I haven't heard that word used in a while. News today: Investor in company that took Trump Media public pleads guilty to insider trading. Who would have thought that everything would have been on the 'up & up' yeah?
Gerald Shvartsman pleaded guilty at a hearing before U.S. District Judge Lewis Liman.

"TMTG shares were trading at around $51.60 on Wednesday morning, making Trump's stake worth about $4 billion, though he is not allowed to sell or borrow against it for six months.

Trump Media is also embroiled in legal battles in Delaware and Florida with co-founders Wesley Moss and Andrew Litinsky, who have accused the company of trying to improperly dilute their stake."

Just another day in Trump world. laugh


The linked story: Trump's Truth Social lost $58 million in 2023, and the stock is taking a hit

And people want this guy to run the country???
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The stock price fell to around $42 Friday, wiping out billions of dollars in value, including $1 billion of Trump's own net worth.

I think this proves once and for all that Trump is no Businessman, never has been and never will be.

He is just a sleazy con artist.
The heading of the blog is misleading in that Trump was not involved in this crime of fraud. The only mention of his name is in the name of the company which was to be merged at some future date.

Also share prices go up and down all the time so to disparage Trump for this is simply wrong.
The company's stock closed 8.4% lower at $37.17 on Monday, a far cry from the record high of $79 it had notched during its debut on March 26. It is down about 40% so far in April.

Heading towards yet another Trump business venture failure
Wrong, Trump is the majority shareholder, therefore he has controlling interest.

You are just looking though rose tinted glasses.

But that’s ok, even fools have the right to believe whatever’s they want.
What does Majority Shareholder have to do with Insider-Trading?
I wasn’t talking about insider trading, I was discussing the fact Trump has a controlling interest in the company.
Trump no longer on Bloomberg Billionaires Index after Truth Social stock plummets

Shares dipped 12% on Friday and 8% Monday. After sliding as much as 4.8% on Tuesday, the stock rallied to close at $37.47, up 0.8% for the day but down more than 50% from its peak in late March.

Shares are now hovering just above $32 — below half of what they were worth a mere two weeks ago, in the immediate aftermath of the merger when they experienced a brief spike.

Soon Trump won't be able to pay his numerous lawyers, maybe the courts will provide him with one?
Already his bill this year is 1million dollars.
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