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Brian Butler, aka Trump Employee 5, is a central witness in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents investigation/indictment. Butler, was employed at Mar-a-Lago for 20 years, originally had an attorney provided by Trump, has his own attorney now and changed his story. He has spoken repeatedly with investigators as he unknowingly helped Walt Nauta deliver boxes of classified information from Mar-a-Lago to the former president’s plane in June 2022, headed to Trump's residence in Bedminster Country Club.
In and exclusive interview by Kaitlan Collins of CNN, Brian spoke out about the case and his involvement, stating he doesn’t believe the criminal case against Trump is a “witch hunt,” as the former president has claimed.

Interview here:

It's important to know, Trump's attorney had arranged a meeting with the FBI and that the search was no secret, different to Trump's claim. Also noted, Trump as former president has secret service when he travels and due to the level of top security, both local police and the governor of Florida were also informed of the search.
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