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The hot guy on the mattress

The hot guy on the mattressTonight i had a very my kind of handsome customer. I almost told him he looked like a Bradley Cooper/Jake Gyllenhaal combo. I shamelessly looked at hi...

Palmfrond95519 hrs ago18 hrs ago
My religion

My religionGreetings. I was messaging my very reliable colleague about how a mutual colleague suspects there may be something going on. I continued rambling whe...

Palmfrond21912Mar 2521 hrs ago

AlthoughAlthough it’s in the 30’s in my house, it’s the mid 40’s outside with the sun shining. I still have gas so I’ve brewed coffee on the stove and washed...

Palmfrond13714Apr 23Apr 23
Day 4

Day 4I have just endured day 4 of my company’s liquidation. Everyone is cranky. My associate in my department is now angry with me. A customer was there an...

Palmfrond1569Apr 22Apr 23

WHAT WOULD YOU DO?Let's say... one day you find out that you have an incurable disease and they will tell you that you don't have so much time left to live... Wha...

mariamarcela6,965203Mar 23Apr 22
My NEW American Automotive Corp Industry

My NEW American Automotive Corp - IndustryI believe I can get initial funding / investment from a Prince. I will have to squeeze out information to know how much the factory will cost. I hav...

LincolnsCousin450Apr 21

PowerMy cat purrs and climbs aboard. I ask him “do you like the rustic atmosphere?” My electric was disconnected 3 days ago for nonpayment lol-not. I’m...

Palmfrond1185Apr 20Apr 21
No comments

No commentsI am sick of the no comment blogs. Because of this, please leave a comment. Make it whatever. I choose to comment to someone not here F off and take...

Palmfrond34943Apr 15Apr 17
If you know me

If you know meIf you know me You may have known me Sad housewive Lonely housewife Lived 3 lives, 3 weddings, 2 children, 1 life Mine You have been lining roa...

Palmfrond1132Apr 15Apr 16
The strange need for companionship

The strange need for companionshipI’ve been thinking about something that was said to me. It has temporarily given me the idea to consider being a couple. No, there isn’t anyone known...

Palmfrond1936Mar 25Apr 14
Ring of fire

Ring of fireI fell into a burning rung of fire And it burned...

Palmfrond1025Apr 12Apr 13
Retail ramblings

Retail ramblingsI work in a retail environment, a department store. I know the atmosphere has changed over time, just as consumer travel has changed. There was a...

Palmfrond862Apr 12Apr 12
Profiles and innocence

Profiles and innocenceI joined a writing website to post my work. Unlike here, one must comment on other people’s work before posting. I’m new to the site and don’t know an...

Palmfrond41667Apr 11Apr 11
Even old people

Even old peopleEven old people get their hearts broken. The hurt seems to remain as severe as when I was in my twenties So, I make the assumption that love is...

Palmfrond35628Apr 9Apr 10
Not 1

Not #1So, since I am shameless, I shall update you on my recreational sex interest. I have transitioned to confidant/wing man To be continued in comm...

Palmfrond34527Apr 7Apr 9
NIne years

NIne yearsNine years I’ve known some of the characters here. I recovered my old email and read things I posted in 2009. I noticed, my life hasn’t change...

Palmfrond1369Apr 7Apr 7
Parsnips and old lace

Parsnips and old laceHe sat in the recliner, pretending to read a magazine His eyes peering over glossy pages Watching a feminine figure, dusting She bent down to po...

Palmfrond1302Apr 6Apr 6
Im off to work but

I’m off to work butTruly, why are you here? There are some good ones but always far away. There are profiles that stoke the fires Too far away to make fires real Why...

Palmfrond35415Feb 28Apr 5

PeoplePeople wonder why they don’t meet anyone. Maybe if you wrote to someone within a days and understand the and understand th...

Palmfrond30017Apr 2Apr 4
The leg over

The “leg over”The “leg over”, what is it and is it important? I heard this term today and although I can’t be certain, I have a pretty good idea what it is....

Palmfrond39445Apr 3Apr 4
Not a lot going on here so

Not a lot going on here soI’m posing a poem “Would you consider moving to Paris and being my model?” Said the poverty stricken American artist circa 1830 With nothing but w...

Palmfrond1201Mar 16Mar 31
Not a great day

Not a great dayAlthough I write a lot, some things get placed in a locked room. I don’t like to go in there. Today, the door is ajar with unwelcome feelings leaking...

Palmfrond15412Mar 30Mar 30
OMG Have you ever done this

OMG. Have you ever done this?Have you ever sent a personal email to the wrong recipient? Lol. I did. Just now. Waiting for any fallout. We work together tomorrow The subject...

Palmfrond40424Mar 19Mar 30
A Love poem

A “Love” poemIn case your Love battery is a little low You know that feeling...when an attractive person reminds you that you are an animal? Your body has a mi...

Palmfrond1001Mar 30Mar 30
A poem about being old for Ten

A poem about being old, for TenI comply, flexibly, like a willow He sweeps me over with gentle hands As if I am water, soft waves pushed I am his doll, for him to play with I tr...

Palmfrond24612Mar 12Mar 29

CatsuitHe bought her a catsuit He saw it while looking Something high-tinsel spandex A real Wonder f*ck Woman The man in the unassuming dress reached i...

Palmfrond1070Mar 29
The subject of age

The subject of ageThis crops up often. Chemistry and attraction trumps age. Sure, age is a starting point but like food, it doesn’t hurt to try new things to see if you...

Palmfrond32919Mar 17Mar 29
Rationing smokes

Rationing smokesAnd cranky about tomorrow has dramatically shortened my fuse. My usual forgiveness of the ignorant, evaporated tonight. 4 days to payday. The simple p...

Palmfrond1452Mar 27Mar 29
Whats it like

What’s it likeTo live in the USA? Probably similar to those living in other like countries. I will speak for myself using info shared by my family and coworkers....

Palmfrond2049Mar 28Mar 28
The game of cards

The game of cardsI am always searching for ways to make life more tolerable without succumbing to another romantic relationship. Without having to make a commitment bu...

Palmfrond59964Mar 24Mar 27
What to wear

What to wearAs we have kindly been reminded this is a freeeking Datong site, I must ponder If your date met you for the first time, what to wear? Men-in al...

Palmfrond54540Feb 28Mar 26

GloriousHe is a glorious man, if a mortal man could be Of blood, flesh and bone, alive He joins me with fluid physical energy I look into eyes, as if th...

Palmfrond1275Mar 24Mar 24
The professional

The professionalAs you know. I seem to be always looking for a job. In this case, my present employer filed bankruptcy and likely to close in a few months. This has...

Palmfrond1754Mar 22Mar 23
Of great concern

Of great concernI have been on and off C S since I joined. It seems like all my blogs are still here. What’s with that?...

Palmfrond29811Mar 21Mar 22
Love and settling even if you dont realize it

“Love” and settling even if you don’t realize itEver notice that? Like being in love makes certain shortcomings seem unimportant. Love seems to eclipse flaws in a coupling Only after a relat...

Palmfrond29218Mar 21Mar 22
My greatest muse

My greatest museA Morganluv pushed us together And I didn’t repel him Myself, delighted, as I typed away Far, far away, on beaches, in pubs My loneliness crushe...

Palmfrond1721Mar 20Mar 21

MelancholyFeeling sad, feeling more focused Feeling The Big Goodbye Although it was my wish And this new freedom energizes me The goodbye still manifest...

Palmfrond1278Mar 19Mar 19

DoveI found her Stretched out, as if she was leaping Her eyes, parted, still sparkled Her returning glance, stilled by death In shock, myself, still...

Palmfrond871Mar 12Mar 12

PoemIntertwined thoughts about intertwined limbs Flash images like a manic slide show Thoughts made present on the face A mask falls away, briefly...

Palmfrond17015Feb 24Mar 12
What a good lover does

What a good lover doesHeaving and out of breath from strenuous activities I giggle and marvel at the person next to me Out of breath from holding oxygen hostage while...

Palmfrond1784Feb 28Mar 12
Kind humans

Kind humansWhat forces me to survive, sometimes when I don’t want to? The amazing things I’ve experienced. Some would call it God, guardian angels, magic or ran...

Palmfrond1519Mar 11Mar 11
The record player

The record playerI feel like I should write something. . . I got a portable turntable Set it up by my crate of vinyl memories Voices singing, brings the click...

Palmfrond831Mar 8Mar 9

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