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NeverNever, never, never, never, never, never, ever, ever, lost your head for a va*ina....

Duromojon11413Sep 15Sep 15
to england

to englandhey crowd, i've decided to drive on a ferry and be in England (dover) tomorrow 19th. till tuesday. and probably visit london. and stay there in...

Len052267Aug 18Sep 8
That Video

That Video ~I note the offending Video has been taken down. from the Video section. Sadly,C.S. havenot deemed it offensive and it is still on the post which was...

goldengloss143-Aug 26
Suck it up Clarkson

Suck it up Clarkson !!The future is here...

nonsmoker53256Jul 28Jul 31
a conclusion contains not necessarily become crafted

a conclusion contains not necessarily become craftedIrrespective of that renovation in the particular Cleveland Cavaliers' roster, in spite of that prospect of raised middle hardship, in spite of that w...

jayjoe1010751Jul 24Jul 24

Groceries.What's going to happen, if you're at the supermarket and you see salami is selling two-for-one so you get two. You've already got four grapefruits in...

pat8lanips25713Jul 10Jul 10
This is how we do it

This is how we do it..So here's the blog about our motorcycle customization work.. Hope you guys like it.. I'll share photos one by one in comments....

IncubusBaig49844Jul 1Jul 1
Soul Mates WTF is that

Soul Mates...WTF is that?OK, people, I'm trying to lighten up the mood here. Didn't want to post a blog or talk about this topic but would be interesting to know what's your t...

Crazyheart3877272May 24May 25
Crazyheart3817810May 23May 23
I think Im f*ck up

I think I'm f*ck upHere I am, in a night club full of strangers ...having some beer. Got bored at work, and without Thinking went to this stupid night club I hate ...wi...

Crazyheart3843738May 19May 21
Crazyheart3831827May 19May 19
Always Feels Good To Be Here

Always Feels Good To Be Here....Had a long night...and a long day at work. Exhausted, every inch of my body feels tender ...too tired to think of anything to blog about but feels go...

Crazyheart382098May 13May 14
Crazyheart3838133May 11May 11
NFC Far east takes on that AFC

NFC Far east takes on that AFCYour selected exhausted novelist seems to have probable now believed a team’s win-loss log to the getting summer in your time since 2017 itinerary got...

jayjoe10101191May 11May 11
Women these days

Women these days...The other night I was in bed with my girlfriend. We talked for a while, then it was getting late so we decided to go to sleep. But then she said somet...

pat8lanips28912May 10May 10

ReligionI'm not sure how many thousands of religions all over the world but I couldn't care less which one does a friend belong to. When I look at a person...

Crazyheart3830232May 9May 10
Coffee Whats Your Caffeine Intake

Coffee...What's Your Caffeine Intake ?I was staring at my empty jar of coffee this morning and started calculating how much coffee I have consumed lately. I don't have an addiction, I'm O...

Crazyheart3823928May 8May 8

Chilling...long day...Monday!...

Crazyheart3827217May 8May 8

HelloHi guys just want u all to know that am going to delete my account from the site so it was a pleasure to talk with some of u so take care to u all bye...

shandeen292145Apr 21Apr 22
I heard a rumour

I heard a rumour...That they are putting dog food into the meat pies, the baker reckons he's been doing it for years. And he also reckons he never washes his hands after...

pat8lanips30921Mar 1Mar 1
The other blog of the day

The other blog of the dayWhilst driving along the motorway the other day, I felt the vehicle was steering ever so slightly to the left. Whenst I was checking the relative posi...

pat8lanips33728Feb 5Feb 5
Well It finally Happened

Well It finally Happened,Remember over the last few months I ve commented on how much I hate drivers who text when they re driving. Well on sunday a early 20s indian fellow bl...

1to1to132515Nov 2016Nov 2016
Wheres Wally

Where's Wally.....after that blog about wanking and photos..our little pilot has gone awol. Come on you old dog..I got this treatment years up and get bac...

Unknown1,10557Oct 2016Oct 2016
I read this today Its so beautiful

I read this today, Its so beautifulPeople are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish,...

MaruQ30613Sep 2016Sep 2016
Last life

Last lifesometime i am very confuse because i remember something about last life, One woman from Ireland , her profile name start from I and end on H and she i...

only1life4289Sep 2016Sep 2016
Camera backwards

Camera backwardsI feel a bit stupid that I almost can't move the car back without backwards camera even I drive since 2008! :( How many people here have same probl...

MimiHN44215Sep 2016Sep 2016

Happy?Where does one find happiness? With in you or from others who can make you happy?...

Yandis4538012Sep 2016Sep 2016
Horn OK Please

Horn OK PleaseHorn OK please' is a phrase commonly painted on commercial vehicles like trucks, buses or local taxis in India. The purpose of the phrase is to ale...

jarred1233-Aug 2016
My body builder girlfriend Based on a potentiall

My body builder girlfriend. (Based on a potentiallI had always admired Tiffany in high school, good-looking, athletic, smart, nice arse etc. etc... Then we met at a reunion and she was even hotter tha...

pat8lanips61622Jul 2016Jul 2016

LightsSo one of the nice things about this place I live at is how the lack of nearby lighting offers a great view of the night sky, coupled with a weird aco...

Ken_194866Jul 2016Jul 2016
Ive just bought myself

I've just bought myselfa very tasty doughnut Its 9.30 in the morning here and I have become quite vexed as to what time is best to enjoy such a fine pastry.. Would it...

nonsmoker65036Jun 2016Jun 2016
Something thats been troubling me

Something that's been troubling me.Lately, I have been wondering how products can be described as one thing in marketing, and be something different in reality. Of course I am talking a...

pat8lanips58313Jun 2016Jun 2016
The Dust Bowl Mom

The Dust Bowl & Mom!!I am currently reading a book about the Dust Bowl of the early 1930's in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. It's a sad sad story about the "Angl...

Ed19415555Jun 2016Jun 2016
My Soul My Car And The Road

'My Soul, My Car, And The Road'When the three connect I'm suddenly in that 'poetic' land of 'never stop' where my imagination runs as long as the magical asphalt that lies ahead of...

Cessna4212300May 2016
If you become involved with drugs

If you become involved with drugs.This is what will happen. You might need to turn the volume right up....

pat8lanips5288Apr 2016Apr 2016
For the Irish hotties

For the Irish hotties.I think its pretty safe to say that Jolene was an Irish hotty from the internet, who else has emerald eyes and auburn hair? We could probably even nar...

pat8lanips78114Apr 2016Apr 2016
Could use your opinion

Could use your opinionIm not the youngest Man anymore ... yet I have this crazy dream...Im planing to sell my Mercedes and buy a bike (cruiser/chopper type)...but...

Dedovix80722Apr 2016Apr 2016
How can I feel better

How can I feel better ?How do I get rid of the pit in my stomach ,the knot in my throat and the tears that won't stop...

Abby19631,437102Apr 2016Apr 2016
Some good advice for the ladies

Some good advice for the ladies.Sometimes it's hard to be a woman Giving all your love to just one man You'll have bad times And he'll have good times, Doin' things that you don'...

pat8lanips72938Apr 2016Apr 2016
Why Are Compliments from Guys So Hard To Accept

Why Are Compliments from Guys So Hard To Accept?As I stated in my previous blog I just got back from visiting my kids. On the way back home my daughter drove me back and she spent the weekend here w...

Ed194169818Mar 2016Apr 2016
Are there nude pictures of you on the internet

Are there nude pictures of you on the internet?We all know there are millions of naked pictures on the internet, are you one of them? and did you put it there yourself?...

pat8lanips85219Mar 2016Mar 2016
Wheres Our Friend

Where's Our Friend?After reading and commenting on Robert787's blog yesterday he disappeared. Since I don't have a computer I couldn't follow his depression blog!! Th...

Ed194173916Feb 2016Feb 2016
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