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What would you do if

What would you do if ?A van driver accused of killing 10 people in Toronto posted to Facebook minutes before the attack to praise killer Elliot Rodger and refer to the miso...

Kiterunner11311313 hrs ago44 mins ago
Earth Day with Dr Jane Goodall

Earth Day with Dr. Jane GoodallToday’s annual Earth Day Doodle was created in partnership with one of the planet’s most influential advocates: Ethologist (animal behavior expert), c...

Keepers925Apr 21Apr 22
nonsmoker29635Apr 19Apr 21
Poachers vs Poop

Poachers vs. PoopFound this tidbit on the Center for Biological Diversity and decided to share because we will have more to add, by the way of drones, to assist warden...

Keepers17613Apr 20Apr 21
15 Pages of SHOCKING Comeys FBI memos released from before he was fired by Trump

15 Pages of SHOCKING Comey's FBI memos released from before he was fired by TrumpAssociated Press MARY CLARE JALONICK, ERIC TUCKER and CHAD DAY WASHINGTON (AP) — In a series of startlingly candid conversations, President Donald...

JimNastics822Apr 20Apr 20
the next Charlie Gard

the next Charlie GardI did a blog a while back on the Government intervention into our healthcare systems....nothing good could ever come of it. So, here we are again with...

seaworthy1535Apr 16Apr 20
Sad News Harry Anderson of Night Court Cheers RIP at age 65

Sad News - Harry Anderson (of Night Court & Cheers) RIP at age 65Two days ago Harry Anderson was found dead in his home, apparently from natural causes, presumably heart trouble, at the age of 65. Harry started a...

JimNastics641Apr 18Apr 18
Hair Raising Subject

Hair Raising Subject...For centuries, long hair was the standard of beauty for women and also a symbol of femininity. This is not just because many of us believe that ap...

daniela7771,215120Jan 2017Apr 18
Rest in peace Barbara Bush

Rest in peace Barbara BushRest in peace Barbara Bush. You were one special lady.

Willy3411521Apr 17Apr 17
Good news for Pizza Hounds

Good news for Pizza Hounds(I never eat the stuff myself) Dominos Pizza announced today, that they now will also deliver to some outdoor locations, including beaches, parks...

JimNastics450Apr 16
Sad News R Lee Emery R I P

Sad News - R. Lee Emery R.I.P.Today actor R. Lee Emery died of complications from pneumonia at 74. While he is best known as the profane drill sergeant from the movie 'Full Met...

JimNastics582Apr 16Apr 16
NY Prosecutors raid Trumps personal lawyers office hotel room

NY Prosecutors raid Trump's personal lawyer's office & hotel roomThe warrants were approved by Trump's own Department of Justice, not Mueller. However, if NY finds anything relevant to Muller's case against Trum...

JimNastics56951Apr 9Apr 15
If you are going to pray

If you are going to pray...on your knees (and barefoot) you better learn a bit about temptation before It seems some are playing rough, aha? all yours ladies http...

Crunia15624Apr 13Apr 13
Life is a punishment or Life is a reward

Life is a punishment? or Life is a reward?Life is a punishment? or Life is a reward? there are many questions in my mind since childhood. it is one of them....

Mr_Amor1216Apr 12Apr 12
stringman552Apr 10Apr 11
Angry I am angry

Angry, I am angryAs many know already a brand new, not yet opened, 960 ton concrete pedestrian walkway bridge dropped 40 feet onto a line of cars waiting at a red ligh...

Ken_192477Mar 16Apr 10
semigjo1323Feb 25Apr 10
Track161192Dec 28Apr 10
stringman18326Apr 8Apr 9
German police say this may be a terror attack

German police say this may be a terror attackGerman police say this may be a terror attack..................

jarred156-Apr 7

Pick Up LineEveryone needs to try pickup lines at least once....

Track1617910Mar 11Apr 7
stringman1077Apr 5Apr 6
stringman1307Apr 3Apr 4
Looking to the future

Looking to the futureHere she comes again.

Willy3411883Apr 3Apr 4
Track161545Mar 8Apr 3
stringman1386Apr 1Apr 2
Track161452Mar 3Mar 30
Kenneth Glasgow 1 2 Brother Of Rev Al Sharpton

Kenneth Glasgow, 1/2 Brother Of Rev. Al Sharpton,Spoke At Anti-Gun Event; Faces Capital Murder In Shooting Death Of 23 Year Old Breunia Jennings One Day Later...

miclee16513Mar 28Mar 29

THEIR 'BIGGEST FEAR'... HAS COME TRUE posted something very significant on March 17th. “Their biggest fear”, referring to the treacherous Zionist cabal, is...

stringman20311Mar 23Mar 25
seaworthy3179Mar 23Mar 24
Civil servant changes sex so that he can retire earlier

Civil servant changes sex so that he can retire earlierCivil servant changes sex so that he can retire earlier. An Argentinean official apparently hated his work so much that he made a rather rigorous...

jarred185-Mar 22
stringman22122Mar 19Mar 20

Did You KnowThis is true believe it or not....

Track161161Feb 15Mar 16
Physicist Stephen Hawking has died

Physicist Stephen Hawking has diedPhysicist Stephen Hawking has died...

jarred156-Mar 14
Track16851Mar 14Mar 14
Track16781Mar 13Mar 13
Track16660Mar 11
Track16822Mar 11Mar 11
Track16860Mar 10
Track162129Mar 10Mar 10
Man Stabbed At Cincinnati Zoo

Man Stabbed At Cincinnati ZooA man was stabbed in the neck with a shank during an altercation with a couple of other guys. I hope the police apprehended them two guys-the zoo is s...

Magnet5802169Jul 2017Mar 10

Why Would Anyone Do This?It should be shot and put out of its misery....

Track1622026Mar 10Mar 10

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