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Hair I know odd to bring up

Hair I know odd to bring up!Hair keeps you warm and feeling amazing at same time it also makes you fashionable. You dye, style it, even make it amazing and to point your envy to...

LuckyDuck2018301Jan 1724 hrs ago
jarred133-Jan 11

Do you have something uglyIf it was possible would you have something modified or removed A mole A scar A tattoo you regret Buck teeth I have "hairy balls"...

Onthcrestofawave25519Dec 9Dec 11
Onthcrestofawave26512Dec 3Dec 4

NormoPHILIA....verses all the other -------PHOBIAS, libs like to toss about etymologically incorrectly. Let's see. Trumpophilia. BrilliantPOTUSophilia. Moonbatophob...

Vierkaesehoch1216Nov 14Nov 23
Jewish women

Jewish womenWhy jewish girls and women are more sexy , beautiful and intelligent on this earth...................

only1life46135Nov 16Nov 20

TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL IRISH PEOPLE Can someone post this beautiful song for me please? Dedicated to ALL Irish People, wherever they are......

daniela7771,41197Dec 2017Oct 27
that old killer

that old killer...How could you leave ?!? The most beautifull woman SPIT too, I dont hate you because most of the time MEN teaches you to spit but, you normally lea...

runningshiva59-Oct 26

WOWMEN will be MEN INSIDE their DEN and WOMEN will be WOW WITHOUT the BRAIN...

runningshiva67-Oct 26

The approaching, national flag carrying, Soros supported, .....proto MS13 criminal, welfare add on, jump to the front of line, non English speaking, unskilled, diseased (5 drug resistant TB), arm in arm with ISIS/...

Vierkaesehoch21313Oct 22Oct 24

The Great Debate - Ginger or Mary Ann ???Ginger or Mary Ann? Who was the most beautiful girl on Gilligan's Island? The debate has raged on for 50 years. Let the voters of CS decide....

Willy341120811Oct 16Oct 16

The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan"The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan" …………….....

jarred1102-Oct 8
Watered down Characters

Watered down CharactersA person with dirty nails and a person with acrylic nails trying to hide the muck underneath. It looks great on top, but when you sneak a peek in si...

Lukeon48040Sep 9Oct 8
Harbal1,06285Sep 15Oct 2

Free SpeechTo a**ume, makes an a** out of you and me, but I'm not really allowed to say that on cs. If I wanted to write something about nature and refer to the...

Harbal33739Sep 29Sep 30

There’s a naked woman on my bedThere’s a naked woman on my bed, she’s looking very keen There’s a naked woman on my bed, the first there’s ever been There’s a naked woman on my be...

Harbal21815Sep 21Sep 21

what you like painting your toenails?......

M4_Mischief28119Jul 21Aug 19

Blooming...At last, I saw this flower blooming this morning, her long stern connecting with the flower looked like a long bugle, as I don't know the name of hers...

July0121965Jul 28Jul 29

what color....Do you think trump should paint his fingernails? and are you bored yet?...

M4_Mischief33315Jul 21Jul 28

Do you.....Paint designs on your fingernails or toenails?...

M4_Mischief1875Jul 21Jul 22

Do you paintJust your fingernails or your toes too?...

M4_Mischief1736Jul 21Jul 22

Can't You Live Without Makeup?It's less hand muscle work to apply and then remove your makeup, same day or a day after. Applying eyeshadow at times causes the fine particles to...

Unika_4156936Jun 17Jul 15
Lukeon37619Jul 4Jul 6
A fantasy

A fantasyWalking along the old tow path far from anyone, in a clearing when the lightning bolt strikes. My T-shirt is in tatters and a hole is burnt into my s...

Ken_192878Jun 16Jun 18

WHEN YOU CAN'T AFFORD 70EURO FOR A HAIRCUTJust looking at my hair, it's got long and scraggy with the sun. So am sick of going to my hairdressers and having to listen to drivel from the hairdr...

goldengloss62145Jun 9Jun 10
Harbal1,49976May 2018Jun 8

GarboGreta Lovisa Gustafsson... ....... . .. .... . .. .... . .... GG...

galrads387-May 25May 30
Gingers Redheads Strawberry blondes as promised

Gingers/Redheads/Strawberry blondes ~ as promised .Are we a superior Race? miclee and myself think so. Biff? anymore redheads out there on C.S.? I have done some research and it would seem, we are ce...

goldengloss88070May 2018May 28

For a very loving and soulful DanielaYour kindness and generosity is unequaled Your beauty is abound You are full of love and positive spirit You always make us stand in the high groun...

lindsyjones56337May 2018May 2018

A tribute to a very strong, highly opinionated, brilliant and beautiful Ms. WitchWe all know her She doesn't suffer fools She tells you when you are right And never patronize what is wrong Black or white you get it as it is Sh...

lindsyjones86546May 2018May 2018

HelloI guys today is my birthday so please wish me a happy birthday...

shandeen2946918Apr 2018May 2018

mesmerisedStrange how some simple photos can fascinate (me) This is the area (just West of Port Elizabeth) where lightening struck and killed more than 60 catt...

Lukeon55839Apr 2018Apr 2018
Are you racist

Are you racistDoes color matter Would you have fixed opinion of a male in pink...

ribabezvode30016Apr 2018Apr 2018

A Buddhist Prayer Of Forgiveness"If I have harmed anyone in any way, either knowingly, or unknowingly, through my own confusions, I ask for their forgiveness. If anyone has harme...

daniela77771547Mar 2018Mar 2018

Very fake newsNever Trump staffers of Muller, lots of the FBI and Justice Dept., and Chief Muller himself, have finally been able to drool over their indictments. M...

Vierkaesehoch3329Feb 2018Feb 2018

How Colourful Is Your Life?The Psychological Effects of Colour Why is colour such a powerful force in our lives? What effects can it have on our bodies and minds? While perc...

daniela7771,25897Feb 2018Feb 2018

YayI hate having mental illness. It f*ck with everything. I’m going to participate in a drug study. I’m very excited to feel better unless I’m in the pla...

Palmfrond48016Feb 2018Feb 2018
A Tao for today

A Tao for todayFrom the Monkey Mountain Remember even Monkeys fall out of the trees some times..

FLYJAMES1855Jan 2018Jan 2018

Are You Aware Of Your Surroundings?or... do you just take everything for granted? Where I live here in Spain, compared with where I lived previously in Northern Europe, it´s very dr...

daniela77771941Jan 2018Jan 2018

USA Government shutdow........would it were for years, and not days or weeks. V-Aa-A....

Vierkaesehoch2433Jan 2018Jan 2018

Our brilliant President's western Pennsyltucky rally.......with the usual adoring crowds of hard working people. All seeing the climbs in employment, wages, and money back from the IRS. The end to confisca...

Vierkaesehoch2595Jan 2018Jan 2018

Silly me.......should have seen it coming. The pundits and news culture of the left biased media now are trying to build a case for our brilliant President's high...

Vierkaesehoch34613Jan 2018Jan 2018
Willy3411: "Trump's shutdown trap?"(meet us in the blogs)

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