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TO ALL THE BEAUTIFUL IRISH PEOPLE Can someone post this beautiful song for me please? Dedicated to ALL Irish People, wherever they are......

daniela77760974Dec 2Dec 6
nonsmoker21110Dec 1Dec 3
Australia wins the world cup

Australia wins the world cupRugby league world champions 2017. So that's the end of it....

pat8lanips876Dec 2Dec 2

Miss universeI see Miss Africa took the crown , but is there really one woman who could claim such title ? Women from all over the world ? I do not turn the TV cha...

Annleerose33840Nov 28Nov 29
Cold urticaria what in tarnation

Cold urticaria, what in tarnation????For many years now I have experienced a breakout of spontaneous hives. It first started out as a tingling and weird itching and a "bump" like a mosqui...

Ed19411548Nov 14Nov 15
This blog kind of allows comments maybe for a bit

This blog kind of allows comments, maybe for a bitYou'd better be quick, and you'd better make it good. Because I'll delete it in a few hours most likely. And be polite.

pat8lanips1,01235Jan 2016Nov 8
She is intelligent sensitive very attractive

She is intelligent, sensitive, very attractive!She is European, as well as being intelligent and sensitive she is very attractive; I do not want to show myself as a subnormal who resorts to an old...

Huitzilopochtli1474Nov 4Nov 5
Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty !The following photos are not mine. I stumbled upon them and just wanted to share the natural beauty of the aurora borealis with you. If you lik...

JimNastics1292Oct 29Oct 29
My walk between the humans

My walk between the humansI live in a small village. I need 5 minutes of walk to work. I even do not have my own car here. I use the company car only when I need, mostly for wo...

Swami27221Oct 17Oct 18
Lets get physical

Lets get physical...I have had 3 e-mails in the last week commenting on my blue eyes... So why is it only the physical aspect that is attractive And how do you re...

oldblue5426215Oct 12Oct 13

Women´s Worth.When God created woman, he was working late on the 6th day, and an angel came by and said… ANGEL: “why spend so much time on that one?” GOD: “...

daniela77764448Sep 24Sep 25
Why do we say the truth will set you free

Why do we say "the truth will set you free" ?And yet when you tell someone the truth they prefer to hear a big fat lie?...

oldblue541,08579Sep 17Sep 19
Does your face suit you

Does your face suit you?ever think beautiful people have ugly faces and beautiful people have ugly personalities??? sadly i think so often that's the case around here, howev...

itchywitch65927Sep 1Sep 13
FK Your Ugly

FK Your UglyThat was a message I woke up to on Facebook today...

Track1642013Aug 22Sep 3
Love Tunes

Love TunesDoes love still exist in your heart and love tunes surrounds in your ears , your breath still feel the scent of the love you lost ?...

ali1102105Aug 28Sep 3
Its an age thing

Its an age thingAlways had and loved long, its a girly thing i guess ... but these past few years, i tend to be looking for the shorter ones so lately, its shorter I...

itchywitch71341Aug 26Sep 3
So whats your excuse for breaking the rules

So what's your excuse for breaking the rulesYour PRIMARY photo must be of YOU and show YOUR face clearly. Photos of celebrities, clip art, joke pics, bare torsos, or cartoons will be deleted. N...

oldblue5438415Aug 26Aug 27
blog up

blog upto give you a pleasure..... chicory, my favorite flower, grows in my garden was very surprised when saw a white one, which is really rare he...

bloodyawfull3369Aug 25Aug 26
the world turns

the world turnsAll my life I have wanted this Rotato. I have long dreamed of it; I am beside myself thinking of the moments it could make possible. Sometimes I dre...

eeejay21810Aug 23Aug 23
On Beauty

On BeautyWhat is Beauty? Diffrent peopple have diffrent view on this topic. In my opinion Beauty is everywhere in life. From the clothes , food ,habi...

Unknown67713May 2016Aug 20

Makeup tips for cheeseAs with any makeup a good foundation is required, my choice is the L’Oréal True match blendable foundation as its great with your cheeses oily or dry...

Mapmaker68164Aug 18Aug 19

VINEGARI GOT VINEGAR IN MY EYE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...

manofvalues1745Jul 6Jul 6
Karma and a litttle snapping turtle

Karma.....and a litttle snapping turtle.Of course it has profound meanings in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. But in everyday parlance, we hear things like "what goes around---comes around"....

Aaltarboy1765Jul 4Jul 5
one self

one' selfits quite impossible to describe one's self. i won't even try But.. its not about dancing in the the lash of lightning blinded by its li...

giniwinn106-Jul 2

Roll Call...Where the heck is everybody? I know a few are in CS jail but who are currently booked in there? MY, Scott, Johnny, GG, CC , 10er ? About time to fr...

Crazyheart381,418116Jun 7Jun 8
Little things in life that render us amazed

Little things in life that render us amazed.....and totally grateful. While tending to my manly toilet in the downstairs bathroom, the window of which looks onto a healthy apple tree, ceteris parabu...

Aaltarboy1786Jun 2Jun 2
Smelling like a rose

Smelling like a roseYears ago when I was young, Best Beloved, there was a series of ads for a deodorant called Impulse. If you used it, the ad promised, handsome men woul...

Elegsabiff74862May 30May 31

SoapWhat soap do your u use in the bath , and what's your favourite soap?...

ali11028322May 27May 27

LoveDo you miss the word " I love You " in your life ?...

ali11023117May 16May 17
Sey commercials Remember

Se*y commercials? Remember?OK here goes, I lost my best friend my birdie. And apparently lost communication with someone I very much talking to. He is MIA! Been a few days. That...

Jao19612663Apr 28Apr 29
How does she sleep at night

How does she sleep at nightCertainly not on her back i'm sure i'm sure you have seen it? everyone has Kims mighty big azz But weather your admiring it or shocked by it i...

itchywitch62232Nov 2014Apr 27
Hello to everyone

Hello to everyone !!!!!I'm back again in this site after 2 years hopefully I can find my real soulmate I'm so happy to meet new respectfull people :)...

gracemartin2278Apr 13Apr 15
Its the Teeth problem again and I am looking for genuine someone in the know advise

It's the Teeth problem again..... and I am looking for genuine, someone in the know, adviseSome weeks ago, I shared something, which for me, is extremely embarrassing. Through no neglect, but bad luck, health etc., I have to have teeth...

goldengloss46028Apr 12Apr 13

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testingnd8899724012Mar 21Mar 21
beauty and truth

beauty and truthbeauty is of two types physical and spritual,just as truth has two faces- good or bad...

zydee112-Mar 19

THE TITLEBe who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind...

skaligsm1252Mar 18Mar 18

Im gonnahide in here for a bit If stones start flying over the wall don't blame me...

nonsmoker66162Mar 15Mar 16
Women in the military

Women in the military....with MOS of land combat arms. Lets face it, oh ye brilliant bloggers, sure, any wench can fly a fighter jet, sit in the con seat of a modern submarine...

Aaltarboy23014Mar 4Mar 5
Sexy politics

Sexy politicsand I must say damn......

Seri201635219Mar 1Mar 2
Brunettes seem to be having a good day

Brunettes seem to be having a good day..Real blondes are very rare, real blondes with blonde that stays blonde into adulthood are even rarer, it is a specific gene that isnot as strong as th...

goldengloss32722Feb 21Feb 22

why have the blogsgone all abstract again. Have I missed something, Should I put it down to the Mandela effect or just try brush off the feeling of being a stranger...

nonsmoker47331Feb 18Feb 19

LocationWhat would you say about the city / Town or area you live in ? Are you happy and satisfied ? Or would u like to relocate ?...

ali11025920Feb 16Feb 17
Dunhinda: "I am safe "(meet us in the ecards)

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