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IS IT IN A PERSON'S GENETIC CODE TO BE A RACIST OR TERRORIST?When people migrate to a country, do they bring their particular way of life with them? For example Africans are used to a tribal system and protect t...

CROWNAFFAIR19011Mar 19Mar 21

NZ Shooting Sad beyond understandingChristchurch Mass murder or terrorism As daears keeps closing comments on such a tragic event I have posted this blog to allow people t...

Onthcrestofawave31411Mar 15Mar 17

Robby the robot is our friend!I'll just say this: The torch has been passed to, and firmly grasped by the next generation.... "workers should be "excited" about having their jo...

BadlyDrawn15511Mar 11Mar 12

There are words...There are words to describe people who... Park in the handicap access and walkway to a medical center. Park so tight in the handicap zone that...

chatillion1277Mar 8Mar 9
Something odd at No 1 Main Street

Something odd at No.1 Main StreetThe building firm I used to be with did a lot of work for a country estate. There is a village attached to the estate and its old stone buildings are...

Harbal1083Mar 9Mar 9

If One Of Your Parents Is "Black" And One Is White, Why Are You Considered Black? Isn't That Racist?I don't understand why someone who has any "black" in their background is considered black. By that definition aren't we ALL black since the curren...

Diamond_Rain35634Feb 27Mar 2
Reparations for Negroes

Reparations for Negroes.......Lots of alt lefty POTUS wannabes are jumping onto this ridiculous band wagon. Totally impractical/unjust/anachronistic tree top self loathing white...

Vierkaesehoch35831Feb 23Feb 27

Remembering WWI's Hill 80Archeologists are gingerly and respectfully exploring what is known as Dig Hill 80 in Flanders, Belgium today. In 1914 invading Germans and Bulg...

Ken_19550Feb 27

Sayings or phrases that grate on my nerves...All righty now. That's your answer... cut & dry. Everything happens for a reason... Just sayin' I've got your back! When you get the answer... re...

chatillion71060Dec 15Feb 26

Using Nuanced Words To Express Simple Ideas Isn’t A Sign Of IntelligenceWhen it comes to intellectual discussion, I can roll with the best. I have all the credentials including the Ivy League degrees. I don’t consider...

Diamond_Rain45434Feb 15Feb 24

Bump bumping bump bumpJust a little social experiment to see if anyone reads the blog info or just comments on anything And was tired of the same old topics and faces...

Onthcrestofawave23213Feb 12Feb 22

aHOLES...I used to think overly aggressive, obnoxious or arrogant people didn't realize they were aHOLES. That may be true for a very, very small percent. The...

chatillion1579Feb 19Feb 20

The Wrong Solution Is Always Worse Than No SolutionMen and women are not the same. Millions of years of evolution has physically and mentally designed men to be hunters, warriors and protectors and wo...

Diamond_Rain943Feb 14Feb 14
The so called government shut down

The so called government shut down..........most of the polling says few seem affected by it, or are even aware of this latest fake news biased media boondoggle. Our Brilliant President T...

Vierkaesehoch1683Jan 21Feb 14
Biased American media race baiting

Biased American media race baiting....... Today, on a talking head show, an alt-lefty reporterette was interviewing a nice young Black man, concerning gun violence in his community. It see...

Vierkaesehoch1180Feb 14
Faith Can Move Mountains

.Faith Can Move Mountains:.................Faith Can Move Mountains...

jarred177-Feb 14
I spent like five minutes trying to figure it out

I spent like five minutes trying to figure it out................. I spent like five minutes trying to figure it out...

jarred158-Feb 8
Diamond_Rain22410Feb 3Feb 5
Go 24 hours without complaining

Go 24 hours without complainingGo 24 hours without complaining...

jarred172-Feb 4

Right to the core ?? trooper style lolYou take ' love ' and you take ' Love '... Which would you give whole-heartedly ? Right to the core ?? trooper style hehe They say it's the Universa...

1_SPCTR1814Jan 13Feb 2

SlaveryI am somewhat poor even though I come from a line of successful and accomplished people. The problem is that I was abused in many ways and by many peo...

befree551062Feb 2Feb 2
No contact is the best way

No contact is the best way............. No contact is the best way .………………...

jarred188-Feb 2
Be Different Be Yourself

Be Different...Be Yourself....................... Be Different...Be Yourself......

jarred1111-Feb 2
simplified blogging

simplified blogging................... simplified blogging...

jarred172-Jan 28
Not to beat a dead horse

Not to beat a dead horse.....But believe me, the libs would if the shoe were on the other foot. Happy MLK, Jr. day. Notice, I left out the title of "Doctor". As it turns out, an a...

Vierkaesehoch1996Jan 21Jan 21
Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans........Years ago, when my countrymen traveled over seas, this was a real problem. "If they don't understand, just shout at them louder in English". Thankfull...

Vierkaesehoch1853Dec 22Jan 19
the beauty of people

the beauty of peoplethe beauty of people is observing what they do online you see in their writing or it's nonsense or writing a fantasy story or wanting attention, but a...

jarred153-Jan 17
I see that some bloggers click their own blog to click high why

I see that some bloggers click their own blog to click high whyI see that some bloggers click their own blog to click high why actually ask for more comments...

jarred1109-Jan 16
The Travelling Sofa

The Travelling SofaWhile out riding my bike the other day, I think I mentioned the sofa that someone had dumped in the middle of the gravel road. When I saw it, I laughe...

LadyImp1646Jan 11Jan 12
took me awhile to get these

took me awhile to get these........................ took me awhile to get these...

jarred176-Jan 5
what do you think I m doing every second of my life

what do you think I 'm doing every second of my life................. what do you think I 'm doing every second of my life...

jarred178-Jan 4
Not even my mother knows me

Not even my mother knows me......................... Not even my mother knows me....

jarred176-Jan 3

Thanks GoogleSo I'm currently at a coffee shop and enduring the presence of two obnoxious human beings and the louder of the two is apparently ah...transitioning....

BadlyDrawn1283Dec 31Dec 31

keywarriorsI always thought that cs was full of keywarriors……......

jarred1120-Dec 31
Dont trust this world

:”Dont trust this world.................. My mom used to say:”Dont trust this world because Words can change a persons mind”....

jarred170-Dec 31
press reset to continue

press_ reset_ to_ continue_................... press_ reset_ to_ continue_

jarred1100-Dec 30

Let's just for a momentPut aside our childish egotistical bickering and morn the tragic event that has unfolded in NZ

Onthcrestofawave2617Dec 9Dec 30
Another year just over and a worst one yet to come

Another year just over and a worst one yet to come!So has any government around the world kept their promises they made while running for office? do they think so little of us that they do the same thi...

knowledgeantruth1994Dec 28Dec 29
if cs imagine a real world was

if cs imagine a real world wasI ask my self ever wonder if cs imagine a real world was I think a lot would slaughter each other off...

jarred182-Dec 29

Things that annoy me #42,065...My cellphone is rarely more than a few feet from me and I try to catch every call. The exceptions are using the restroom, being on another call or in...

chatillion2507Jul 2018Dec 29

Name dropping brands and not products...Achoo... please hand me a Kleenex. Most of the time, it's tissue as Kleenex is a name brand. I had a client give out her contact information and sai...

chatillion19712Dec 6Dec 28
Walls to keep people out

Walls to keep people out.Who doubts our last affirmative action POTUS is against the southern border wall? Well, he's said to be erecting one up around his DC mansion. Ten f...

Vierkaesehoch1340Dec 28
Alex7: "Happy Easter "(meet us in the ecards)

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