made by witches and ancient Egyptians, and I don’t believe...

Harbal35025Jun 13Jun 16
Why Jon Stewarts 9 11 Outrage Is An Outrage

Why Jon Stewart's 9/11 Outrage Is An OutrageFirst, as I've written about before and some of you may know, I was an eyewitness to the Muslim terrorist attack on New York City on 9/11/2001, the mo...

Diamond_Rain1042Jun 15Jun 16

Dealing with embarrassmentDo not be afraid of embarrassment, it won’t kill you. So what if you make a fool of yourself in front of the person you least wanted to make a fool o...

Harbal31434Jun 11Jun 13

Violent thunderstorms - again!Last week, Denmark was hit by, what I described as, a violent thunderstorm. But yesterday, we really DID have the most violent thunderstorm ever. T...

Philipsen300Jun 13

gossiphow about instead of gossiping on each other we there to help each other like helping whos is sick maybe u got the same problem like they have and wha...

Genuis1013Jun 9Jun 12

Myths, or urban legends, concerning the sexes.....German women love to do it in the forest under trees, Jewish women keep their eyes open during sex to be sure noone else in the room is having a bette...

Vierkaesehoch26323Jun 10Jun 11

The Genesis of a broken windowI remember once being sent along with the joiner* to replace a broken window pane at the local church hall. The churchwarden, a rather stern man, was...

Harbal18815Jun 9Jun 11

which is faster to diefire water venom or sand what do u all think which one is most dangerous...

Genuis22023Jun 9Jun 10

But what if you’re wrong!“If I am wrong”, say the preachers of Hell fire, “I will never know, but if you are wrong”, they have more than once said, addressing me, “you most ce...

Harbal24216Jun 8Jun 9
Has the Creator abandoned us

Has the Creator abandoned us?I just want to say that I mean no offense in the words I write today or I'm just searching for answers to my questions, we are a free people and I thi...

Thelastjubileeyr78668May 26Jun 9

A whole new ball gameFor the female exhibitionist there are various ways to indulge the impulse; showing varying amounts of cleavage being one popular and easy option. Bu...

Harbal36544Jun 8Jun 9

HDMS Absalon!I am going to write a few blogs, describing some of the ships that the Danish Navy has at its disposal. Let's start with Absalon. HDMS (Her Dan...

Philipsen582Jun 5Jun 5

deathcan corruption buy death a woman who had her father rich got away with it while she had 2 men fighting with knives in her bedroom and they killed e...

Genuis1068Jun 5Jun 5

Groomed and BrainwashedIt would be interesting to know exactly what is behind the onslaught of rabid and mainly right wing blogs here, and to a lesser extent, the wacky, en...

Harbal90872Jun 4Jun 5

Percy TurnerThere’s a little butcher’s shop down a narrow street in the South Yorkshire village of Jump. You could drive past that little shop and never even not...

Harbal23733Jun 2Jun 3

Mood altering substances 1Ways in which people are being offered the enjoyment of cruelty by victimizing me: For example virtually all of the wall paintings (murals) from ancie...

BSC45825811Apr 18May 30

Mood altering substances 2Continued from my profile and from blog 1 due to space limitations. Basically everything is an attack on me and an attack on the common people....

BSC458651May 29May 29

Circular Alliances in CS BloglandIt's a well-known fact that people whose names start with A-M are the smartest and I can retrieve dozens of YouTube videos to back my claim--and those...

BadlyDrawn18717May 28May 29

What makes something funny?We know when something is funny, but, if asked to explain exactly why it is funny, we would be hard pressed to put the reason into words. Not everyon...

Harbal64669May 25May 27

Marge - Veterans' StoriesU.S. Army Nurse Corps - WW II. I know Marge personally - she's 97 years old, the most senior member of her Vets For Pea...

miclee893May 24May 26

Words I don't likeThere are some words I don't like. Sometimes it's because of the meaning of the word, and sometimes it's the sound of the word. It could be a combin...

Harbal73561May 12May 17
The doomsday clock

The doomsday clock...... is currently reading 2 minutes to midnight the same time as during the " cold war " So what better time than now to play this...

OIdblue1002May 16May 17

Monday the 13th & history of Friday the 13thI notice on the calendar, that tomorrow is Monday, May 13th. and began to wonder why a Friday the 13th was chosen as the supposed unlucky day. Seein...

JimNastics490May 12
no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years

no scientific justification from research conducted over a period of 130 years !!A psychic is a person who claims to use extrasensory perception (ESP) to identify information hidden from the normal senses, particularly involving te...

needyoubyfastway804May 3May 11

The ParkWhen I walked through the park the other day I was left wishing I hadn’t. It’s some years since I was last there and its deterioration was depressing...

Harbal40741May 4May 10
90 Day Fianceembassy approved Angela Deems K 1 visa for Michael Ilesanmi

90 Day Fiance’embassy approved Angela Deem’s K-1 visa for Michael Ilesanmi !90 Day Fiance’: Angela and Michael Visa Approved – Filming Trip to America Now April 8, 2019 Kelly Joyner Angela Deem, Michael Ilesanmi 90 Day Fian...

needyoubyfastway1436May 6May 10

To believe Donald or the Ghostwriter...Earlier in the week a news story hit about Donald's old taxes showing he had lost more than a billion dollars many years ago. That was around the time...

chatillion703May 9May 9

Decent, honest, kind everyday folks......not to get too maudlin here, but with all the terrible humans milling about, (creepy, Anita Hill dissing Joe announced today), it's easy to forget...

Vierkaesehoch1273Apr 25Apr 26
Another year just over and a worst one yet to come

Another year just over and a worst one yet to come!So has any government around the world kept their promises they made while running for office? do they think so little of us that they do the same thi...

knowledgeantruth2738Dec 28Apr 25
So whos worse the MEDIA or the GOVERNMENTS

So who's worse, the MEDIA! or the GOVERNMENTS?They both lie manipulate and cheat us on a daily basses. But who's so powerful to manipulate them. Think about it, if the media and our governments ar...

knowledgeantruth3099Apr 2018Apr 25
Harbal1552Apr 23Apr 23

Learning About Grownups Volume 1Mister Godley’s gnomes Mister Godley is very proud of his garden. He is especially proud of all his gnomes, he collects them and can’t understand...

Harbal18222Apr 22Apr 22

Easter weekend...On November 21st, 1999 14 Cubans left their country on a small aluminum boat headed North. The boat had a faulty engine and took on water during a sto...

chatillion602Apr 21Apr 22

I kissed a girl..Can't two people from the same gender fall in love? Sure they can. Then, why does it become about their sexuality more than love ?...

usha12389281Apr 10Apr 11

Little Miss Muffet...Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, eating a big stinkin' bowl of curds and whey, when along came a spider to sit down beside her. It startled Miss M...

chatillion893Apr 2Apr 3

Picture CardsWhen I was at junior school, we used to buy bubble gum that came with picture cards. The ones I remember were a series about World War 2, Mars Attack...

Harbal840Apr 1

DiscriminationTo All Bloger Family Happy Sunday Enjoy it. Can anyone comment if someone Delete your comment if it is in favour of the Blogger. Why peop...

timotie1404Mar 31Mar 31

IS IT IN A PERSON'S GENETIC CODE TO BE A RACIST OR TERRORIST?When people migrate to a country, do they bring their particular way of life with them? For example Africans are used to a tribal system and protect t...

CROWNAFFAIR27616Mar 19Mar 24

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