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The Invocation of Tir’es’Ret.For those among you wondering, that which follows is a fictional hypothetical outlook upon Cloud Visions. For those who don't believe in such, let me...

Wrinklylove718 hrs ago8 hrs ago
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I call it scammer saturation...On the new member list today I see a photo on a profile for a 35 year old woman in Germany. That photo has been floating around the internet for a few...

chatillion1534Jun 24Jul 12
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Karen...You know who you are and your videos are going viral!...

chatillion1627Jul 8Jul 8
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Don't really need the extra money......Thank you Catholic Church.... et al......but when the twins moved out on their own, and I finally got their inertia laden mom to move out, getting a house next door for the lady JUST to ma...

Vierkaesehoch1760Jul 3Go to Last Post

Another day in the life...... So I'm outside, watering the newly planted turf on the walkway to the Vierk Mansion. On the seed box it says to keep very wet. Especially when the...

Vierkaesehoch2268Jun 25Jun 27
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Chivalry, simple good will, and some forms of feminism.....As for all genders and races, and even for dwarf gnomes like me, I try to hold doors open for for all. Even those sad cases wearing Liberal/Democrat c...

Vierkaesehoch1580Jun 16Go to Last Post
Feeling lonely and not understood

Feeling lonely and not understoodI'm a young guy who lives own life to the full During Covid I tried to keep chatting with someone but not on my same age, that's is my curiosity at t...

Goodtalker8319214Jun 15Jun 15
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DARK SECRETSany strange person meet for the first time and ask him or her so tell me your dark secrets. so you would Be careful and investigate whether he is...

duncansantan670Jun 6Go to Last Post
Watching movies

Watching moviesWatching movie, things I love to do after doing all the errands and home work. Lay your back on a soft sofa, dim the room by just some candle with...

cheesecake891632May 27May 27
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If only I knew

If only I knew ...... That you will never hear your voice, I would appreciate your every word ... every sound of your voice with all your heart. If only I knew ......

rosidi75219Dec 2016May 24
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There is no solution without GodHave you think to live without believing and without obeying God? It is possible for a short time and you will die in sin. Jesus said you will peris...

starrayfil60-May 18Go to Last Post
Alberta Ninjas

Alberta Ninja'sLadies from Alberta, Canada are sneakily dropping off gifts from small to big to others in our province who are experiencing lonlieness days or otherw...

Onlyforums13410May 15May 16
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MOTHERSTo the long and the short and the tall. Here's wishing all mothers a absolutely fantastic day even if you feel as though the walls are closing in....

Lukeon23419May 10May 11
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Maybe she's got some LOVE TO GO...My smile this morning comes from new member lovetogo1k a 37 year old woman from Los Angeles, California. I'm thinking I've seen her photo before. Oh,...

chatillion1422May 10May 10
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Back from the quick slow fast. And it's tough, for even a hardcore seasoned scientist clinician.Alas, to see one so deeply afflicted with the white guilt, self loathing, stage four variety of TD-HDS, where there is hope for a therapeutic response...

Vierkaesehoch1940May 2Go to Last Post
Dr Amy Action

Dr.Amy ActionAmy Acton From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to navigationJump to search Amy Acton Amy Acton (cropped).jpg Amy Acton in 2019 Director of...

Bearwoman1272Apr 17Apr 17
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I swear this is true.I just got an email on here from a woman. Supposedly, she's 25 (but looks older). She sends me her phone number within her first (only) message. It...

JimNastics29616Mar 12Mar 13
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Overseas ladies. Alluring as they may be for us non yanking Yanks.........Can't possibly compete with..........But I digress....

Vierkaesehoch1771Mar 7Mar 8
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Announcing my newest business (non-profit) venture - SRU (Spankings R Us)This business will be dedicated and focused on today's female population. It can get hard for a woman nowadays. You know it's true. There appears...

JimNastics27224Mar 7Mar 7
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The "elbow bump".........a sure sign of the times. So as not to help out in the socialization of our latest little virion terror, the formidable novid 19 particle, yet to...

Vierkaesehoch2201Mar 2Mar 3
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WHO, the liberal paper pushers of international health........have now raised the level of concern over the spread of the Novid 19 virus, one of Donald Trump and Bubba Bush's biggest nefarious creations yet,...

Vierkaesehoch1692Mar 1Mar 1
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That's the way uh hu un hu..... 94 foot putt by 84 year old female fan wins a new car.Some 84 year olds just putt putt around the house. Then, there's Mary Ann Wakefield;...

JimNastics1341Feb 24Feb 24
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oki doki, another studyaccording to this study women said they have better sex and more climax on top position. I know this already. I did that study myself....

methuzelah68766Feb 15Feb 17
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Dark stubble, VERY dark, on a hot Mediterranean lady's lower all here thought my political rants were crazy enough. And I don't digress. But really, I've examined my share of female bodies, alive and not...

Vierkaesehoch2220Feb 16Go to Last Post

I ADORE BBW LADIES.Hello, I'm a man who adores (BBW), ladies is there anyone else out there Male or Female?...

reallynice591551Feb 1Feb 1
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So sad when some are this way.....,,, lady came in to this place,and was confused about the entrance codes and keys. I tried to help her, but she became quite rude and angry. So, recog...

Vierkaesehoch1680Jan 23Go to Last Post
love is a verb

love is a verblove is a verb. not a noun. if there isn't any work behind love. let it go. have a nice day....

datatraveler316236Dec 2014Jan 22
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Large, fierce, ancient lady warrior classes--armed to the teeth-----the Amazons.......Can anyone say "va*ina dentata"? Homer has them in his writings, notably the Odyssey. Plato, Heradotus, Thucydides and many others believed in th...

Vierkaesehoch2456Jan 12Jan 14
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European my limited experience (only a few foreign lady consorts), I must disagree with the popular wisdom of the American GI in both European wars, an...

Vierkaesehoch23311Dec 23Dec 23
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Malala Yousafzai is on Teen Vogue's final cover of the decadeMalala Yousafzai is featured on the last TeenVogue cover of 2019, which highlights “brilliant, world-changing demands of teens across the world” in a...

socrates441406Dec 19Dec 20
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I find it amusing..........whenever I get an email, or a like, from a woman and the color of her eyes in her photos, does not match the color described in her written pro...

JimNastics30436Dec 9Dec 10
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In praise of the working woman...There was a time in America when the woman stayed home and raised children. World War II broke out and men left their jobs and joined the military. Fo...

chatillion2909Nov 2019Nov 14
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A flirtaceous poem to my guess who CS flame ....By the mohn on your boobies, where I'd love to stop breathing. And that spot of all spots, which you love as your life. Plus your special aroma, ' nea...

Vierkaesehoch3524Oct 2019Oct 2019
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Fart Fan...In the bathroom remodeling business, a fart fan is slang for the powered vent usually found over the toilet. They come in all sizes, noise levels and...

chatillion34411Oct 2019Oct 2019
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Being a woman...a curse perhapsOf course I would know absolutely nothing about being one, but from what I think I know....I would think it might be a curse being one....seeking the...

Johnny_Sparton48126Oct 2019Oct 2019
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Young teachers, school boys' phantasies.......My favorite had to hit us right during the peak initial homonal surge years---8th grade. Which incidentally is also the toughest 5 year period for...

Vierkaesehoch2052Oct 2019Oct 2019
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Seriously not... ??Yeah, Ann you were missed. Sorry your blog disappeared before I could comment. People come and people go. I hope things work out for you ~~...

chatillion30311Oct 2019Oct 2019
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Simply... LOVE YOU"I woke up and I thought about kissing you. I thought about kissing you good morning. I thought about kissing you in between coffee and meetings. I sp...

stivo20131924Oct 2019Oct 2019
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Women duo space walkers.......not really against this or a mention or two in the PC biased media. If qualifying testing isn't of two standards. But so much media fawning over i...

Vierkaesehoch3071Oct 2019Oct 2019
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Beauty during pregnancy.......much has been said and written on the topic, most of which is affirmative. But when I think back at the mother of our girls, for the whole truncate...

Vierkaesehoch2880Oct 2019Go to Last Post
Dongg1950Oct 2019Go to Last Post
f*ck Flakes rant

f*ck Flakes (rant)I am 30 years old, my peers suck! Seriously, how many damn dates do I have to get my hopes up for just to find myself confronted with either extreme f...

SchylerSilvey54325Sep 2019Oct 2019
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