Are Most Men Being Too Nice Towards Women ..

This is for the women ONLY. Women,I really want to hear your honest thoughts on this topic ok. If a woman is always treated nice by men and the men agreeing with her and not leading and or calling her out on her manipulative ways,more likely the women will have an affair or walk all over him because he is not being a real man. True or not true.. Men pay attention and learn something here ??
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I think you should question why you think women are manipulative.

I think you should question why you think women need to be led.

I think you should question why you think not being nice to women is how you get to be a real man.
Another emotionally broken man trying to date on CS. frustrated very mad
Yep, some men are conversing

The more a man allows her woman push him around the less respect she has for him, same applies vice versa. Any proper good loving man should be able to keep her in her box likeso with any proper good loving woman should know when to keep him caged up.
JMO wine
That’s so cooool cool
So you're talking about strong assertive women, and yes, many men are looking for a woman who will set the pace of the relationship because that's so much less work for them. Fair enough. "Real" men on the other hand are looking for submissive women and that's also fair enough. All types out there.

But - men looking for a quiet happy life by putting the woman in charge should have their own checklist as to where the line is drawn. If they have to force themselves to be nice and agree and not lead or ignore her manipulative ways - they are with the wrong woman and both of them will know it and she will treat him badly. She's not going to change. Bossy controlling manipulative women are bossy and controlling and manipulative because they want to be, not because they've had to be while they really in their hearts want to be controlled rolling on the floor laughing

Pretending to be something you're not is not a starter-recipe for a healthy relationship but sheesh, so many single (single for good reason) people think starting by pretending, will evolve into long-term reality success. Slow-motion train crash, and they are going on all the time. Singles!
Been my experience that women like me better when i treat them nice, as we should.
Respect is due across the board. The mistake people make is trying to control another person or having expectations or values you don't share or value. No one should hold another person to a higher standard than they hold themselves. The common thing that each should have is respect for the other person's views, differences, opinions likes, and dislikes. We tend to want to remake or reshape a person to fit a certain mole that suits us. When a person steps outside of their comfort zone they get in trouble. You can never be too kind to another person, only a fool would abuse it.
Many unique points of view. Yet, there is somewhat of a contradiction. If we read the many profiles of women here in one breath they speak of personal empowerment which is fine. They no longer want to be labeled as Susie homemaker of the 50s. After many failed relationships they like to enumerate all the things they don't want in a relationship and create an idea of the quality of a relationship they would like to have. Hence, it boils down not to seek outside of oneself to place expectations on another but, isn't it more of a goal to find the qualities we seek within ourselves and in the hope we can find someone that will validate and enhance our lives?
The golden rule still applies do unto others what you want for yourself. The contradiction of this arena is such there are millions of people on here in the hope of making some kind of intellectual and emotional connection and to find shared values and beliefs. What often happens is arguments and bickering over which gender is more together.

You have the women here fawning over who can write fancy borderline erotic poetry or who can write better political arguments or how everyone should behave in the community.

At the end of the day most still sleep alone at night smoking the last smoke pondering over what kind of responses they get from their blogs or poems.

As for the boys here trying to over analyze the behavior of the ladies here it's futile. If you are lucky to reach the heart of woman at any level you accomplished a milestone. Once you can do that they will open like a flower in other areas.

Discounting the contradiction of women in the porn industry who for the right price will dance don't place any hope on this site just because a guy writes a poem or a blog.

The old saying nice guys finish last at least they finish. Being a badass is like role playing when it's appropriate and if the girl is in the mood for it. Overall, if the girl or guy of interest is not much of a challenge to conquer there is no interest or real value.

Anyone or anything that is easily available there is no real value. Yet, if we have to work for it much like ball players who beat themselves up over a ball it has greater value.

A pearl is but a grain of sand that agitates an oyster and eventually it dies because of the pain.

A relationship with a good woman if there is no pain that comes with it has no value.

The choice many have to make is what quality and quantity of pain one is willing to put up with for that pearl.

Considering that 60% of the population here are divorced and wear that idea as a rite of passage and some sort of honorary badge one has to question what guarantee does anyone offer that they will not have another failed relationship?

Hence, it appears why bother getting involved with anyone here knowing the probable outcome is nothing will become of it.

There is that percentage of hope and maybe that is why the same people are still here still playing the game. Yet, most are not even playing anymore. They just like the blogs and the community and maybe the insanity.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.
professor :

Apologies for such a lengthy response
There has to be a balance in everything we do and in a relationship.
Sure most women including myself love it when a man takes charge of a situation as long as it's for the right reasons.
Eg, If I meet someone and he doesn't do the little things, like walk with you, not ahead, askes for your opinion, not just push his, orders what he thinks you want without asking.
Everyone has something they are insecure about, those are things you can work on together.
Trust and respect, communication and gentle strength, if there's a physical attraction and you grow a mentality stimulating connection, why would she or you look for something else.
I love to be grabbed and kissed senseless anywhere, like he's claiming you, if you hide me from anyone you are not worth being with.
Also if a woman is manipulating her Man he must know she's not worth being with either.
sometimes you have to look at yourself and realize the type of person you have picked, not everyone is the same.
Track...reading between the lines...
You mean that there are times when you don't treat them so nice?

In other words, you will change your personality according to the kind of women you're with? dunno
Oh for God's sake, get a grip would ya.

I like it when men are respectful and treat me nicely.

I don't need him to always agree with me for me to like him. In fact, I enjoy a challenging topic to discuss with the exception of politics and religion.

Women stray for reasons other than you didn't agree with her on the color of the drapes.

Your perception of a woman walking all over you might be your lack of confidence in yourself to have a healthy relationship.

"A real man"??? That is about physical attributes. If he has "one" then he's a real man. It's not about his personality traits.
What do you mean by man “is not being a real man”???
My guy was nice to me...and he respected me...and, I was nice to him...and, he respected me...

Funny how that works....
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