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Oh, you're so rude...I'm back from the Farmer's Market... unscathed. The snow-birds have gone back North so it's now possible to stop and put something in your cart withou...

chatillion29325May 27May 31
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same photosThe photos for locals are always the same how boring....

wantinglady1493May 13May 23
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Getting on the cover of Sports illustrated...At one point in time, attractive women with totally fit bodies were used on the cover of Sports Illustrated... swimsuit edition. There was a teaser ph...

chatillion1148May 17May 19
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Hypocrites all over

Hypocrites all over...I find it hard to understand people with such a devastating power-tripping attitude. Doesn't even care what others would think and feel as long as sh...

ehmzroldan2206Apr 10Apr 11
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Mermaid Hair

Mermaid HairSo a man on this site emailed me and said I don’t know what mermaid hair is. Here are some examples! Ohhh I love this topic!

Mermaidhair2957Mar 20Mar 21
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Kenya...I wrote a blog early this morning that more than 70 new female profiles listed from Kenya were created in a 6 hour period. The blog disappeared and so...

chatillion3088Feb 3Feb 25
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Just to make her happy

Just to make her happyBring a smile to their face, With just a gentle embrace. A kind word, a simple deed, Can spread joy, that's all you need. Make them laugh, chase aw...

Hufieborg1030Feb 8Go to Last Post
My whole 10 years research to discover the female hypocrisy

My whole 10 years research to discover the female hypocrisy."looks don't matter", "age is just a number", "physical appearance is skin deep", ~~~~~~~ I was always wondering if males could be so mean to be vo...

iotaoo2567Jan 29Jan 29
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High ranking Women in uniform...From time-to-time photos of a woman in uniform turns up on CS. That excites me... doesn't it excite you? Take for example, new member 46 year old Sarg...

chatillion2202Jan 19Jan 20
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Of those who cringe about women's just claims for equalityYou know who it is. She seems to deny equality as a right, 'whinge' whine, high pitch. She also deletes dissenting comments, tho...

FargoFan34217Dec 23Dec 23
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Women, Power & LeadershipMany more women provide visible leadership today than ever before. Opening up higher education for women and winning the battle for suffrage brought n...

socrates442479Dec 14Dec 21
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Kirstie Alley R.I.P.News just in that actress Kirstie Alley, Star of Cheers has passed on at the age of 71. Family confirmed the actress had died after a short battle wi...

chatillion2665Dec 5Dec 6
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If only I knew

If only I knew ...... That you will never hear your voice, I would appreciate your every word ... every sound of your voice with all your heart. If only I knew ......

rosidi1,33817Dec 2016Dec 5
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Remembering Christine McVie...This week on Sirius XM radio the Deep Tracks channel 27 has been renamed Fleetwood Mac channel and will be playing a marathon of their songs in memory...

chatillion1081Dec 3Dec 3
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Pretty worn-out for 34...I'm not good at guessing a woman's age but I'd say over 40 to be realistic... perhaps 50'ish would be more accurate. .

chatillion49222Nov 30Dec 1
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How many Sharon's does it take to fill a dating site?How many Sharon's? So far, I count four. It started yesterday with a woman who claims to come from San Antonio, Alaska. You and I know San Antonio is...

chatillion41419Nov 26Nov 29
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SHAWNTHOR2403Nov 25Nov 27
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Never rains but pours

Never rains but poursI find it fascinating ever since the conflict of Russia and Ukraine and a sudden influx of spam mail I received from a bunch of beautiful models from...

Knightmare612825Oct 25Oct 28
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Didi72162Sep 2022Sep 2022
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Artist Draws Astounding Portraits with Both Her Hands and Feet at the Same Time By Andy Corbl

Artist Draws Astounding Portraits with Both Her Hands and Feet at the Same Time – By Andy CorblWith a brush in each limb, a Dutch artist is going viral for her ability to draw portraits with all four hands and feet simultaneously. Rajacenna,...

Didi73205Aug 2022Sep 2022
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Diana: 25 years ago...It's been 25 years since Diana, Princess of Wales was killed in a car crash. It's also been 25 years of constant coverage in magazines and news storie...

chatillion4467Aug 2022Sep 2022
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Anne frank....Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude. In spite of everything, I still believe that peopl...

teenameena39610Jul 2022Jul 2022
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Maai Mother

Maai (Mother) !SINDHUTAI SAPKAL An Ordinary Indian Woman .. But Her Life Story can Represent many many more Common Women in India , who used to be Treated like...

Tanzila2340Jul 2022Go to Last Post
Flying high and going strong 86 year old becomes the worlds longest serving flight attendant

Flying high and going strong! 86-year-old becomes the world's longest-serving flight attendantFlying high and going strong! 86-year-old becomes the world's longest-serving flight attendant after 65 YEARS of service in the skies - having started...

Didi73468Jul 2022Jul 2022
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Fanny...In the 70's, I bought a few record albums of an all female rock band named Fanny. If I recall, their recordings were produced by Todd Rundgren, who at...

chatillion2622Jun 2022Jun 2022
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Loss of human rights...I see lots of conservative resistance toward gun control, complaining about a loss of human rights. Basically the 2nd amendment and gun issue is a pai...

chatillion2220May 2022Go to Last Post
No Such Thing as Happily Ever After

No Such Thing as Happily Ever AfterWelp, here I go again. I went through some kind of hellish things a few years back, and I coped by spewing all of my angst online. For some reason...

Capcha212473May 2022May 2022
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why is so hard to find decent woman in western pa

why is so hard to find decent woman,in western.pai do-not drink,or smoke.not looking for model some one that's not lier and after money iam 53 5'7 in life from western pa where from only l...

Unknown51615Apr 2022May 2022
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Double widow...I do math often in my business and possibly more at CS. There is a high percentage of young widows registered on CS in the 30 to 35ish range looking t...

chatillion1910May 2022Go to Last Post

Karine Jean-Pierre...The White House announces Jen Psaki will be leaving her position as press secretary and Karine Jean-Pierre will be taking her place. Prior to her pro...

chatillion1530May 2022Go to Last Post

Woman attempts to drive her SUV down a flight of stairs...A 26 year old woman blamed her GPS when her SUV got stuck going down a flight of stairs at a parking garage. Police seem to think it was her excessive...

chatillion2090May 2022Go to Last Post

Wanting loveScammers just keep moving on, I know all the things you will try. But you won't get anything. I can be a with lots of love to give...

19JOE565074Dec 2020May 2022
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Woman of my dreams

Woman of my dreamsGot lost and missed the woman of my dreams lasft year in limerick...

Subservient2813May 2022May 2022
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Missed motherhood Should there be any regrets

'Missed' motherhood...Should there be any regrets?Sitting on my bed next to my dog Sweetie Pie has made me think about my maternal abilities, and how they would, mostly obviously, pale in the light of...

Didi758014Apr 2022Apr 2022
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Ketanji Brown Jackson...News this week: Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, making her the 116th justice and the first Black woman to serve on the top...

chatillion1890Apr 2022Go to Last Post

women and relationshipsif a man say that he is in love with a woman ,why these she reject him and play the fool, why wait until you reach 40 and realize you now need love wh...

missingloveone3858Mar 2022Mar 2022
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Karen...The Urban Dictionary describes a 'Karen' as a pejorative name associated with middle-aged women, typically blonde, who make solutions to others' probl...

chatillion3501Feb 2022Feb 2022
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Girls with guns...A few times a year a profile will show up with a young woman photographed holding a weapon. Typically, she's in military fatigues with a high power ri...

chatillion4347Feb 2022Feb 2022
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Let's be logical here... Do you want his corpse in the bedroom?It gives me great pleasure (not) to read some profiles of women and what they seek in a relationship. Having seen a few like this I'm thinking thinkin...

chatillion3903Dec 2021Dec 2021
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Long time ago Lost me

Long time ago Lost me"Silhouette of a perfect frame. Shadows of your beautiful face will always remain in my thoughts. My undivided attention was captured. ; I was held me...

summercold2640Dec 2021Go to Last Post

She's Caucasian with blonde hair and green eyes...In the last few days more than 40 new profiles of women came online who are 5'-7" Caucasian with blond hair and green eyes. What a coincidence, excep...

chatillion53713Nov 2021Nov 2021
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How to deal with feminists

How to deal with feministsI haven't had the problem with femisists that some folks seem to have had. Perhaps I've just been lucky. I have never had a mob of them beating on m...

Unknown56024Nov 2021Nov 2021
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