Wished but never hoped

yet remember how
Oh when was that?
When last was love
A possibility, tell me
last millenium, century?
She tore my heart apart
and since then
neither tears nor love I think
but she was really so ordinary.
How can such move the heart?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 16
About this poem:
Just a love lost, it happens.
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To be her love her lover

I thought long and carefully
Knowing we could if I took that step
But walking up the hill to the station
That day I thought
being the friends we are now
Is something to keep and not to be lost
Yet I still have this longing
and she knows too
When last we met she looked
and I saw how she looked
Seeing me now aging
But still she knows how I feel
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 24
About this poem:
Ah, no other words are necessary.
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It had upset me

that thought of saying
a silent unheard goodbye
a deleted profile on whatever.
it seemed so, and I shrugged
or tried to, at least.

online pain
seeing you again
after fifty and more years
but no! on another computer
logging in - it appears
I have more than one alias!
laugh, and no need for tears.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 11
About this poem:
It happened as told, yesterday.
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Winter is done...

Winter is done in theory,
but only the wannest of suns
breaks through the clouds,
and the wind that blows
is of the ill kind today,
third day of spring, in theory as I say.
Rain and floods again beset
the coast - hard done by
those folk whose houses are yet again
immersed in mud and brown water.

As I walk up the slight slope
the beautiful straight grey smooth bark gum
towering on the southern side,
(which had always evoked memories of her)
has gone, just as she did years ago,
leaving a fresh scarred stump,
just as she did those years ago.
Why the tree, and why oh why she!?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 3
About this poem:
winter lingers on, in the air and in the heart.
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When walking

when walking in the weak winter sun
jacketed as I am, the warm rays
are wondrous aren't they?
till a small cloud effaces the sun...

Early spring seeds litter the footpath
as I hunch somewhat in the shadow
But then the sun emerges and hunch straightens,
Carefully negotiating the street lest I slither.

A fall like I had a few weeks ago
witnessed by many, is somewhat unwanted
as are more 'w's.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 13
About this poem:
just a stroll today in the intermittent sun. Spring is nigh.
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no more phone calls

Quite long sometimes we spoke
But now gone and no more.
Sometimes but rarely together
Face to face that last time unforgotten.

A football match the likes of which
She had never watched but she understood
mauling and scrimmaging and amazingly
the Wallabies won that day! Diana had just died.

Leading up to his death we always spoke
of computer problems which he valiantly tried
to overcome with rare success
but she never partook,

Still I wonder why they had
no interest in their grandchildren?
Unanswerable now of course!
As yet I have none but then how avid will I be?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 17
About this poem:
Just family, and very small
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memories resurrected from a distant past

One popped up today
Randomly as of course they will -
Counting the left-foot paces towards the station
As is my wont and calculating
The diagonal steps saved crossing the road...

Nigh on fifty years ago
I told her we were finished
Oh no she said, not so we've barely started!
But finished we were and never spoke again
A new face, a new mind had entered...

She with whom I discussed books,
Sartre de Beauvoir Greer Camus Kafka
Talking like the down-pipes in a downpour.
She who tried me to see how generous I was
deliberately testing my wallet willingness
as I was aware, and it seems I passed the test.

With her children I passed 15 tumultuous years
And then departed never to speak to any of them again.
A fierce combative woman but forgotten more or less.
Only the lost paintings are regretted and resented
And the books she spitefully destroyed. Such is life.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 15
About this poem:
walking thoughts...
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Here seldom seen

Seldom here seen are snakes in the grass
too smart to lie in the path of larger beasts
like you, and me they scuttle away
but birds know when they're in the trees
and will shrill and shriek on spying
a python hanging from a branch

beautiful creatures they are
though the small birds in the neighbour's cage
probably thought otherwise
as did the neighbour
seeing the engorged python
trapped in her cage.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 4
About this poem:
Snakes and earthquakes brought out the bird calls and warning.
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When kookaburras carol

When in the morning and evening
The kookaburras begin their carolling
What a lift to the heart it brings -
I live here in this my beloved country

And oodle ardle wardle doodle
As Denis Glover wrote
In his forlorn poem of lost hope
How did the lovely magpies migrate there?

Their wonderful song too
Wakes my heart.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 8
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I slept so soundly
waking not once nor aware
of winter around
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 17
About this poem:
oh, just a lovely deep sleep
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this winter it seems...

waking this morning
bare cold arms, list'ning awhile
ah, just getting old!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 16
About this poem:
reluctant to get up - mid winter
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My phone never rings

in the night
nor in the day
and when it does
I just swipe away
and answer not

as a rule
but yet guess
as a fool (aren't we all)
I pick it up
On occasions

and they just
confirm fool and folly.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 8
About this poem:
like you I get phishing calls everyday
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