Chess Challenge #3.

Since someone brought up the game of chess on here earlier,
here's a puzzle, that may be challenging for some and easy for others.

The last 2 times, you played black.
So, this time you are playing white, and it is your move.
Note that your queen is under attack by black's rook.

What are your 4 best moves in order.
Use K for King, Q for Queen, R for rook, B for bishop, N for knight and p for pawn.

The lower left hand corner is space a1.
The upper left hand corner is a8
The lower right hand corner is h1
The upper right hand corner is h8.

So, for instance, in the situation below,
if you were to move your king one space to the right that would be;

1. Kb4 (or K a4 to b4)

So, what is your best first 3 moves and the best response by black to each move ?
And then what is your 4th move ?

It's YOUR move. Do ya feel lucky ? Do ya ? grin

May the force be with you. head banger

Click on the board to see the entire board & active pieces.

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White Black
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Comments (28)

Q to a4 check black K to b1 B to f5 mate
Nope. By the way, the black king is currently on b8. There's no way it will ever see b1.
Sorry I didn’t understand the numbering system. WQ to d1 check, BK to a2, WB to e8 mate!
Or do I have the king and queen symbols wrong? If so I think that I should go back to sleep lol. I ‘ll look tomorrow to see how it went. Goodnight Jim.
1. Qd8+ Ka7 2. Rc8
Sorry...on careful consideration I found 1. Rc8+ for the simple reason that that king can't capture 1....KxRc8 if it does 2. Qd8# Then it is must to displace the opponent bishop so that Be3# So after taking about 25 minutes, I could work out the queen sacrifice...because what follows are the forced moves and mate in 3.
2. Qb6+ forced move 2.....Bxb6 to save the checkmate. 3. bxb6+ again the forced move 3.....Kxb6
4. Be3#.
My earlier suggestion was bad because it delays the checkmate. But yes checkmate is inevitable by that route as well.
White gets checkmated.
It was not bad but worst helpmate.
Actually I like the puzzles only if they are the real time positions, arising out of the real games. If not, then it's a good exercise of mind but wastage of time for a serious player.
1.Rc8+ - Kxc8? 2.Qd8 MATE! ( 1.Rc8+ - Ka7.2.Qxf2+ - Rxf2.3.Be3+ - b6.4.Bxb6+ - Kb7. and after Rc7+ Black looses the Queen and have the Rook. Shout be easy enough to win the game. )

1.Qd6+ Ka7.( Ka8.2.Qd8+.3.Ka7 etc ) 2.Rxf2 - Rxf2.3.Be3+
Aand White shout win.
But sins you like to play chess. let me ask you a question ( and feel free to share with others ) '1. What is the name of the opening?
2. In the position, what is Blacks BEST move, and plan.

1.d4 - d5.2.c4 - dcx4.3.Nf3 - Nf6.4.e3 - e6.5.Bxc4 - c5.6.Qe2 - a6.7.dxc5 - Bxc5. (main position, for the variation ) 8.0-0 - Nbd7 ( 4 other moves, in this position ( 8, ,,, - 0.0 - b5 - Qc7 and Nc6, For this block how ever, im looking at Nbd7 ) 9.e4 - b5.10.Bd3 - Bb7.( see position ) White main move is 11. a4, to break op the Queen side )But here is my quistion. What is Blacks best move after: 11. Nbd2 - ...
1.Rc8+ - Ka7.2.Qxf2+ - Rxf2.3.Be3+ - b6.4.Bxb6+ - Kb7. and after Rc7+ Black looses the Queen and have the Rook. Shout be easy enough to win the game. )
But this way black wins. But otherwise it's white to win.laugh
1.Qd6+ Ka7.( Ka8.2.Qd8+.3.Ka7 etc ) 2.Rxf2 - Rxf2.3.Be3+
Aand White shout win.
1.Qd6+ Ka7 then 2. Qd8+ is not possible???
1.Qd6+ Ka7.( Ka8.2.Qd8+.3.Ka7 etc ) 2.Rxf2 - Rxf2.3.Be3+
Aand White shout win.
Sorry 2. Qd8, was in the braces
1. Qd6+ Ka7, white loses the game or at least the black has the
2. Rxf2 here as you expect that black responds with 2.....Rxf2, that's not the case as the black instead responds with 2.....Bc6+
And then the game proceeds like,
3. Ka3 Qh3+ 4. Qb4 Qg4+ 5. Kc3 Qg3+ 6. Qd3 Qxe5+ 7. Qb4 Rxf2 8. Qe3+ Qxe3 9. Bxe3+ Kb8 10. Bxf2
And now the black is one pawn up, that means a slight advantage.
i - you are very very close. But, there is no b piece in move 3. B is for bishop.
Or did you mean something else ?
You mean in the first move you are to move your king, in the second queen, the third the rook and lastly the that you mean?
Here's from one of your responses;

You are missing black's first move and what is white's 3rd move ?
Actually I couldn't follow you. Make corrections dunno what I am missing here?
1. Rc8+ Ka7 2. Qb6+ Bxb6 3. axb6+ Kxb6 4. Be3#.
Actually here in this case there is nothing like Black's best moves as Black is forced to move each time.
for #3. you mean pxb6, otherwise you got it ! Good job.
Correct notation is 3. axb6...not pxb6, which is a wrong.
Note: A pawn move notation is by way of mentioning the destination square and if its a capture then by the name of column which that pawn placed in into(x) the destination square.
So in the above example if it was the simple movement of the pawn than a capture, then the move would have been 3. b6.
*wrong/a wrong...sorry
I like playing drafts conversing
confused ... typing
Yeah that's the one Mic..I spelt it wrong..Probably because I'm cold laugh
tmi Merc - If you'd not mentioned it, folks would've thought you were just using the Murkun spelling. ... grin

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