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No Such Thing as Happily Ever After

No Such Thing as Happily Ever AfterWelp, here I go again. I went through some kind of hellish things a few years back, and I coped by spewing all of my angst online. For some reason...

Capcha211193May 10May 20
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why is so hard to find decent woman,in western.pai do-not drink,or smoke.not looking for model some one that's not lier and after money iam 53 5'7 in life from western pa where from only l...

gary53483430619Apr 26May 15
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Double widow...I do math often in my business and possibly more at CS. There is a high percentage of young widows registered on CS in the 30 to 35ish range looking t...

chatillion540May 10Go to Last Post

Karine Jean-Pierre...The White House announces Jen Psaki will be leaving her position as press secretary and Karine Jean-Pierre will be taking her place. Prior to her pro...

chatillion330May 6Go to Last Post

Woman attempts to drive her SUV down a flight of stairs...A 26 year old woman blamed her GPS when her SUV got stuck going down a flight of stairs at a parking garage. Police seem to think it was her excessive...

chatillion760May 1Go to Last Post

Wanting loveScammers just keep moving on, I know all the things you will try. But you won't get anything. I can be a with lots of love to give...

19JOE563565Dec 2020May 1
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Woman of my dreams

Woman of my dreamsGot lost and missed the woman of my dreams lasft year in limerick...

Subservient1443May 1May 1
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Today is National Vag--- Appreciation Day...You heard right. Yahoo announced this and they are not shy about it. Today, April 23rd is National va*ina Appreciation Day and they list some interest...

chatillion26412Apr 23Apr 26
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'Missed' motherhood...Should there be any regrets?Sitting on my bed next to my dog Sweetie Pie has made me think about my maternal abilities, and how they would, mostly obviously, pale in the light of...

Didi725017Apr 14Apr 16
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Ketanji Brown Jackson...News this week: Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, making her the 116th justice and the first Black woman to serve on the top...

chatillion790Apr 9Go to Last Post
women and relationships

women and relationshipsif a man say that he is in love with a woman ,why these she reject him and play the fool, why wait until you reach 40 and realize you now need love wh...

missingloveone2408Mar 30Mar 31
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Karen...The Urban Dictionary describes a 'Karen' as a pejorative name associated with middle-aged women, typically blonde, who make solutions to others' probl...

chatillion1541Feb 27Feb 28
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Girls with guns...A few times a year a profile will show up with a young woman photographed holding a weapon. Typically, she's in military fatigues with a high power ri...

chatillion2008Feb 1Feb 2
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Let's be logical here... Do you want his corpse in the bedroom?It gives me great pleasure (not) to read some profiles of women and what they seek in a relationship. Having seen a few like this I'm thinking thinkin...

chatillion2403Dec 18Dec 19
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Long time ago Lost me

Long time ago Lost me"Silhouette of a perfect frame. Shadows of your beautiful face will always remain in my thoughts. My undivided attention was captured. ; I was held me...

summercold1370Dec 8Go to Last Post

She's Caucasian with blonde hair and green eyes...In the last few days more than 40 new profiles of women came online who are 5'-7" Caucasian with blond hair and green eyes. What a coincidence, excep...

chatillion38013Nov 6Nov 18
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How to deal with feminists

How to deal with feministsI haven't had the problem with femisists that some folks seem to have had. Perhaps I've just been lucky. I have never had a mob of them beating on m...

Unknown37628Nov 10Nov 11
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My favourite posters are womenI'm not sucking up or white knighting etc and just being i have always been I could name 4 women...who are my favourite posters and th...

LeeCharming67443Oct 26Oct 26
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Was it breaking and entering if the door was unlocked?This story is about Wu, Li and Liang. No... they aren't famous Chinese lawyers. One of them will need a lawyer, but I doubt it will help. Yvonne Wu...

chatillion33221Oct 15Oct 24
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Maitland?Maitland oh Maitland where is your Ward?...

chatillion2185Aug 2021Aug 2021
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Womans Month enter the lionsgate BirthMonth

Woman's Month/enter the lionsgate/BirthMonthLoading the 7/08/2021 Through the mercy of the Almighty I will awaken and cherish another day on this Dunya again...*blessed* Iam grateful Iam...

Cinderellacpt2224Aug 2021Aug 2021
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WHY DO WOMEN WANT CHILDREN?Every woman i have viewed on here wants children. Id rather have a dog or cat Then bringing up a child in this messed up world...

Godfearing1845317Jul 2021Jul 2021
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WOMANWoman, rise up and assert your power For generations you have been suppressed Let the world know this is your hour There are certain issues to be a...

socrates4438414Jul 2021Jul 2021
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Daughters of Kobani the Kurdish women who defeated ISILI listened to Geraldine Doogue today (on Radio national) interviewing Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, author of a book telling the incredible true story of the...

FargoFan2284Jul 2021Jul 2021
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Well heres some trivia you may not have known

Well, here's some trivia, you may not have knownThere used to be a TV show called The Monkees. It was based on a Beatles type pop band, that was actually made for the TV show. They started with...

JimNastics2376Jun 2021Jul 2021
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JimNastics2160Jun 2021Go to Last Post
Youtube algorithms are so clever

Youtube algorithms are so cleverYou click on one video of the U-23 female Italian national pole vault championships and next thing you can't go a day without logging on to youtube wi...

chancer_returns2285Jun 2021Jun 2021
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She Fills 2 Seashells at the Seashore

She Fills 2 Seashells at the SeashoreA happy belated birthday to successful model Emily Ratajkowski, who celebrated her 30th birthday yesterday by modelling a seashell-like bikini top....

JimNastics306-Jun 2021Jun 2021
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JimNastics3500May 2021Go to Last Post

Your buttocks...Lots of women have primary photos showing their buttocks. Large ones at that! Sometimes, it's a side view and recently I've seen faceless photos of o...

chatillion90423May 2021May 2021
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Demi Rose Mawby...If you Google Demi Rose Mawby, you'll see she's a 26 year old British model and internet celebrity of Colombian & British descent. Google also reveals...

chatillion2285May 2021May 2021
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Yeah I had to laugh at this one

Yeah, I had to laugh at this one............because I actually experienced a similar situation; I was living with a very pretty natural strawber...

JimNastics51118Apr 2021Apr 2021
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That/Those songs 'Something' 'Something in the way she moves'The Beatles song moves me more. Her voice moves me more, always. That she is married and we are never to be other than wonderful friends as we are,...

FargoFan1790Mar 2021Go to Last Post
JimNastics3150Feb 2021Feb 2021
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I still listen to FM radio, often for vintage rock, opera and Jazz, .......and newer World music, through the nearly half century old great speakers and stereo system. Still record some on cassettes. Guests are dazzled. Ho...

Vierkaesehoch2230Feb 2021Go to Last Post

Hey, all. Just what is it with Pennsyltucky CO?......As if the first lady in the world, to get a little REAL action, after decades of saving it up, for someone adequately worthy. Say, of my stature. A...

Vierkaesehoch2950Jan 2021Go to Last Post

Welcome back Red...I know it's been months but it's hard to break an addiction....

chatillion2420Jan 2021Go to Last Post
Why women only want the bad ones

Why women only want the bad onesReally don't see why some women rather be with a guy that's always locked up running the streets & can be seen by family & friend with some other woma...

Vicentez149028Dec 2020Jan 2021
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Just wondering out loud.........perhaps I'm reading a little too much into it. But in answering the smaller subset, VERY smaller, of all the hundreds, nay thousands? of likes an...

Vierkaesehoch3998Jan 2021Jan 2021
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Martial arts

Martial artsAll kinds of martial arts karate judo Kung fu and all Bruce lee movies...

Bengie071650Jan 2021Go to Last Post

Follow the infinityIf I had to lose a mile If I had to touch feelings I would lose my soul The way I do I don't have to think I only have to do it The results ar...

s1lordi200-Dec 2020Go to Last Post

Selfie Mirror...I came across a profile with 2 photos of a woman's reflection in a mirror. It was a small round makeup mirror, the kind where one side is magnified an...

chatillion40832Nov 2020Nov 2020
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