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stringman4131 hrs ago3 mins ago

The turning pointIt will be a tough call. Was it the jailing of refugee children, or the acceptance of a murdering dictator's word, over the US Intelligence agencie...

JimNastics52754Jul 1850 mins ago

59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters.31% Predict Civil War. Thursday, June 28, 2018 "Poll: 59% Fear Violence From Trump Haters, 31% Predict Civil War "The division in the Uni...

miclee54947Jun 296 hrs ago

Sex, spies, and videotapeOK, despite my title parody, we won't really mention Trump's videotape any further, despite it likely being a real pisser. But, it's becoming cl...

JimNastics865Jul 19Jul 20

So, I hear Trump was a big hit in the UK.Well, not Dirty Don himself. He got snubbed by Prince Charles and Kate. Plus, there were thousands of protestors in both England and Scotland. The...

JimNastics43944Jul 15Jul 19

Obama's excellent tribute to Nelson Mandela today in Johannesburg, South AfricaAs with my other blogs, this is not for everyone, certainly not those with short attention spans, negative attitudes, nor of low IQ. This will best...

JimNastics1849Jul 17Jul 19

A Fool and his money soon part.... in this case VERY quickly.Virginia Man Totals $300,000 Sports Car 1 Day After Buying it. 8 hours ago “Purchased Friday. Totaled Saturday,” the Fairfax County Police Depart...

JimNastics1439Jul 15Jul 19
miclee14311Jul 18Jul 18

Trump, Putin Clash In Intense ‘GoldenEye 007’ DeathmatchTAG - SATIRE HELSINKI, FINLAND—In a historic sleepover after the 2018 Russia–United States summit in Helskini, President Trump and Vladimir Putin f...

Willy3411822Jul 17Jul 17

Elderly New Jersey woman on oxygen dies after power company cuts electricFrom the NY Times; New Jersey Woman on Oxygen Dies After Electric Company Shuts Off Her Power Linda Daniels died on Thursday after power was shu...

JimNastics38242Jul 11Jul 16

Trump Meets Putin: ‘I Really Think the World Wants to See Us Get Along’( - President Donald Trump began his first one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in front of the cameras, sitting down...

Willy341114210Jul 16Jul 16

Picture With My Shirt OffIts been suggested that I take a picture with my shirt off so I did it. I don't get what the big deal is.

Track16820Jul 15
stringman571Jul 12Jul 12

"Bad boys, bad boys. What you gonna do, when they come for you..."Apparently flip & spill your guts to the prosecution about Trump.

JimNastics1213Jul 10Jul 11
Track16850Jul 10

YouTube Pledges $25M To Combat Fake NewsOAN Newsroom UPDATED 7:59 AM PT — Tues. July 10, 2018 YouTube is pledging $25 million to combat the spread of fake news on its platform. The com...

stringman480Jul 10
Track16680Jul 10

ThirteenUnlucky for some .... But lucky for others To happy endings...

itchywitch25616Jul 2Jul 10

When You Live In The Middle Of The WoodsExpect the animals to visit from time to time. This was done to the car a few nights ago, claw and bite marks.

Track161536Jul 6Jul 9
Track16943Jul 7Jul 8

The US Senate finally concludes that Russia interferred with the election in favor of Trump.In rebuke to Trump, key Senate panel endorses finding that Russia attacked 2016 election Michael Isikoff 4 hours ago AP, Getty WASHINGTON —...

JimNastics32639Jul 3Jul 8
Track161212Jul 7Jul 7
stringman1224Jul 4Jul 6

Perhaps a temporary win for the environmentUSA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA} director Scott Pruitt has finally resigned. He should never have been appointed by Trump and should never...

JimNastics540Jul 6

..End Times SignsThis Happened On Planet Earth

stringman690Jul 5
stringman2399Jun 27Jul 5
stringman20415Jun 9Jul 5
Track16963Jul 4Jul 5

HAPPY BIRTHDAY,My gentleman werewolf buddy. July 2th, 2018 (your time)...

Kalpataru78-Jul 2

Rapex CondomIn areas where rape is a common occurence, these devices are becoming more popular. The woman inserts this into her part and if a man tries to rap...

Track161487Jul 2Jul 2
Track16989Jul 1Jul 2

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...........with some nice gifts partially unwrapped under the tree. We all can't wait to unwrap that big fat orange one though. It looks like Trump's...

JimNastics732Jul 2Jul 2

Poor Fella lolThis is why I would never do a grand public gesture...

Track1633523Jun 17Jul 2

Fox NewsThere’s a set of people here who all seem to have the same strongly held opinions on the same set of issues. Guns, Muslims, Trump, Hillary Clinton, a...

Harbal57866Jun 30Jul 1
stringman28428Jun 26Jun 30

Third Roger Stone ex-aide subpoenaed by Mueller today.This is the third former Roger Stone aide subpoenaed by Mueller. He is likely onto the trail of something that smells very bad. In the NY Times...

JimNastics830Jun 28

Unlike some on here, a man with a conscience.A FOX News regular quits because of harshly dishonest news coverage on FOX News. Fox News Regular Bruce Turkel Quits Over Immigration Coverage...

JimNastics1809Jun 28Jun 28

It's even worse than originally suspected - Trump is in trouble with the law !Trump could be in a world of new legal trouble after New York's attorney general accused his charity of 'willful and knowing' crimes Allan Smith...

JimNastics28120Jun 20Jun 27

Conservative colunmist George Will urges voters not to vote Republican in midterm electionsIn Fortune Magazine; George Will, Having Left Republican Party, Urges Conservatives to Vote Against Donald Trump By KEVIN KELLEHER Updated: June...

JimNastics660Jun 23

There's no place like HomeThe small town where I live is a bit of a dump, really. Like many other towns in this area it went down hill after the coal mining industry went to t...

Harbal1896Jun 20Jun 20
Track161050Jun 18
stringman26319Jun 17Jun 17

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