Times,there a changing

Here in America things are going to get more challenging,with an open border (I mean no border) and the most important election of the future of the usa, one needs to truly start thinking and looking to protect and feed themselves and their loved ones as we are living in ( literal times of the book of revelation) our most challenging life times. From protecting our youth to political chaos and many things in between. People Get Ready ! I also want to throw this in and mention a very smart and perhaps good idea to take a look at this product " byrna.com" it could come in handy.
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"I've voted 100% Democrat, but if there's not a Red Wave this November America is doomed."
- Elon Musk

I.Pray he's Right... I Fear irreparable damage has been done and the the Republic is FUBAR (search it)

sad flower

Lest there be any confusion with the FUBAR Comery series...

FUBAR = Fùcked Up Beyond All Repair

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