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Needs and wants between men and women

Needs and wants between men and womenAn amusing take on the simple diferences between the needs or wants of men and women: Men want Loyalty sex food beer enco...

Akeldama4022819Feb 13Feb 14
Still lonely but I keep on looking for my right woman

Still lonely but I keep on looking for my right womanHi there! :) I'm relatively new to this site. I haven't had many positive experiences here so far, I'm afraid to say, as I've mostly communicated...

XAVIERELX35628Dec 24Jan 1
Gender Equality

Gender EqualityCan I tell you ladies a little secret? You had it all along and did not even know it. Have you noticed how few men will still offer their seats to a l...

Catfoot829102Dec 11Dec 31
a blue eye

a blue eyemy son got a blue eye from his girlfriend today

jarred182-Dec 28
Scammer I stand corrected

Scammer (I stand corrected )So, I take a peek at who had viewed me while I was sleeping last night. There was one member in particular who's profile stood out and as luck would...

Stuckinarizona31426Dec 10Dec 10
Womens rights are we really free

Women's rights: are we really free?Among the very first women's rights are the right to live and the right to freedom and personal safety. Is it so? We still face high femicide rat...

Annanda1,06170Nov 26Dec 3
Love at a distance

Love at a distanceIt seems a little stupid, but I decided to open this topic As a 24-year-old boy, I want to meet someone who loves me, and, of course, I and her I ho...

Djole31614Nov 30Dec 2
A Tribute To The Original Dumb Blond

A Tribute To The Original Dumb BlondAfter seeing Marilyn Monroe in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ as a child, I have always assumed that Monroe, who arrived in Hollywood as a brunette, was t...

Catfoot54250Nov 20Dec 2
The Unexpected

The UnexpectedThis last Sunday at a Unitarian-Universalist Church in Pittsburgh,PA, something weird happened: After worship I went downstairs to the coffee hour for...

TheAgnostic581499Nov 7Nov 7
All Saints Day Day Of The Dead

All Saints Day & Day Of The DeadToday is All Saints day, everything is shut so that people can go to the cemetery to have a chat and remember the dead, plastic flowers are exchanged...

Mapmaker29423Nov 1Nov 1
A Veiled Woman Red Colored Nails On The Hand

A Veiled Woman Red Colored Nails On The Hand..??I just read that question few minutes ago. I found that interesting. Why she polished her nails? That she is a teenager? That she is a free woman...

Kalpataru201-Oct 28Oct 28
10 Reason Why A Man Wont Marry A Black Hispanic Women

10 Reason Why A Man Won't Marry A Black & Hispanic Women10 Reason Why A Man Won't Marry A Black & Hispanic Women...

NewYorkcitylove137-Oct 22
oh oh

oh, ohI was deleted, my comments were deleted. like I said, I took my chance to be banned once more soy El Diablo so easy to say, no, not me, I don't do...

Duromojon131-Oct 12
Jennifer Michael

Jennifer MichaelShe's local and I met her online. I was briefly exchanging messages via email and Jennifer stated she 'feels safe talking with me'-whatever that mean...

TheAgnostic581784Sep 22Sep 22
Women suffering with pre menopause and post menopause

Women suffering with pre-menopause and post-menopauseHere are the signs and help advice also

Freedomofspeech9633-Aug 14Sep 7
female competition

female competitionJust something I think I noticed in the world, it is female competition...with other females. Is there something to attractive females having a tough...

Johnny_Sparton1,168111Aug 28Aug 31
my visa is denied

my visa is deniedDon’t u have visa horror story to tell? well I DO i just wanna travel to europe to visit someone that i met in this site for a long time ....

bambina_bee67930Aug 11Aug 28
Malala Won

Malala WonMalala is now 20, heading to Oxford. She defeated those who tried to silenced her....

Duromojon1767Aug 18Aug 18
A true Man and a Virtuous Woman

A true Man and a Virtuous Woman.A true man of high standards following the Most High Yahawah and Yahawashi,will not ask, nor tempt a woman to give up the virtue she's saving for her...

NewYorkcitylove106-Aug 11
Moonbat professionals

Moonbat "professionals"....Glad I really don't need the extra income. Will help with girls' university costs, though. But this extra rental space, now that the twins are away, i...

Aaltarboy1885Jul 27Jul 29
The Woman

The WomanThe woman is a joy to experience. She is beautiful in every way. When God created her he knew exactly what he was doing. She is perfect for a man. Whe...

NewYorkcitylove119-Jul 24
Dont Say They Are Bad

Don't Say They Are Bad.Women in underdeveloped countries, some have a bit of education, or a skill, others none at all. They usually have between two to as many as eight...

Unika_4158041Jul 20Jul 21
Big trees Pretty girls

Big trees. Pretty girls.Things of beauty, but when too close to the home and hearth, have been family killers. (Last phrase open to broad interpretation). Just about done tak...

Aaltarboy1704Jul 18Jul 18
being alone

being aloneAre there any real women on here that don't ask for money...

whitebarn1863Jul 11Jul 11

CameltoeIf you see them do you tell that woman her coochie is showing? or assume she knows,or wants it too.? I never feel comfortable around ladies with them...

Rustymc6447227Jun 30Jul 1
Violence against women and child abuse

Violence against women and child abuseNO TO VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILD ABUSE i tried addressing the nation from the valley but was never heard i made it to the peak of mount...

vincentlove2755Jun 21Jun 21
What A Woman Wants

What A Woman WantsA woman doesn't want a fairy tale romance or a diehard romantic lover . She is never waiting for a tall dark handsome man or some prince charming on...

Unknown5127Jun 19Jun 20
Saw an advert by a woman

Saw an advert by a woman.Not here, but she was asking for a relationship with a man who had a farm. Posted an idyllic pic of such, with lovely red barn, fenced pastures, anima...

Aaltarboy2298Jun 2017Jun 2017
Grace Juntima

Grace JuntimaHello Grace I am from thailand I created this blog about women. Hope everyone likes my blog....

Gracejuntima26413Jun 2017Jun 2017
i dont know anymore

i dont know anymorei have been turned down 120 times in the last idk 3 months. IRL and online. sometimes a mixture of both. Been called ugly a loser etc. In both realms....

Themarpet2439May 2017May 2017
Who is the more stinky

Who is the more stinky?....One of my favorite vacation activities is backpacking. A week in, tent/s bag, leave no waste, etc.. But with rare exceptions, after a week in country,...

Aaltarboy23316May 2017May 2017

ANNOYING GIRL FRIENDMy girl friend meet me on face book, talk to me very nicely, but not accept my age she starts ignoring me.she said I have bf but he deserves her love...

rapppl27012Apr 2017Apr 2017
How to emotionally crush a man

How to emotionally crush a man.Wanna crush a man? Lead him on, go on a few dates and then simply friendzone him at complete random. It's brilliant right?! You can even take this a s...

SchylerSilvey52841Apr 2017Apr 2017
Ken_192454Apr 2017Apr 2017
Money or Love

Money or Love ?It seems All I get from these dating sites is women who want $ Money $ !!! Is there Any women out there who are Looking just for True Honest Love ? L...

deerdog19482106Apr 2017Apr 2017
Amy Richard

Amy RichardEvery now and then I get someone who keeps making excuses every time I attempt a forge a friendship or relationship with her. But recently I met someo...

Greg581593Mar 2017Mar 2017

AlexEarlier today I sent a tweet to this woman in Chicago:"If you were in Pittsburgh I'd ask you out to the movies with me"; to which she tweeted in retur...

Greg581896Mar 2017Mar 2017
Connecting singles

Connecting singlesWhat all looking here. Selling themselves , plz be as your self. Love the nature and family. Work to be successful not for only money coz this world...

ayugandhar672347Mar 2017Mar 2017
A Special Person In My Life

A Special Person In My LifeRecently I have been exchanging emails with a chick from Siberia named Lolita. She's a accountant for a plastic window company and she sent me some ph...

Greg582557Mar 2017Mar 2017
Ashlander tribute

Ashlander....tributeOh, you mysterious maiden. You make a man know that He is known.. I suspect that you've made Many things in the realm Of your spirit Perhaps th...

cafetwo20103409Feb 2017Feb 2017
Embarrasing experience

Embarrasing experience..I was in a hurry for meeting with a customer at one place. Due a traffic jam, besides late catch up the meeting time I have an urge to do my nature n...

Meiling2719Feb 2017Feb 2017

LostThe right woman kind sweet and gentle will make you the happiest man in the world the wrong woman Will make you wish that you was never born your eyes...

Unknown2225Feb 2017Feb 2017

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