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10 Photos sky high

53940Jan 2021Sep 1213 hrs ago

US Judge rules that Case against Trump can move forward in Court

Today from Reuters; U.S. judge rules Trump cannot stop rape accuser's lawsuit from proceeding[/s...
54041Sep 2021Aug 20227 hrs ago

Joke of the day - doors

I remember way back when I was a teenager. One time my girlfriend and I broke up. In an effort to comfort me, my uncle told me; "When one door clos...
43130Jun 2021Aug 2022Sep 10

Sick as a dog. Indeed, sicker than most dogs. :)

When I went to bed last night at about 11 pm, total exhaustion had taken over. It was like I was a character in a Kafka story and got turned into a sl...
1,02150Sep 2009Jul 2022Sep 18

Dow Jones doing excellent since Biden took office, very steadily up

576130Aug 2021Jun 202217 hrs ago

"Whoa ! You might have coronavirus."

Or suggest your own photo caption for the following photo. Have fun.
67970Mar 2020May 2022Sep 17

A VERY interesting article published BEFORE Trump's meeting with Putin

Please read the whole article before commenting. Here's the link;
72991Sep 2018May 2022Sep 21

Donald Trump is a .......

Perhaps by now you've heard of the "Twitter meltdown" Donald Trump had immediately after the announcement that Obama won last night. He...
1,208161Nov 2012Apr 2022Sep 17

I got vaccinated against the virus yesterday.

Yep, after my 'infamous' walk to the store yesterday (see other blog), I went to a pharmacy and got vaccinated. This was not my first one either. We...
676240Aug 2020Apr 2022Sep 20

On Twitter

This one was actually published last year. But in some ways, I think it may be even more appropriate in the near future. Enjoy....
50600Oct 2019Jan 2022Sep 9

If only he had listened and followed directions

From The New Yorker; Satire from The Borowitz Report America’s Teachers Urge Trump to Use Time at Home to Repeat First Gra...
37910May 2020Jan 2022Sep 24

Some very good news on the Covid-19 vaccine front

Trials involving 500 people in the UK given a vaccine developed by Oxford University produced BOTH antibodies and T-cell reactions. Antibodies help...
532130Jul 2020Jan 2022Sep 12

Slow beat & Fast Guitar. Lots of Whiskey Blues for you

Perhaps you are in pain, having lost a loved one, to cancer, another woman, a virus...
445110Nov 2021Dec 2021Sep 20

Happy Thanksgiving to all !

54040Nov 2021Dec 2021Sep 20

"I only have eyes for you"

"Here's looking at you kid" What ? Was there something e...
64040Nov 2021Dec 202112 hrs ago

Omicron has arrived in the USA

A traveler from South Africa to California last week recently tested positive for the Omicron variant. He is self isolating and so far all contacts a...
365-0Dec 2021Dec 2021Sep 22

Yesterday President Biden signs 4 new bills to help Veterans and the families of Veterans.

Effectively and without too much fanfare, Biden is helping getting it done. From The Hill; Bide...
390-1Dec 2021Dec 2021Sep 23

Stock market Amazing since Biden's election. The best in MANY decades !

5 Year chart of the S & P 500; 5 Year chart of the Dow Jones...
325-0Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 22

Biden is Succeeding at helping the USA citizens long term

Sure, Biden hasn't been perfect. He's made some mistakes. However, he inherited a terrible mess from the previous "so-called" president, and has in...
410-1Nov 2021Nov 202117 hrs ago

A New Era of Accountability on the Horizon

It's good to see when liars are held accountable for the damages they cause. Hopefully, that accountability will finally reach the online b.s. ers....
289-2Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 23

Apparently, some NJ bears are a lot more polite than others.

Julia Marnin Fri, November 26, 2021, 10:55 AM [c...
40300Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 23

President Kamala Harris

It happened today. President Biden transferred power to VP Harris. True, that the transfer of power was only temporary, while President Biden und...
57551Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 20

Live Northeast Florida Bald Eagle CAM

Peek in when you feel like a ringside nest view;...
41710Nov 2021Nov 202115 hrs ago

Autumn Leaves

First of all, here's some background music to click on to listen to while you enjoy the rest of the blog;
41900Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 20

Some Very Good Snow

You're invited to partake in sampling one of the best unique voices in our lifetime. She has an incredibly accurate range and can switch vibrato on...
46050Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 22

The most Dangerous Tree in the World, resides in Florida

Just 'great' ! If the venomous snakes, Trumpers, gators, fire ants, anti-vaccers, sharks, horrible governor decisions, moray eels, and gun toting r...
671120Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 21

Gaetzgate - It will take some time. But it appears that Matt G. will be spending a long time in jail

There hasn't been a lot published on the progress of the prosecution of Matt Gaetz for his alleged s*xual crimes. However, this doesn't mean there ha...
47840Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 20

Alex Jones - Guilty 4 times over !

Today from The Associated Press; Alex Jones found liable for defamation in Sandy Hook 'hoax' case[/...
40220Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 23

Genetically, Only a Small Percentage of Humans is Uniquely Human

Perhaps the variation in the amount that the individual has, helps explain why SOME people behave less human. From ScienceNews;...
494200Nov 2021Nov 202118 hrs ago

Alarming interference of the CDC's ability to communicate to the public by Trump Administration

Today from Rolling Stone; Newly Released Documents Show Exactly How Trump Admin. Undermined CDC During Pandemic...
23420Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 22

Our Second Moon....sort of.

It turns out, that in addition to the moon we all see, there is another celestial body that oddly orbits the Earth a bit. From Time; [siz...
27720Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 23

Peter White acoustic guitar songs a generous youtube playlist

Amazingly, someone on Youtube linked together a playlist of over 100 songs by acoustic guitarist Peter White. Peter lays down subtle complex acoustic...
257-0Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 18

Covid-19 deaths getting redder and redder, Increasing in the red counties and states.

After the Covid-19 vaccines arrived, there is greater and increasing difference in the death rates of people who reside in red states and red counti...
29710Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 31

Third Roger Stone ex-aide subpoenaed by Mueller today.

This is the third former Roger Stone aide subpoenaed by Mueller. He is likely onto the trail of something that smells very bad. In the N...
61501Jun 2018Nov 2021Sep 3

Congrats to Atlanta and their fans

Tonight the Atlanta Braves won the 'World' Series, beating Houston 4 games to 2. It was only the second time that the Atlanta Braves won the champio...
36550Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 17


Today is chilly, overcast and essentially a bit dreary. However, yesterday, ah yesterday, was mostly sunny and the autumn foliage was near peak. In...
41680Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 17

The Loss of Power to corrupt

Excellent article from The Huffington Post this morning; Trump May Be About To Learn That Being Ex-President...
31601Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 24

Ariana Grande

Like you've never seen her before I figured she might be a little 'green behind the ears', but....
49850Oct 2021Oct 2021Sep 24

A Happy Halloween

35320Oct 2021Oct 2021Sep 6

About my date last night

Without going into too many details, when she opened her front door and I saw what she was wearing, lets just say, that I was..... totally spellb...
49310Oct 2021Oct 2021Sep 24

Some Halloween Pranks from last year

28200Oct 2021Oct 2021Sep 18

Personal & Societal Irresponsibility has consequences, which should include financial responsibility

Letters to the editor from the Houston Chronicle; 'Enough is enough' - unvaccinated should face financial co...
1,955920Sep 2021Oct 202120 hrs ago

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