Gaetzgate - It will take some time. But it appears that Matt G. will be spending a long time in jail

There hasn't been a lot published on the progress of the prosecution of Matt Gaetz for his alleged s*xual crimes.
However, this doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot of progress. Indeed, quite the contrary.
The mass of evidence provided by his crony has been unexpected and requires a lot of follow-up.

From Vanity Fair;

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After he's gone that will be one less GOP nut. Maybe Boebert and Margie Q. Green will undercut their positions in Congress too.

It's not like the GOP have any agenda anymore.

They are just anti everything. Not one of them is interested in doing any productive work.
Well, there are some that are willing to work on behalf of the best interests of the public, and there are others that are simply obstructionists. I think they should be judged on their individual behavior, rather than paint such a broad stroke. Certainly the ones you mentioned (and some others) should be voted out as soon as possible.
I stand by my earlier comment about GOP. The GOP punishes those who don't fall in line with their obstructionism, and is chasing some of them out of the party, like Kinzinger and Gonzalez, who voted to impeach Trump.

Liz Cheney is being punished yet again for calling out the insurrection, with the Wyoming GOP now refusing to even recognize her as a Republican. She will not support the Big Lie and that is unacceptable to them.

All 13 GOP who voted for Biden's infrastructure bill are now at risk of being stripped of committee assignments, and their GOP colleagues are mulling other possible punishments for them -- because they voted for bridge and road improvements, broadband and so on. Some of these legislators are getting death threats.

McConnell and McCarthy understand that Biden won fairly but would rather sweep the GOP corruption, gaslighting, schemes, and the insurrection under the rug. Their focus is on undermining Biden at every turn.

The GOP has undertaken to suppress voting because the more people vote, the more likely dems are to win. GOP has invented culture wars to further divide people. CRT is not taught in public schols but the GOP is stirring up parents to believe that and be worried about it. And there is no war on Christmas!

The GOP is anti-science, anti vaxx, anti-mask, and does not want to address climate change or the environment. They are still in thrall to the worst president ever, and until that changes, they represent a serious threat to our Constitutional republic.
I totally agree with all that you've said.
However, again, it is not all of the GOP.
Lets put the blame on the ones who do behave badly.
Best to keep you where we can see you
and if we can't to keep lunch down, it's best to keep you, where we can't see you. NZ will do.
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