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"It's time for Trump's attorneys to negotiate a plea bargain" - Richard Painter, GWB ethics attorneyThere are at least 6 ongoing investigations involving Donald Trump and likely several more, that have not yet been made public. He is already implic...

JimNastics3022 hrs ago54 mins ago

2,500-Year-Old Chariot Found - Complete with Rider And HorsesA chariot dating back to the Iron Age has been discovered in Yorkshire, making it the second time in two years there has been such a discovery. The...

Willy3411553Dec 15Dec 15

Judge Nap on Seriousness of Cohen CaseIf you're in the camp that the President isn't in any real legal jeopardy with the Cohen case then you may want to check out this video. For the mome...

LargeCurves30414Dec 14Dec 15

Mueller looks to interview Trump in personToday in the Huffington Post 12/15/2018 12:36 am ET Robert Mueller Is Pressing To Interview Trump After President’s Written Answers: CNN...

JimNastics210Dec 15
JimNastics614Dec 14Dec 14
Track1616412Dec 11Dec 14

Breaking News ! Russian agent, Maria Butina, cops plea deal with prosecutorsToday in The Huffington News; 12/10/2018 08:05 pm ET Accused Russian Agent Maria Butina Reaches Plea Deal With Federal Prosecutors: Reports...

JimNastics12011Dec 10Dec 13

More breaking news 9/7/2018 Michael Cohen to get at least 4 years in prison - Russian involvementToday from the Associated Press US: Trump lawyer met Russian offering 'political synergy' Associated Press CHAD DAY, ERIC TUCKER and JIM MU...

JimNastics30628Dec 7Dec 12

Shooting in Strasbourg, France - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGEShooting in Strasbourg, France - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE...

jarred152-Dec 11
Track16892Dec 10Dec 11

Sabotaging our immigration lawsWhy do these illegal immigrants feel like we, the Americans owe them the right to sabotage our laws and have the right to come here illegally? Who...

lindsyjones62966Nov 25Dec 11

It's even worse than most suspected ! At least 14 of Trump's team contacted RussiansToday in The Washington Post; Russians interacted with at least 14 Trump associates during the campaign and transition Federal prosecutors fil...

JimNastics452Dec 9Dec 9

Trump says Saudi Explanation "Credible"Trump says the Saudi explanation of the death of Khashoggi is Credible. Makes sense to me. Anyone can die in a fist fight. It happens a lot. H...

LargeCurves1,273103Oct 22Dec 9

Here's a rarity - conservatives & liberals agree on somethingThey both realize, that eventually Trump is getting indicted. Today in Conservatives and liberals agree Trump at risk of...

JimNastics360Dec 9

Trump Tower Penthouse SplendorAll I can say is WOW! What a wonderful place to live.

AmpleCurves29739Dec 7Dec 9

Priests denied full Catholic funeralsheard it briefly on the news earlier and because I was shocked and disgusted with what I heard, I googled it to find out more.... but the below is all...

itchywitch1,04191Nov 26Dec 8

Breaking News ! 12/7/2018 Former Trump campaign mamager Paul Manafort 17-23 years in jailHot off the press from CNN; Mueller: Paul Manafort lied about contacts with Trump administration this year By Katelyn Polantz, CNN Updat...

JimNastics553Dec 7Dec 7

George H. W. Bush... 1924 - 2018Last night before going to bed, I scanned a few news stories and George H. W. Bush was on the front page as he died at the age of 94. This morning, I...

chatillion17110Dec 1Dec 7

Trump Says He's Thankful for Himself at ThanksgivingIn case you missed it. Trump said some remarkable things at Thanksgiving time. I don't know what was more shocking, that he was thankful for himself...

LargeCurves18818Dec 5Dec 7

Bitter HillaryWATCH: Bitter Hillary Clinton Snubs Melania Trump At Funeral Two-time failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton snubbed Melania Trum...

Willy341137515Dec 5Dec 6

Michael Flynn's cooperation with Mueller was so extensive that Mueller is recommending no jail time.Indeed, from the heavily redacted court document submitted, it appears that Flynn's testimony is critical in issues still not yet presented. From...

JimNastics16210Dec 4Dec 6

So much more than mere collusion - conspiracy with a foreign enemy.Four nights in a row now, Trump has been attacking the Mueller investigation. Why does it seem that Trump is acting more desperate ? Perhaps he's b...

JimNastics1199Nov 29Dec 6

Historical Rankings of PresidentsOh my gosh I probably shouldn't post this. I thought it was interesting because Trump has enough time in office now to be considered in the rankings....

LargeCurves2119Sep 23Dec 6

are u humans all f*ck upcause I heard fake news saw weird videos the sky is not right people talking nonsence women want the prefect guy inventing more religions and lat how...

Genuis69350Nov 28Dec 5
Track16410Dec 5

Running Is GreatKnowing when to stop is even better....

Track16622Dec 4Dec 4

Breaking News !! Trump was working with Russia on real estate deals WHILE a candidate and lied.Michael Cohen Takes Mueller Inside the Trump Organization The president’s former personal lawyer admitted lying to Congress about efforts in 2016...

JimNastics53951Nov 29Dec 4
stringman32733Nov 30Dec 4

This Is A Ship Shipping ShipShipping a shipment of shipping ships...

Track16771Dec 2Dec 3

The ridiculous plethora of lies of the so-called President and his cohortsToday in The Los Angeles Times; Mueller’s targets seem to share a problem: They tell whoppers By Chris Megerian Dec 01, 2018 After lyin...

JimNastics18715Dec 1Dec 2
Track161618Oct 24Dec 2

ConversationsSome is more intelligent than others. [/im...

Track16632Dec 1Dec 1

Regret And RemedyTis not the heated breath of love, Nor impassioned vows sworn true, But regret of words, instead, Delivered foolishly to you. Misdirected oaths...

xquseme904Nov 30Dec 1

Paul Manafort lies again to the FBI, ending plea agreement - separate sentencing - soon & Feb 2ndFrom USA Today WASHINGTON – Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort lied repeatedly to the FBI, violating a plea agreement with Justice Depa...

JimNastics1218Nov 28Nov 28

You can't make this stuff up.....but some people apparently do.There's a woman who CLAIMS she's had sex with at least 20 ghosts. Wait, there's more. According to her, she's now engaged to a ghost and wants to...

JimNastics29237Oct 31Nov 28

ROCK-THROWING MIGRANTS PUSHED WOMEN AND CHILDREN TO FRONT OF HORDEMainstream media pushes the same narrative and image. Never mind the fact that 90% of the caravan are military age men. Border patrol unleashed tea...

Willy34111607Nov 26Nov 28

If We Treated Other Medical Ailments Like Mental IllnessNo one would ever say these things to someone with diabetes or a broken arm but people seem to think its fine to say to someone with mental illness....

Track1673171Nov 22Nov 28
Track161908Nov 23Nov 26
stringman29231Nov 22Nov 25

United Nations Caught Helping and Coaching Caravan Illegal Aliens!The United Nations was simply found in a compromising position helping the parade travel to the fringe. What’s more, now, UN authorities are training...

Willy3411812Nov 25Nov 25

Bad president, bad president. What you gonna do, when they come for you.New York state judge allows suit against Trump and his personal charity to proceed By Jonathan O'Connell and David A. Fahrenthold November 23 at...

JimNastics25629Nov 24Nov 25

Oh my, what BIG eyes you've got...I'm a member of another dating site with a high percentage of young Asian women. Many have photos with really large eyes. They appear unnatural, almos...

chatillion16812Nov 20Nov 24
Shawnyd: "Hey"(meet us in the profile reviews)

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