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with friends and family at her side...I've always found it odd how famous people die with an audience. Yesterday, fashion designer Gloria Vanderbilt passed away with an advanced form of c...

chatillion4756 hrs ago4 hrs ago

Sanders to leave White House staff at the end of the monthYes, after a year of rumors, Trump announced that Sara Huckabee Sanders would be quitting at the end of this month. She sort of left 3 months ago,...

JimNastics18117Jun 135 hrs ago
Track161337Jun 11Jun 16

Seagull 7I wheeled high above the oceans, in every coloured sky Like many others the same, our wings stretched born to fly Clouds brushed soft and close, fea...

fiorenza27927Jun 15Jun 16
Track16601Jun 15Jun 15
stringman22529Jun 13Jun 15

An unintentional 'invitation' from Trump to start the impeachment proceedingsToday in CNN regarding a piece in The Washington Post; George Conway: Trump sends 'invitation to commence impeachment proceedings' By Jamie...

JimNastics934Jun 12Jun 15

CrocDayvFor the ones from MD that remember him, sadly he passed away this morning. He had been in and out of the hospital since October. He had an infectio...

hpylady_1237Jun 13Jun 13

Draggon some fruit around...We're busy lately with the termite treatment and 80% done moving things to a condo 45 miles from our home in Miami, so the weekend trips to the Farmer...

chatillion996May 18Jun 12
stringman741Jun 12Jun 12
Diamond_Rain19412May 6Jun 12

John Dean used as a prop by DemocratsJohn Dean used as a prop by Democrats to win an argument they cannot possibly win. Grandstanding at it's best by Democrats, more aptly put just anothe...

Willy3411905Jun 10Jun 11

Trump trapped by PelosiToday from CNN; Donald Trump falls for Nancy Pelosi's trap Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN Updated 9:07 AM ET, Fri May 24, 2019 Wash...

JimNastics20721May 24Jun 10

Hot off the press, The Associated Press - Congress just getting started with the Mueller ReportCase opened: Democrats begin public airing of Mueller report By MARY CLARE JALONICK an hour ago WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says i...

JimNastics652Jun 9Jun 10
stringman944May 28Jun 10

Pelosi - I would rather see Trump in jail, than impeached.Today in Politico; Pelosi tells Dems she wants to see Trump ‘in prison’ She also clashed with Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, wh...

JimNastics44549Jun 6Jun 10

Never againI watched few news clips and felt à sense of sadness in my heart. One in particular. An old veteran very emotional. I thought for a bit. Will they...

usha12337339Jun 6Jun 9
stringman18513Jun 6Jun 9

"The Latest Trump Resignation" lolIn typical Borowitz timing, Andy offers us the following satire Today in The New; Woman Quits Job After Being Forced to Spend Week...

JimNastics724Jun 8Jun 8

It's raining mulberries, hallelujah !Early yesterday morning about 2 am we had a deluge. It very briefly awoken me, before rapidly heading back asleep The large amount of water prevent...

JimNastics14821Jun 7Jun 8

Trump lands in Great BritianFull of hot air, as usual. I mean Trump himself, not the helium version. From Mashable;

JimNastics46641Jun 3Jun 6

Funny, sad & truth at the same time.Today from Yahoo News; Trump Admits his Cabinet has had some Clinkers Adapted from “The Best People: Trump’s Cabinet and the Siege on Washingt...

JimNastics704Jun 6Jun 6

Breaking News - Trump's last HopeThis is today 6/4/2019 from Reuters; Ex-Trump aide Hicks agrees to hand over campaign documents to Congress By David Morgan and Steve Hollan...

JimNastics21924Jun 4Jun 5

Tupperware never dies...I would think the entire word heard about Tupperware products. If you haven't... Tupperware is the name of air-tight kitchen storage products created...

chatillion11810Jun 2Jun 4

Enough Obstruction of Justice evidence to convict someone already contained in the Mueller reportToday from Reuters; U.S. May 6, 2019 / 5:54 PM / Updated 2 hours ago Mueller report justifies obstruction charges vs Trump: ex-U.S. Justice Dep...

JimNastics24921May 6Jun 4

Observant quick thinking deputy saves sleeping couple from venomous Rattle Snake in TennesseeImagine you and your significant other fall asleep on pavement in each other's arms. The next thing you realize is a sheriff's deputy awakens you to...

JimNastics876Jun 3Jun 4

Robert Mueller resigns todayToday in VOX; Robert Mueller has resigned because his investigation is over By Catherine Kim May 29, 2019, 1:40pm EDT During a surpris...

JimNastics83188May 29Jun 3

Another 12 people killed in cold blood by a sicko with a gunThis time in my very own home state of Virginia. I wonder if he was a member of a "Well regulated Militia"? I'm so comforted that we have brave men...

ooby_dooby48547Jun 1Jun 3

I've decided to join the Victoria Secret photograph them. Unfortunately, they have not yet decided to pose for me. Naturally, there are.... Excuse me, I'll get back to this bl...

JimNastics741Jun 3Jun 3

THIS IS NOT NORMAL as you know the southern states in the US has been hit hard with tornados and flooding....

stringman26217May 30Jun 2

Well, here's a first !An honest Republican ?? in Congress ??!! Quote of the day - " When loyalty to a political party or to an individual trumps loyalty to the Consti...

JimNastics15216May 18May 29

William Barr - dishonest unpatiotic AGToday in USA Today Nancy Pelosi: AG Barr 'lied to Congress,' that's a crime Maureen Groppe and Bart Jansen USA TODAY•May 2, 2019 WASHI...

JimNastics29724May 2May 29
hpylady_1644May 26May 27
Melania in Japan

Melania in JapanShe is beautiful and intelligent. I’m very proud of our First Lady. Such grace. it is so nice to see a first lady look so elegant and refined! I p...

AmpleCurves22313May 27May 27

In Tribute and ThanksA very special tribute and sincere thanks for all those, who have risked it all, and especially those who sacrificed it all, in the call to duty in...

JimNastics20825May 25May 26

Silent Key...Shortly before 4am I jumped out of a strong dream. It had to do with someone gifting me several boxes of electronic gadgets and musical things from a...

chatillion621May 26May 26
chancer_returns21822May 23May 26
Track161063May 24May 25

Raise your hand if...Raise your hand if you graduated Trump University. Raise your hand if you were a subcontractor to any Trump project and got paid-in-full at the compl...

chatillion762May 25May 25

OK, this is definitely an odd news storyFrom Yahoo; Man says someone broke into his home, cleaned his bathrooms and bedrooms Yahoo Lifestyle Hope Schreiber,Yahoo Lifestyle 5 hours ag...

JimNastics845May 24May 25

Teresa May resigns4 hours ago from Yahoo News UK; Theresa May resigns as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Yahoo News UK Matilda Long,Yahoo...

JimNastics711May 24May 24

Rex Tillerson privately meets with House Foreign Affairs about the "moron" in the oval officeRex Tillerson Secretly Meets With House Foreign Affairs Committee to Talk Trump The former secretary of state talked with lawmakers about his time...

JimNastics17022May 21May 24

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