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Russia is building a wall

Russia is building a wall!Breaking News: Vladimir Putin has ordered the construction of a wall along Russia's closest border with the United States. Mr. Putin's translat...

BadlyDrawn1353Apr 1Apr 1

The womens' center..........all sorts of services. Typically run by dikey types, who are quite congenial, unless of course, they are somehow forced into interacting with a man...

Vierkaesehoch1900Mar 20

Government Simulator - a video game!The other day, I was browsing Steam, and I came across a game, that sounded extremely interesting. It was called Government Simulator, and the descrip...

Philipsen820Jan 31

It ain't exactly rocket science, folks..........or is it? Further awesome aspects of CS are the copious warnings against scammers. Such low lives on these sites---who would have thunk it? Wel...

Vierkaesehoch3169Jan 27Jan 28

This is NOT a joke.Some people are finally cashing in on all those Trump lies. There is a website that takes bets on how much Trump lies. They chose 3 1/2 as the o...

JimNastics2142Jan 9Jan 10

Billion Dollar Lottery...You can't win if you don't play... and last week the jackpot rolled up to $680 million. Reports last night claimed the jackpot exceeded $1.6 BILLION...

chatillion22613Oct 2018Oct 2018

It's YOUR move.You play white. "Do you feel lucky...... ?" What is the best single chess move you can make in the position shown below ? It leads to checkmate o...

JimNastics25910Oct 2018Oct 2018

a REEL good blog...My brother, me and his friends often went fishing on weekends. We live about 6 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and could take the bus there. Typically...

chatillion2153Jul 2018Jul 2018

He's backwanting me wanting me and I WANT him so.... But i can't ... yet its not enough when temptations gotten the better of me. how do you not do what...

itchywitch1,62460Apr 2018Jul 2018
The grain kernels in the friction rice whitener

The grain kernels in the friction rice whitenerFriction is a process used to whiten brown rice. In the friction rice whitener the grain kernels are forced against each other and a metal screen by a...

ricepolisher2463Jun 2018Jun 2018

Tales of woe.....I suggest that this wonderful site develop an al Gore rythym to screen out the fairly large percentage of scammers. Could be based on location, use of...

Vierkaesehoch2648May 2018May 2018

Las Vegas TripDoes any of you on here ever gamble? I do but just for entertainment. I used to go to Sin City at least four times a year when I lived in Wooford...

lindsyjones1,01546Apr 2018Apr 2018

DOTA2 vs LOLIf you know these 2 games which is your preferred game, I'm a Dota2 man myself. Its a map I recognise as well as the characters in the game. I mean...

tame972270Feb 2018

How to catch a millionaireor even a rich man will do... All thoughts and idea's will be appreciated...

itchywitch2,206114Nov 2017Jan 2018
March of Empires

March of EmpiresDoes anyone here play? Do you have any realms? What is your level?...

Ken_192690Nov 2017
the antisocial

the antisocialThe life of the solitary/hermit type. I go to work. I greet people with a genuine interest in how they are. I find a common element and talk about...

freehand44114Oct 2017Oct 2017

geographicGeographic compatibility. I've noticed that I get on better with the East coast. It doesn't matter the age or gender. I grew up on the West coast a...

freehand40520Sep 2017Sep 2017

............................................................................................................................................ ...................................... ...................................... ...............................

itchywitch614-Jul 2017Jul 2017
The good old days

The good old daysWere actually rubbish, and I'm sick of hearing how great it was....

pat8lanips4897May 2017May 2017

GamesWhat games did u play when you were a child ?...

ali11045210May 2017May 2017
Please answer this honestly

Please answer this honestly.Its a complex issue that a lot of people are struggling with, for a variety of reasons. But the thing is, I'd like to get some feedback whether or not...

pat8lanips366-May 2017
Almost got scamed

Almost got scamed'Companron2 .. almost scammed me . Started asking to get off line and communicate and work on our relationship saying he was ready to move him and t...

meama9994116Apr 2017Apr 2017
I was going through some old stuff in the old toy

I was going through some old stuff in the old toyBox I had at home. I found this rare monopoly card, Somebody here may be interested in it. Its in great condition and worth looking at.. If you Know...

nonsmoker59817Sep 2016Sep 2016
Cherielxl71714Aug 2016Aug 2016

donkey jokeDead Donkey Featured 05/09/2007 A man bought a donkey from an old farmer for $100. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day. Come mor...

Len055839Aug 2016Aug 2016
Naughty time

Naughty time1. There is a pile of grass on a high mountain, There is a couple of jewellery under the the grass, There is a grave under the jewellery, There is...

Cherielxl4093Aug 2016Aug 2016
who like skydiving skydiving Is a sport

who like skydiving. skydiving Is a sportIf you are afraid of heights skydiving Is not for you at all and one day I like to go skydiving that would be really cool to do that...

MrJohnTravas04891Jun 2016Jun 2016

The killing of a Gorilla, justified? or not? I was watching the news about this case and it is mind boggling...

lindsyjones87236Jun 2016Jun 2016
Krazzzzy Momentssss

Krazzzzy MomentssssFeeling like making love with... the rose in the rain

LastStrike80813May 2016May 2016

would you celebrate winning the lotto before you wwould you celebrate winning the lotto before you win it...

pedro276715May 2016May 2016
For the love of Chess

For the love of ChessChess is a game of kings. Or it’s a game with Kings. Also checkers. Anyway, this is about chess. It’s a game all about strategy & thought, where...

2317588F5930Apr 2016
pedro2775311Dec 2015Dec 2015
Bug a Salt

Bug a SaltAll this talk of killing. Let's get serious. Flies are the real problem. Servants and minions of Bael. At long last someone has come up with a sol...

Ken_191,0567Nov 2015Nov 2015
Extra cash for Christmas

Extra cash for Christmas?Looking to earn a bit extra for an expensive time of year? Don't get caught the way one woman was. She bought an iPad on eBay, good price, was very pl...

Elegsabiff74014Nov 2015Nov 2015

Ireland are OUTJust heard it on the news well by golly gum, i'm a happy witch now...

itchywitch1,02231Oct 2015Oct 2015
If men hard wired to be good chess players

If men "hard wired" to be good chess players?Women chess players slammed Nigel Short. He commented that women are not as good at playing chess and driving. Did Nigel endorse "sexism"?...

iotaoo93013Aug 2015Aug 2015

Gamescome KölnHi folks, anyone out there who went there? ...........................

connect19547367Aug 2015Aug 2015
The discount store is having a sale

The discount store is having a can get half price and two for one deals on ; St...

nonsmoker2,84676Jun 2015Jun 2015
Game Addict

Game AddictGame Addict...

jarred12,421-Jun 2015
not many women up for video games

not many women up for video gamesHard to find these days haha :/ oh I know it can sound sexist but idk the world is headed torwards technology and I would've thought by now more and m...

scottyfischer5463May 2015May 2015
hi their

hi theirjust saying hello am easygoing love the beach and alot of other things at the beachxxx...

stevie111112,3412May 2015May 2015

BackgammonIs there any one here(male) who would like to play Backgammon?...

AOday4713Apr 2015Apr 2015
Yankee4you: "Platoons of Tulips"(meet us in the poems)

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