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so what all women in this site doing the same

so what ???!!! all women in this site doing the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am72 yr-old woman seeking man, 72-82 Located inKilleen, Texas, USA Your message cannot be sent, because you do not fit Cheynate's Mail Settings T...

needyoubyfastway27712May 24Jun 6

When Paul became Paula...I was hired to work as a draftsman for a cabinet manufacturer around 1977. This was right after a housing market slump. The company downsized to survi...

chatillion19513May 27Jun 5

FridayI know I have a dinner to attend and instantly got a headache being reminded of it. I didn't say I was not coming. But I got the headache after...

usha12343741May 31Jun 4

A day in the life....I am in SE Asia again and this is what happens when you go out on your own for a drink.... Hello handsome man. Come inside have a look please. Welc...

chefspecial1132May 3May 3

MysteryI am very surprise that women write in their profile i am down to earth, Simple, easy going, i am sure they get the messages from people (men). they d...

Heart4sale7723214Apr 29Apr 30
What everbody at today

What everbody at todayWhat everybody at today on this fine day sunny enough in Ireland...

paul65432619Apr 23Apr 26
Thanks to CS

Thanks to CSAs I mentioned on my earlier blog Im in Trinidad. I messaged Annleerose to meet her. She called yesterday to ask till when I would be around. I mentio...

lshtar34024Apr 22Apr 23
This who I am more like

This who I am more likeI've always been a pretty strong woman set in my ways and some other women aren't often able to deal with it though.

Bearwoman1483Mar 31Mar 31

i am sorryits the only way I know how basic education I just FEEL I HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING this is the very worst that's german spelling I have ever been on peo...

stinger11427213Mar 15Mar 15
So it is a boring night

So it is a boring nightMy solution is to type in the names of 10 countries I never visit in search, then send likes to the first 10 ladies in each, followed by love poetry t...

Ken_191335Mar 10Mar 15

International day of the woman.............Brings so many questions to mind. Since a fetus is ony 50% of them, why insist on control of "their bodies", when it comes to CFM? OK perhaps to...

Vierkaesehoch2910Mar 8

Hello miss dimwit...I blocked you because of your inability to read English. No, we're not a match made in heaven and don't hold your breath waiting for me to call. Shee...

chatillion42519Jan 9Jan 12
Pilot 172 where are you

Pilot 172...where are you???Instead of Car 54, yes, I would consider RVing with you but PLEASE unhide your profile, because I can't respond and you just wrote me!!!! Can't respo...

evagoblog135-Jan 7
Youth and maturity

Youth and maturityYouth and maturity sat down on a bench … Youth told: You will be able to live as I. The maturity answered: Beauty is not eternal, Learn to share be...

Ummka2428Jan 6Jan 6
Feeling alone

Feeling aloneI am feeling alone here , no one wants to talk to me here.....

Mahesh221043421Dec 26Dec 29

Some important advice for the ladies this winter.Now, I know this isn't my niche for blog topics. So, cut me a little slack and give this one a chance. I'm only going to say this once. So, pay a...

JimNastics31322Nov 21Nov 22
Do women dream about this man

Do women dream about this man?So many women obsess over this man and perhaps they are denying, their true feelings for him, cause when women obsess about a man...9 times out of ten...

LeeCharming1799Nov 2018Nov 2018

Veteran with PTSD creates jewelry to empower womenTara Hutchinson calls herself a fine jewelry artist and goldsmith. In fact, she runs and supports herself through her small business Tara Hutch Design...

Willy34112767Oct 2018Nov 2018

For the ladies only.........A cheap, totally effective, extremely low adverse (side) effect, no prescription necessary, easy to use...birth control pill. The humble 325 mg aspiri...

Vierkaesehoch1880Nov 2018

Then and now: Stevie Nicks or Christine McVie...I did a CS poll about two women who costarred on a 1960's TV show called Gilligan's Island, where passengers on a small fishing boat got lost at sea a...

chatillion3167Aug 2018Oct 2018
What is something that women do that men hate the most

What is something that women do that men hate the most?Had a coffee with a friend of mine I happened to meet on a gathering.Old time seems so good. One of those topics we talked...

ysabeljhen55149Oct 2018Oct 2018
Now i am enjoying CS

Now i am enjoying CSHi I am Mahesh 23 yrs old. I am here from last one month but still single because in this site mostly all girls are almost elder than me and I think t...

Mahesh22101,15144Aug 2018Sep 2018
Likes and Viewed me

Likes and Viewed meWhat I get irritated about.....MOST.......I'm talking to men about women.....This site has a section.....Likes.....Viewed me.....Favored me.... When...

1jaguar43913Aug 2018Aug 2018
thank you and goodbye

thank you and goodbye.......i have no idea...why my last blog is...missing???? so no point in making blogs here......i think i better quit from here. thanking you al...

dimplesimple2181Aug 2018Aug 2018
August the 9th

August the 9th.To every single lady that had an influence in my life, I wish you a fantastic Women's Day. On this special day, be sure to celebrate life and a br...

Lukeon36119Aug 2018Aug 2018

At the Dollar Store......Who spends $61.00 at the Dollar store? A lady in front of me with a shopping basket full of junk and a pocket book full of coupons. That's who....

Willy341126613Aug 2018Aug 2018

Confucius didn't say this... or did he?Old man can keep young woman happy... 'so long' as his wallet is full. When wallet become empty, she say 'so long'...

chatillion2084Jul 2018Jul 2018
Kelsey Derringer

Kelsey DerringerAt the new venue for the atheist Sunday Assembly in Pittsburgh,PA, -Community Forge in Wilkinsburg-a married but hot chick named Kelsey Derringer was...

Unitarian2212624Jul 2018Jul 2018
Why is a man with dirty talk to a woman called a sexist

Why is a man with dirty talk to a woman called a sexist,Why is a man with dirty talk to a woman called a sexist, .................... but does a woman who hangs up dirty talks to men 100ct per minute?........

jarred1224-Jul 2018

Women and men---males and females...Our big GSD Bravo is a lover. But a few times while being walked by our twins, a few people made them nervous, and he was appropriately protective,wit...

Vierkaesehoch2612Jul 2018Jul 2018

Do Men Like Women On Top?And, do Women prefer Men on top? NO, this blog is NOT about sex It´s about POWER and CONTROL As we all know, Women in positions of p...

daniela7771,830115May 2018Jun 2018

My Favorite WomenComing Soon ——--—- Work In Progress —————-...

galrads729-Apr 2018Jun 2018
some questions have no answer

some questions have no answer.....???????????This happened long back.........i was travelling from srilanka to my home india.....Bangalore was my destination......i had a passenger seated...

dimplesimple2411Jun 2018Jun 2018

Oh god, Yes !!OOoooohhh. More to the left a little to the right lower lower Oh yeah, that's it ! Yes ! Harder ! Faster ! Oh God ! Oh yeah, that feels so...

JimNastics4232May 2018May 2018

this from a woman's mouth.I had to correct her by saying, not all women. lol She tells me, are you going to tip me for my dance? I said, I already have when you were on st...

Johnny_Sparton76343May 2018May 2018
Actress dies due to AIDS

Actress dies due to AIDS......Nisha Noor -- September 18, 1962 (age 55).......... , Nisha was rediscovered outside a Dargah, sleeping on the streets and reduced to nearly a ske...

dimplesimple2862May 2018May 2018
Its For You

It’s For YouIt’s For You..................

jarred1221-May 2018

Woman wanted.....Must know how to hunt, dress deer and clean fish---and have boat and truck. Send picture of boat and truck. Aa-V....

Vierkaesehoch2460May 2018

AgeI don't know why age of women 40 to 55 do not prefer to hangout, date or marriage with a guy of 34 years old. The age bracket is for reference only, m...

Unknown2484Apr 2018Apr 2018

# Trinity time.s*xual misconduct/harassment against women; being grabbed by Vees, bums, b00bs or anything some men could get hold of was happening way before Weinst...

usha12388631Mar 2018Apr 2018
What do you think about people on this C S site

What do you think about people on this C.S sitei think there are more unserious people here, or is it that they are new to the online dating?...

rich142k549820Apr 2018Apr 2018

Bar few seem unattractive at 2 AM/last call...Sure, there are a few men who are considered so hot that certain women will try to pick them up for casual sex. And of course, certain females routine...

Vierkaesehoch2491Mar 2018Mar 2018
Spiffy73: "Fit Into the Adventure"(meet us in the quizzes)

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