We lost another one...

News first came across on the forums where galrads/sdarlagg was a regular. I know he was hospitalized more than a year ago and recovered. On April 7th robplum announced he was again in the hospital with pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis and the update came through today that he passed away on the 10th.

I was in Dayton, Ohio last year on vacation, about one hour from Columbus where he lived. It came as a surprise my brother drove me to Columbus to see a famous museum and German restaurant, so I had no advance plan to contact gal. Always in my thoughts would be to get in touch if I get the chance to go back to Dayton this summer.
It just wasn't in the cards.

There's a void in the CS family as his absence is noticed...
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Oh my such a shame...I heard he was hospitalized but unaware how ill he was...
RIP Gal...
sad flower
His sister posted notice of galrads/sdarlagg passing on facebook
I wasn't privy to his know full name or fb account...but I am glad you announced his passing as many here come and go and we are not made aware of such events...
Thanks for sharing...

your welcome
That's a loss. I also had in mind to perhaps meet him one day as I'm considering moving it Italy whre he had family.

Thanks Chat for the update
I'm sad to be reading this today but thankful for the information.

Already missing you Gal.

angel sad flower
RIP Galrads!

sad flower sad flower sad flower
May he rest in peace.
I'm so sorry to hear about Galrads. May his soul rest in peace.
sad flower
In February this year he leased a BMW 530e.
Only a few months ago, I wonder now if he realized how much his health was failing back then...
He was hoping to photograph the eclipse, brought a filter so he could, so no, I don't think he saw it coming.
He said a number of times that he had a plot for his burial with his wife and also something about a certain kind of tree being planted there.

May he rest, reunited and finally at peace.
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