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For years, I've avoided entertainment awards shows for various reasons. Sometimes it's the politics in the business, sometimes a case of who you blow or who you know and not the actual talent you have. Always, and I mean always, there are disappointments and hurt feelings, especially from the losers.

What was it... less than 2 weeks ago, there was another show and while accepting an award for Dr. Dre, Jay-Z (Beyoncé's husband) decides to use his time in the spotlight to slam the Grammy's because she didn't receive an award for album of the year.

In her career, Beyoncé has raked up 32 Grammy's and holds the record. The two of them combined have 56 wins.

I read some reader reviews and that his action didn't sit well with her fans. Simply put... Beyoncé's last album wasn't considered good enough for an award.

Jay-Z, that's embarrassing... stop your crying!
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