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The condos in my community have open corridors with several points to gain access to the roof top where the air conditioners are mounted. Those doors in the ceiling open to the trusses and a crawl space where above are the hurricane rated steel hatches to the roof.
Management wants everything locked and only one centrally located hatch is to be used for contractors, inspectors and service tradesmen. When I moved in, I noticed that hatch access closest to me was always unlocked... the reason why was the guy with the key (association vice-president) was recovering from surgery and unable to get to the 2nd floor. No one was monitoring who went up on the roof. One day, the insurance inspector noticed damage to the roof, probably when an air conditioning contractor had dragged a unit. So the association president wanted some control to know who was going to the roof. It came up in an association meeting and I was asked if I would volunteer to unlock the hatch. Groan... I'm working from home most of the time and the hatch is ten feet from my front door. I see the ladders and hear them stomping around. There are signs on all the bulletin boards stating 24 hours notice is required to have the hatch unlocked.

I get the call to unlock the hatch prior to the technicians arrival. Not all the residents pay attention and I sometimes get called when the technician is standing under a locked hatch with no prior notification. Only licensed electrical or air conditioning contractors, home inspectors and insurance inspectors are allowed access. Rare occasion is when Cable TV technicians require access. Locked access is standard procedure for all the condos and contractors who know this village, know they need to call or have the homeowner call first.

One resident died last year and his unit quickly sold. The woman who moved in didn't like the procedure and became confrontational telling me she owned property elsewhere and didn't have to go through the process of calling for access. Also that she wanted the hatch nearest her unit to be unlocked. I don't have a key for that but she instructed her guy to pry open the padlocked door anyway. This became an issue with the association president who was to get the maintenance guy to reinforce the door so someone cannot pry it open again.

Last Tuesday, I open the lock for an a/c company but they didn't show up and Wednesday, while I was out on an appointment, the woman who recently moved in had her a/c guy standing waiting for someone to unlock the hatch. I told her it was unlocked from the previous day, but she said it was locked.

When I returned, I see the two of them were on the end where the hatch is always locked. Again, he forced his way into a locked hatch, ignoring the one near me that was unlocked.

Someone from the neighboring building notified the president of my building that the metal roof hatch was left open. The president called me asking what had happened. I explained the woman instructed her guy to pry open the hatch nearest her unit. She asked me to call and notify her what had happened and get her guy to return to close the hatch.
(That wasn't my responsibility and management should have made the call)
I called the woman and explained her a/c contractor left the upper roof hatch open that can be seen from the street. She needed to get her guy to come back an close it. She became annoyed and thought someone else should close it for her. I repeated it was her contractor who was responsible. This started an argument and she was ranting about procedure. I reminded her (from a previous confrontational encounter) that hatch was to be locked at all times and only the central hatch was to be used. The correct access point was unlocked as I said, but her guy pried his way into the locked hatch. She insisted he didn't break in then hung up on me.

The maintenance guy needs to fix the broken hatch and signs changed to explain only the center hatch will be unlocked
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