It seems, that some people are somehow unaware, that if you are drunk or high, YOU are still the one who is responsible for YOUR behavior....
53802 hrs ago29 mins ago6 mins ago

Photo Caption Contest - See Turtle :) (Yes, pun was intended)

Just for fun (you do remember having fun don't you ?), add your own appropriate caption(s) for the following photo; h...
337180May 818 hrs ago57 mins ago

A VERY interesting article published BEFORE Trump's meeting with Putin

Please read the whole article before commenting. Here's the link;
5321Sep 21Sep 213 hrs ago

This will change everything !

Presenting the...... . . . . Tear
9060Sep 20Sep 2110 hrs ago

Sex, Lies & Videotape

Well, actually there's no videotape, thank goodness. Stormy Daniels has a new book due to c*m out soon. No. Really. However, I...
205210Sep 18Sep 2021 hrs ago

The most unethical president

Today in the Washington Post; Donald Trump's failing grade on ethics Chris Cillizza Analysis by Chris Cillizza, CNN Editor-at-large...
10681Sep 19Sep 2010 hrs ago

"...the single worst development in Donald Trump's life.."

Some people just don't realize the extreme significance of the recent court findings. Every single one of Trump's team that has been charged so far h...
13572Sep 17Sep 1922 hrs ago

"Crazytown" - "Trump off the rails". from Bob Woodward's new book, 'Fear', out in a week or so

Bob Woodward From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Robert Upshur Woodward (born March 26, 1943) is an American investigative journalist...
932870Sep 5Sep 183 hrs ago

So you think you can judge

Trevor Noah's hilarious take on the ongoing Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Day 1; [/youtu...
295361Sep 7Sep 1715 hrs ago

Extraordinary Gee-tar.

9161Sep 14Sep 16Sep 21

Breaking News, which is Real Bad News for Trump !

The stage is becoming quite set for the impeachment of Dirty Don Trump. More & more things are in place for his removal. Recently, his former atto...
17291Sep 14Sep 1515 hrs ago

Should Trump be impeached now, before the Mueller report ? Some constitutional lawyers say "Yes".

Trump is not only officially the worst US president in history, but he also is in violation of the constitution. Indeed, lawyers have found at leas...
220182Sep 13Sep 1410 hrs ago

Trevor Noah on Trump & hurricanes

As we count down the hours before Hurricane Florence touches down on the mideastern USA coast, Trump starts bragging about what a good job he did with...
13490Sep 12Sep 1310 hrs ago

So, how's the dating site working out for you ?

452240Aug 11Sep 1212 hrs ago

Art imitates life, or life imitates art ?

Today in The New York Daily News; Author of 'How to Murder Your Husband' arrested for allegedly killing her husband By STORM...
6320Sep 12Sep 12Sep 22

Well, here's something you don't see every day.

Florida has been invaded by Burmese pythons as the result of an intense storm that accidently freed these captive pets near the Everglades years ago....
210130Aug 14Sep 12Sep 22

Ghosting your date, can be illegal !

I recall a couple of former blogs on here recounting "ghosting" as a method to deal with a date, that wasn't quite up to expectations. One seemed to...
9991Sep 12Sep 12Sep 21

Kinky Sex

Yeah, it's happened. I remember a time during doggie style, when my girlfriend at the time on her knees, twisted her head to look back at me....
11700Sep 10Sep 103 hrs ago

Chocolate Coins

Remember those mesh bags of chocolate coins we got as kids ?
154170Sep 9Sep 10Sep 22

Addmittedly silly & sophomoric. Not one of his best. But good for a chuckle nonetheless.

The newest satire from Andy Borowitz Satire from The Borowitz Report Trump Demands to Know Who Put “Entering Crazytown” Sign on Oval O...
336270Sep 8Sep 957 mins ago

Wow ! From a senior Trump official published yesterday in The NY Times

I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed...
494440Sep 6Sep 89 hrs ago

Burt Reynolds - died today at age 82.

Burt Reynolds, one of Hollywood’s most popular leading men during the ’70s and early ’80s with such films as “Deliverance,” “Smokey and the...
10850Sep 6Sep 77 mins ago

Lots of all dressed up and no place to go.

This morning I was to coach & play for an all-star team I put together to win the New Jersey State Championship. The team I played on last year won i...
9720Aug 18Sep 5Sep 22

Say "Hello !" Jetsons !

Some of you may remember the kid's cartoon, 'The Jetsons'. It was a cartoon that depicted your average American family in the far future. Anyone w...
8530Sep 5Sep 519 mins ago

Drain the swamp ? Trump has polluted the swamp with toxic waste

From the Huffington Post It’s Not Just Robert Mueller. President Donald Trump Faces Six Separate Investigations And Lawsuits. Pro...
418242Sep 3Sep 411 hrs ago

Trump's disapproval rating hits all time high & 1/2 of the USA urges impeachment.

Trump, officially the worst US president in history, is increasingly being recognized by the public as such. With the recent wave of guilty pleas and...
731591Aug 31Sep 335 mins ago

Photo Caption Contest - Bear Chalet

If you like, have some fun adding your own caption(s) for the following photo; My fir...
214200Aug 29Sep 319 hrs ago

Florida 'stand your ground' parking lot murderer finally charged with manslaughter

You may recall a blog from a couple of weeks which posted a video showing a man confronting the wife and child of another man in the parking lot of a...
306270Aug 14Sep 21 hrs ago

You never know !

Smart answer, smart alec, or XXXtra credit ?...
12491Sep 1Sep 1Sep 21

Another day, another Russian tie, another guilty plea, more cooperation with Mueller

Manafort associate admits paying Trump inauguration $50,000 in Ukrainian cash The Telegraph Agence France-Presse,The Telegraph 10...
5521Sep 1Sep 1Sep 20

Monday Monday

Add your own favorites, if you like.
158160Aug 27Aug 28Sep 22

"Flock of Felons" & The countdown to impeachment has begun.

Today in the Independent; Donald Trump told 'the countdown to impeachment has already started Tom Embury-Dennis, The Independ...
476180Aug 24Aug 259 mins ago

Guilty, guilty, 8 times over. Jailbirds of a feather, might be imprisoned together.

It is a big day in the world of court news. The verdicts are in. Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort thus far, is found guilty...
536420Aug 21Aug 25Sep 21

Blind faith, one of the dangers of religion

Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report 6 PA Catholic dioceses, 301 'predator priests, and over 1,000 victims and no prosecutions The report desc...
12850Aug 23Aug 24Sep 21

Worst India flood storms in over century kill several hundred people and leave over 800,000 homeless

India Flooding Kills Hundreds, Drives More than 800,000 from Homes in Kerala State By less than an hour ago Associat...
158130Aug 20Aug 21Sep 20

Yet another Trump presidential campaign worker, working on behalf of the Russians

Last night in the 'Daily Beast'; Trump Staffer Tried to Recruit Lobbyists for Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich Once he worked to get D...
315221Aug 16Aug 2128 mins ago

For your entertainment - holy smoke !

Prior to the start of a Chicago White Sox game, Sister Mary Jo takes the mound, does a ball trick and then paints the outside corner with the ceremon...
7030Aug 19Aug 19Sep 18

Pence's one man parade in honor of Trump (Satire from Andy Borowitz)

Perhaps you are aware of the controversy surrounding the Hitler-like military parade that Trump wants to begin. For one thing, some estimate the c...
14250Aug 17Aug 18Sep 20

Some terrific irony in the newest Borowitz column

I'm not sure, if you are aware of the current feud between Dirty Don and his former aide, Omarosa. But, if you like, you can catch up with this video...
33831Aug 13Aug 1523 mins ago

Space Force - the gay frontier lol

Few people are better at duping the public than Donald Trump. Whether it's tales about how Mexico is going to pay for a giant wall, or how he's goi...
382331Aug 10Aug 141 hrs ago

"If you wish upon a star, doesn't matter who you are..."

But, if you want to see shooting stars (i.e. to wish upon), you may want to look to the north eastern sky tonight. It is the peak night for the Per...
162131Aug 12Aug 13Sep 18

Seriously, who needs you ?

Look, I can do this without you. You are just slowing me down. I know how to do this and win. Just watch me. https...
15130Aug 9Aug 10Sep 22

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