OK a much easier chess puzzle for you.

In this puzzle you are again playing black. It is your move.
What are you best 3 moves in this one ?

In the current board, the white King is on square h1 and the black King is on square g8.
you can use x = takes

Symbolize the King as K, the Queen as Q, the Rook as R, the Bishop as B, the knight as N,
and a pawn as p.

Here's the challenge board. Click on it to see the full board.
May the force be with you. head banger

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First observation is that the white knight is pinned (since the white Q is unprotected), and has no move...
It is better to rotate the board 180 degrees, so we see H1 as H1
They look like CS profiles to me giggle
I don't play chess.

I only play with the hairs on a man's chest.

f - one doesn't rotate the board, when one plays black.

M - In the game of love ?

L - think lower. laugh
Easier Jim? lol.

I first thought I'd move the Black Bishop and position it between the W Queen and Knight using the pawn as cover.

Then I though about pushing the black pawn up and threatening the w Knight, leading to a swap fest.

If I went the B Bishop move all I can see is W Queen going on the defensive to cover the pawn shielding the W Castle.

I'd push the black pawn up one and try to come out on top during the swap.
Fine Jim, but it is normal to present a chessboard, or position from the WHITE point of view, regardless of whose move it is. That way always has A1-H1 in the bottom row. That is the convention
@merc and which cheek is black then?
@bent you mean presumably P-C6! there is also B-C6
I don't understand your g8, h1 x and etc confused dunno

But anyways ...
the bp right of his queen, to take one move forward.
@Celtic the A1-H8 is like a grid reference - think of Excel addresses, rows and columns
Rows of the chessboard bottom to top are 1-8, columns from left to right are A-H; Bottom left is A1, top right is H8 from white's point of view
I've never had to try to understand chess talk before ....
She thank you kindly fargo for explanation handshake wine
@Celtic if you see C7-C6 it mean move the piece on C7 (black pawn) to C6 - the move you mentioned; you could also write P-C6
I think I would push my go b-c6 and then hope to move p-g4 and see the countermoves.
Got the numbers wron. Meant move the b to F-3
Again, thank you Fargo handshake
when a person doesn't understand such things, how complicated even the simple things sound. lol

But going with moves of others, I can see, after all these I'm still on track applause
I can see that some people got black's first move correct.
As Ff pointed out, the white knight is essentially pinned to prevent loss of the queen.
Thus, moving black's c pawn up one to c6 is the right move.
However, what's next ?

Suppose white's response is to move it's b pawn forward 2 spaces to b4, thus threatening black's bishop.
What should be black's next 2 moves in response ? Depending upon the situation, some players would argue, that a bishop is slightly more valuable than a knight. So, is an exchange the right way to go in this case ?

You got the first move right. How about black's next 2 moves ?
B4 PXN, PXB D5 forking B and Q
Good job F thumbs up
White is thus, truly.....forked. laugh
c7-c6 is my first move...now the next move depends on where the white places its knight to defend it.
Well the knight gets captured at all places other than c3 or e3. In either case my move would be Qc7.
*If he defends the knight Qxd3.
If he doesn't, then if Be4, Rxf1+...cxd5
If Rfe1, cxd5
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