Gaetzgate - It will take some time. But it appears that Matt G. will be spending a long time in jail

There hasn't been a lot published on the progress of the prosecution of Matt Gaetz for his alleged s*xual crimes.
However, this doesn't mean there hasn't been a lot of progress. Indeed, quite the contrary.
The mass of evidence provided by his crony has been unexpected and requires a lot of follow-up.

From Vanity Fair;

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After he's gone that will be one less GOP nut. Maybe Boebert and Margie Q. Green will undercut their positions in Congress too.

It's not like the GOP have any agenda anymore.

They are just anti everything. Not one of them is interested in doing any productive work.
I totally agree with all that you've said.
However, again, it is not all of the GOP.
Lets put the blame on the ones who do behave badly.
Best to keep you where we can see you
and if we can't to keep lunch down, it's best to keep you, where we can't see you. NZ will do.
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