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HodgepodgeI was on YouTube and watching videos on everything from art/guitar building to DIY rhinoplasty when I looked in the 'related' column and saw "WORST ar...

BadlyDrawn22225Jun 14Jun 16

GreetingsI've sold 3 cars this month. If I sell 10 I get a bonus. Tomorrow my electricity will be shut off. I'm planning how I will bathe and eat. I've got my...

Palmfrond33316Jun 9Jun 14

Females and mechanical things---such as automobiles....Sure, there are clued lady mechanics, and race car drivers. Recall that weeny worshiper Amelia Ehrhardt. But in my experience, there is a strong inver...

Vierkaesehoch961Jun 8Jun 8

DeceptionWho has the time for it? I know I don’t. What a waste of time. To bullshit is to prolong disappointment. We have so many hours in the day. Why f*ck a...

Palmfrond2878May 4Jun 6

If you ride a HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycle...If you ride a HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycle... Happy Muthas Day to you....

chatillion1163May 12Jun 4

ProgressIn this world of male domination, I have sold 7 vehicles in 3 weeks. Not bad for a beginner. My managers call me their "ace". Not sure what that means...

Palmfrond18712May 28Jun 1
Embrace age

Embrace ageIf one wants to accomplish something, let not age or gender or looks prohibit one's desire. At what point must we lose the scared-y-cat mentality? I...

Palmfrond1868Apr 27May 28

_-----_-----------------------------The Devine kiss of goodbye As seen Reflected on other's lips Mirroring new love In Love's most transient form...

Palmfrond926May 27May 27

StuffI was at the Wal-Mart yesterday buying some dog and cat food. As usual, there were limited cashiers. It was a traffic jam in the lanes. Several tim...

Palmfrond20115May 26May 27
Back after a few

Back after a fewBeen busy. I love my job. I've sold 6 vehicles and enjoy this ride. I wish I did it sooner. Some advice, don't listen to others. Lol. Patience and lif...

Palmfrond861May 25May 25
I sold my first truck

I sold my first truckA beautiful 2012 Silverado 1200 with crew cab tp a nice man. I made my draw for the week and im off and running. To be honest, the trucks are the way...

Palmfrond25114May 10May 24
been thinking

been thinkingI’ve been thinking of analogies to soften the blow of the depreciation of a vehicle. So, you meet someone. You think they’re worth more than a million...

Palmfrond17712May 7May 19
Its payday

Its paydayAnd ive got wifi. Im warching Zac Efron as Ted Bundy on Netflix. Back at the ranch, a very slow week in car sales. Ive found my groove and that se...

Palmfrond1586May 17May 19

AwkwardBoss is being cool. I’m being invisible. I’m embarrassed that I was friendly after he clearly was disappointed about my age. A saving grace. Loolllol...

Palmfrond1294May 16May 17
In other news

In other news...Yesterday I agreed to meet my customers on my day off. After I realized that I might only have enough fuel for work. I was racked with worry. Two week...

Palmfrond1111May 16May 17
Im back

Im backFrom handing the keys over to a beautiful Chevy Silverado. Im over the moon. I came in in my day off but it was so worth it. I love my job. I cant re...

Palmfrond18012May 15May 16
A car that runs on nanoFLOWCELL salt water technology has received approval for testing on Germany

A car that runs on nanoFLOWCELL salt water technology has received approval for testing on GermanyA car that runs on nanoFLOWCELL salt water technology has received approval for testing on German roads. SEA WATER “A car that captures the energy of...

needyoubyfastway743May 13May 15
A sticky business

A sticky businessThis is all new to me. As i mentioned, i sold a truck to a retired man. I agreed to have a coffee with my client. In other news, my manager wanted to...

Palmfrond2039May 11May 14
Who killed the steam turbine powered car why

Who killed the (steam/turbine-powered) car?!!why??!!!General Motors researchers install the combustion system-steam generator in the first modern steam car developed by the automobile industry. The exper...

needyoubyfastway924May 1May 12
Today I wasted 3 hours of my life

Today I wasted 3 hours of my lifeBeing hit on by an old retired man who wanted me to quit my job and keep him company. Like, hello? I’m here to sell cars for commission that is someth...

Palmfrond44743May 4May 7
The struggles of modern man

The struggles of modern manSo, with my rash decision to quit the last job and the interim of 2 month’s lack of wages, i rely on the smart phone. No wifi for 2 weeks. Thats no A...

Palmfrond19616May 3May 5
are polymer plastic gears a viable alternative to metal gears

are polymer plastic gears a viable alternative to metal gears ? !Thermoplastic gears; a commercially viable powertrain NVH improvement? Environmental legislations are driving OEMs to down size, or adopt 'right-si...

needyoubyfastway9810May 1May 3
How Gasification Works everything has a reason

How Gasification Works ???!!everything has a reason!!Gasification as incomplete combustion Gasification is most simply thought of as choked combustion or incomplete combustion. It is burning solid fuels...

needyoubyfastway20110Apr 30May 3
Why is not every car manufacturer doing these kind of engines nowadays EXHAUST closed loop

Why is not every car manufacturer doing these kind of engines nowadays?!EXHAUST closed loopNO EXHAUST Engine - DR Dennis Lee shows running Geet Engine with NO EXHAUST closed loop Your Car can be modified to run with no Exhaust or Gasoline!...

needyoubyfastway845May 1May 3
Oh boy

Oh boyI’m learning all about people and sales. I went on a joyride In the backseat of a SS Camaro, unfortunately. The youngsters simply wanted to play with...

Palmfrond1202May 2May 2
Day 3 on the floor

Day 3 on the floorGot nice feedback from the higher uppers. Was told they heard "great things" about me. I'm fearless at talking to people and will chat up people unti...

Palmfrond18124Apr 29Apr 29
Im loving this job

I'm loving this jobI almost got 2 sales. I know, almost, but it was fun! My coworkers said I did a good job and getting to know people's stories are an interesting side...

Palmfrond27215Apr 27Apr 28
do not contact

do not contact must contain at least 50 characters it contains one...

eeejay1562Apr 12Apr 27

All WrongDid you ever start doing something when you suddenly realize that you've completely messed up? Yeah, me either.... well until just now. So I'm dra...

BadlyDrawn19812Apr 24Apr 26

Speed bumps...Speed bumps rate high in my pet peeve list. Considered a tool to keep you from going past the posted speed limit or risk damage to your cars suspensi...

chatillion955Apr 25Apr 25

Joanne's DreamAn example of the height of the Kustom movement is “Joanne’s Dream”. This remarkable automobile started life as a 1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 coupe and w...

Willy3411791Apr 23Apr 23
The new job

The new jobMy manager really believes in me. I feel an obligation to deliver. Keep in mind, I know absolutely nothing about automobile except, they are a method...

Palmfrond20411Apr 21Apr 22
She hates

She hatesMy daughter hates me. I left a Easter message. Last message in January. I'm not a great mom. I'm not a great person. I'm just a person trying to sur...

Palmfrond2256Apr 21Apr 22
Im conflicted

I'm conflictedI'm conflicted about the idea of getting emotionally involved with at man. There are sacrifices that must be made when one becomes half of a unit. L...

Palmfrond38926Mar 29Apr 19
The job

The jobMy mind is still blown that I got this job. It was the easiest employment attempt that I've ever done. They treated me like I was hired before I was...

Palmfrond28224Apr 11Apr 12
Out of work again

Out of work againBy my own decision. Sure, I'll get my gas shut off soon and be bathing by coffeemaker. At my age and with my experience, I couldn't step foot in tha...

Palmfrond29513Apr 7Apr 7
Oh what a beautiful morning

Oh what a beautiful morningA strong cup of black coffee, a cigarette and the film Deliverance. Add a faux fur blanket and my fancy balls, bliss....

Palmfrond20112Apr 6Apr 7
Blog mash up

Blog mash upShould women be allowed to back up into your home topless drinking Kombucha?...

Palmfrond28111Apr 5Apr 6

Voila!It's not everyone's taste but I hung my drapes with balls....

Palmfrond49064Apr 5Apr 6
The case of the missing drapes

The case of the missing drapesI'm my effort to beautify my home I bought 3 sets of drapes a few months ago. I took one of each out and hung them to see if I liked how they looked....

Palmfrond29336Apr 4Apr 5
You have to do good to feel good

You have to do good to feel goodThat was a line out of a movie. I thought about that a good while. So, I began to think, what can I do to feel good? Then, with baby steps, I began...

Palmfrond2249Apr 1Apr 2

StingShe sat in the woven chair A nest of sorts, she sat, sorting thoughts Her earrings dangling, casting light back to the sun He watched her, both con...

Palmfrond1262Apr 1Apr 2
WhatYouHadAndWha: "Martes II"(meet us in the blogs)

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