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JAG Convicts Bill Ayers on Charges of Seditious Conspiracy :Military Tribunals and ArrestsTruth always finds its high ground. There have been many arrests all social media remains silent. Read Bo’s disinformation blog. CEO of Pfizer a...

seaworthy6,168213Nov 6May 17
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Swamie31528Mar 3May 16
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‘Eureka!’.. ‘Eureka!’7 years back.... i started my own project i struggeled a lot.... because my project required going to jungles like places for.... seeds... of s...

teenameena86-Apr 27Go to Last Post

LADIES SKIN TIGHT LEGGINGSHave you noticed this fashion that mainly young ladies have adopted. Skin tight leggings that look as though they have been sprayed on. How do they ha...

CROWNAFFAIR1,337119Apr 22Apr 26
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Four down , six to goThe bald pig is pulling the pin . Good to see the rubbish is thinning out ....

epirb34613Sep 2021Feb 24
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Set for happinessTwo bottles of water, some nuts and an apple…and I’m good to go. The skies are grey, the rocks are grey, the water is grey, the middle of November....

Tulefell21813Nov 13Nov 13
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Why Should Only Gals Have All The Fun

Why Should Only Gals Have All The Fun !!MEN ... They are doing so much hard works all day long .. So that they can Take Care of their Loved ones ... Then why can't they Take Care of...

Tanzila24919Nov 6Nov 6
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YestermeToday is chilly, overcast and essentially a bit dreary. However, yesterday, ah yesterday, was mostly sunny and the autumn foliage was near peak. In...

JimNastics2318Nov 2Nov 4
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Do you paint

Do you paintJust your fingernails or your toes too?...

M4_Mischief70223Jul 2018Oct 11
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JimNastics42812Sep 2021Sep 27
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AbundanceBe open to receive. You ever experienced so much love and light. the moment when nothing and no one disturb than inner peace.'s like spr...

Cinderellacpt1871Aug 2021Aug 2021
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EmotionalThe other day I went to the nearest Lidl for groceries. Nothing dramatic: some fruits and… fruits. Would be a usual day and nothing to write home abou...

Tulefell24313Aug 2021Aug 2021
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Its a beautiful morning

It's a beautiful morning.Here the heat wave is over, as temperatures decreased overnight and will not reach 90 F. today. However, summer is far from over, with more than a...

JimNastics1402Aug 2021Aug 2021
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Inadvertant Multilayer Scamming

Inadvertant Multilayer ScammingWe have all seen attempts at scamming many times. Typically, the scammer steals photos of a good looking person and tries to bait the legitimate dati...

JimNastics1880Aug 2021Go to Last Post

The BEAUTY & The BEASTWhenever it comes to talk about Beauty , people often say , "Inner Beauty" or "Beauty lies in Beholder's eyes" or "Don't Judge a book by it's Cover" e...

Tanzila25613Jul 2021Jul 2021
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Gorgeous for 3 foot 7 lol

Gorgeous....... for 3 foot 7" lol She sells "woman wears" and somehow doesn't really look like a "Pacific Islander" nor a "Blond...

JimNastics2686Jul 2021Jul 2021
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BeautyAll World is Beautiful Beauty Lies In Eyes of Beholder Some of Us Like Mountains Some like Sea Side Beaches Some Like Greenery So...

timotie28611Jun 2021Jun 2021
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Photo All 9 Nude

Photo - All 9 NudeWarning ! Not everyone will be pleased to see this sort of photo, especially since 9 are involved, AND not one has any clothes. Others of you, will...

JimNastics3675Jun 2021Jun 2021
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what color

what color....Do you think trump should paint his fingernails? and are you bored yet?...

M4_Mischief75719Jul 2018May 2021
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ReturnThe perfect place: so much space and light and air at once, felt like I came out from a prison. A perfect day: no wind within the fiord; no waves, saf...

Tulefell2196May 2021May 2021
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She is intelligent sensitive very attractive

She is intelligent, sensitive, very attractive!She is European, as well as being intelligent and sensitive she is very attractive; I do not want to show myself as a subnormal who resorts to an old...

Huitzilopochtli6045Nov 2017May 2021
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Dayum !!Former Baywatch actress Donna D'Errico at age 53

JimNastics61129Apr 2021Apr 2021
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Another day on the sea+5 C, cloudy and 2 m/s SW, which guarantees an event free paddling tour, but yesterday was windy, so the sea was rather choppy. The usual baby-sit...

Tulefell2170Feb 2021Go to Last Post

Eyes onSometimes you feel the smell first. Top note: a lot of freshly chopped cucumbers, base note: fish oil. And if you slowly circle the place, it just mig...

Tulefell2281Jan 2021Jan 2021
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Last songBeen and paddled on 24th of December. Supposed to be a merry rainbow flotilla of five kayaks, mais none. Only us two chickens, boss… well, not rea...

Tulefell2868Jan 2021Jan 2021
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Eye candyBeen and paddled. 3 h 9 min; 10.04 km; 1042 kcal according to spy app. Saw an eagle, for the second time in this fjord. Is it a young couple trying...

Tulefell1980Dec 2020Go to Last Post

Looks like the stolen election, VERY stolen, will likely........... soon be on its way to the 5 to 4, or 6 to 3 SCOTUS,---in spite of what the MSN and the few wacko syndromics here have been droning on about. Soo...

Vierkaesehoch1,231104Nov 2020Dec 2020
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Brilliant, 'ucking 'effing BRILLIANT! terms of both tactics, and...political strategery, Eh?. Sure, now there's enough evidence, with a quarter of the Presidential, VERY POTUS, suits NOT dismissed, so as to prompt r...

Vierkaesehoch48426Dec 2020Dec 2020
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To dye or not to dye

To dye or not to dye...I have a friend, who is a very nice gentleman... He is in his sixties... And he dyes his hair... A few days ago, he said he had to dye it again, becau...

Melody16711,459-Oct 2020Oct 2020
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The latest nomination ....and confirmation, Associate Justice of the SCOTUS! HARD, VERY hard, to keep big little Vierk from snapping to attention just at the thought. Or the dream. Looks li...

Vierkaesehoch2351Sep 2020Sep 2020
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Yes even the ueber left politically compromised BEEB is reporting that there is certainly an adequate number of Republican Senators to confirm the...

Vierkaesehoch2292Sep 2020Sep 2020
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Dongg37626Sep 2020Sep 2020
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Did you get the money...?big big big question folks..............i hide my money in the bank...

pedro272572Aug 2020Aug 2020
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K. Harris-great choice,...For the reelection of President Trump, that is. Let us count the evidence based reasons. As with the last do little for his "people", much less for h...

Vierkaesehoch55735Aug 2020Aug 2020
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Oz and the people of the Dream Time....detention, and so much more....3 % of the adult population, and 25% of that of youth in corrections. 50% of all the youth in detention are these ur residents of Captain Cook's felon...

Vierkaesehoch48718Jul 2020Aug 2020
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Is the twitter on holiday?no more posts from him? anyone knw ?.....................................

pedro272920Jul 2020Go to Last Post

The skinny on the November elections.......To quote Alfred E. Newman, "What, me worry?" And it's true, I think the Don's strategy of doubling down to the faithful, and to those many million...

Vierkaesehoch4301Jul 2020Jul 2020
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fdsfsafdsafdsafdsa fds afdsafdsa fds afdsa fdsfdsa fds afdsa fdsfdsa fds afdsa fdsfdsa fds afdsa fdsfdsa fds afdsa fdsfdsa fds afdsa fdsfdsa fds afdsa fdsfdsa fds a...

testingnd8899767413Mar 2017Jun 2020
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The humble compost pile....and being so easily amused......Every now and again, I turn over the stuff I've placed in my compost shed, and there's probably close to enough to cover the garden next year with...

Vierkaesehoch3991Jun 2020Jun 2020
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Thouroughly planned dayEffortlessness takes preparation. Therefore I fill bottles with fresh water beforehand. Thus prepared… ...just to discover myself sitting in a traf...

Tulefell2952May 2020May 2020
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Beauty tips throughout lock down

Beauty tips throughout lock down...Not sure about some of you ladies out there but I'm missing some of my vanity/beauty treats Anyways moving on, I've decided to do/try some at ho...

CelticRose721,249-May 2020May 2020
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do u believe in angles?is it possible for angel to live? 333...

pedro2769833May 2020May 2020
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