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First co-defendant in Trump Georgia election case pleads guilty

MSN.Com: At a hearing in Fulton County Superior Court, Hall confirmed to Judge Scott McAfee that his...
10978 hrs ago

Murdoch retirement - surely he was Australia's most dreadful export

How did such a man have so much global influence as he has had?...
993Sep 29

The Singing Detective dies

and that's how I remember Michael Gambon, for that imaginative series - one of my old favourites of...
852Sep 29

Mooncake time - Mid-autumn festival or Zhongqiu jie

Chang'e and the China moon missions...
460Sep 29

Sami yoik - Sami Blood

Live and learn: I watched Sami Blood https:...
1022Sep 27

FTC Sues Amazon for Illegally Maintaining Monopoly Power

850Sep 27

Chet and Nato of Los Indios Tabajaras - Blue Angel originally 1968

about the time I first started listening to Los Indios, Maria Elena times. Blue Angel -...
830Sep 18

Sep 11 - 50 years since Pinochet and the Chile coup

The involvement of Nixon/Kissinger and the CIA in creating the circumstances and supporting the murd...
1337Sep 17

For Sama - Battle of Aleppo and shades of Russia/Ukraine

Just watched this intimate and harrowing documentary, filmed by a female journalist and mother in th...
770Sep 12

Bill Grogan's Goat and the Hohner Harmonica

Early childhood memory of life back around 1950 I think, life in our fibro shack in Deewhy. My fat...
600Sep 10


Recently I stumble(as is my wont) across, perhaps from Numberphile or Mathologer....
2347Jun 8

Prominent site warning about Wechat - typical American paranoia and Sinophobia.

From the mail inbox Mail History:WeChat Warning If anyone on this site directs you to use WeChat, i...
1451Sep 7

Four great books I read and saw the following movies with mixed results

1. Catch-22 - Heller. The movie didn't quite rise to the same heights, did it? But both unforgotte...
1564Sep 1

Sir! No Sir! (2005)

Watched this today, and was intrigued at the debunking of the myth of abuse...
1441Sep 2

Oh alas alack - poor Rudy G!

1919Sep 1

In fire-ravaged Canada, Facebook is blocking the news - just as it once did in Australia

Meta up to the same dirty tricks again!
1748Aug 28

So Aussie women through to final 4 in world cup 2023!

They should have done it in regulation time, there was one open goal chance blocked by a thrust out...
34523Aug 12

US/EU restrict export of technology to China - China retaliates by restricting rare earth exports

No surprise is it!? Reuters: China said on Monday it will impose export restrictions on gallium and...
2118Aug 16

Charles Darwin and the tree of life

2339Aug 13


Someone here (unnamed) was speaking about President Adams with an IQ of, oh 170 something long long...
1,54677Nov 2022

Cheng Lei still imprisoned in China - no known reason no known sentence

1151Aug 10

The Anti-wechat Anti-China bias and discrimination here and in the West.

I have used Tencent QQ and/or Tencent Wechat (weixin) for almost 20 years. Wechat is a later, much...
1181Aug 11

Django style - Choti

There seems to be some doubt whether this is really a Reinhardt piece. Here is a youtube with Melis...
24119May 20

This one makes 2^(3^2) blogs

512 that is, 2 raised to a square power, binary 1 plus nine zeroes, a binary billion. Until this it...
1030Aug 9

Lost women of science - Women in drag

Today from Scientific American a Russian student in St Petersburg sent me a short podcast on Alessan...
96257Jul 17

Recently two harrowing movies - Pink (2016) Hindi and Custody (2017) French

First: Pink (2016)Recommended! An Indian Hindi-language legal thriller film directed by Aniruddha Ro...
1511Aug 4

A new ploy, but nice nonetheless

Hello I love your blogs and articles you post on the blog forum. Im S******...
1640Aug 4

Well well well! Aus vs Can 4-0

After the dismal performance against Nigeria, must win to stay in, the women didn't just do it, they...
1465Jul 31

Sitting on the balcony in the warm winter sun

an Aussie shiraz there on the left, long incomplete Kenken puzzle on the right, I spy a Mazda par...
3703Aug 3

Two poems from long ago - Denis Glover and John Masefield

with my highschool student from St Petersburg. Masefield - Sea Fever
1060Jul 31

Early flight experience to from and in New Zealand

In 1952, perhaps around Christmas, I made my first trip to New Zealand, by flying boat from Rose bay...
1332Jul 30

Civil War in Yemen

9 years almost? A dreadful civil war in a country not much smaller than Iraq or the Ukraine in popu...
1603Jul 26

For a change - some Mongolian music

Speaking today with a St Petersburg High School student about music preferences I thought I'd introd...
1372Jul 27

Missed favourites: Letter From America and Prairie Home Companion

Nostalgia night! I listened appreciatively to Alistair Cooke's intelligent weekly sessions for abou...
1030Jul 26

Truffle hunting near Sydney

A Chinese friend today told me of her excursion to a truffle farm where they used dogs for the findi...
1170Jul 16

today was the scientific american 60-second podcasts and the story of cleo at math stack exchange

We all love a...
1090Jul 16

China bans the use of Micron's chips by major Chinese firms - America claims 'no factual basis'

China claims they constitute a significant security risk, which USA rejects as baseless (yet they dr...
1723Jul 8

Phil Emmanuel - another tribute five years on

Compelling ensemble performance - Also sprach Zarathustra - Einleitung. a few months be...
1062Jul 3

Trolling or Trawling

I had always supposed trolling was either an Americanism or a simple confusion, but I now see two di...
1735Jun 28

Enlarged lips

Didn't we have an unpleasant blog featuring enlarged lips a while ago? I won't try to dig it up, bu...
2755Jun 28

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