The world we live in appears to be split between autocracies and democracies. Western Europe and USA on the one side, and Russia, Iran, China and North Korea dominating the other side.
Can this situation ever change or are we going to see this continuous threat to civilization and the ultimate consequence being war between the nations? Is it any use trying to discuss issues with regimes that have such extreme rigid views either politically or religious? If the world continues on this course, we are heading for disaster.

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I was thinking the same thing this morning.sigh

Conflict is rife across the World .Nothing can justify Palestinian militants’ attack on 7 October but the Israeli-Palestinian conflict did not start that day,it's been going on for years. Israel's land grabbing and Palestine not being given statehood is appalling as are the innocents being slaughtered .

Putin declaring war on Ukraine should never have happened and now he is relying on the West to lose interest so he can demilitarise and take control of another independent nation. Zelensky needs to think hard about a conversation with Putin so some form of agreement can be reached otherwise a win for Putin will make other countries wonder who is next on his list.

These are just 2 of the conflicts taking place across the World unfortunately and as long as other countries take sides and involve themselves with supplies of arms instead of peacemaking nothing will change. Here's a few more that are in conflict in some form or another.

Wider Middle East War,Sudan,Myanmar,Ethiopia,The Sahel,Haiti,Armenia-Azerbaijan,U.S.-China

Authoritarianism is on the rise and people are blinded by hero worship of certain leaders or would -be leaders,some of whom border on being despotic.

I've read the posts of people for and against countries and their heads of state and would be Presidents but not a thought for the rest of humanity who have or will suffer at the hands of narcissists. N.A.T.O is held responsible by many for the troubles ,totally overlooking the need for countries to be protected against invasion.

Nuclear war is on the horizon and unless we all start to unite and learn to appreciate each other the threat will become a reality.

Yes, but I can't see the possibility of unity between the nations. They seem so entrenched in their form of government, which always has a military back up and the fear factor.
The only way to conquer this is for people, if they want change, to rebel unanimously, but that takes courage and organisation, and of course, risk of death. Perhaps a few characters like Spartacus would help.
The people of Myanmar are now having some success with their fight back against oppression.devil
Slovakia, a member of NATO, has elected a new leader who is not sympathetic to the Ukraine cause. This is a weakness to NATO and this attitude should be noted by other members.
we are not divided it is an illusion of division brought on by those that wish for us to do their bidding. i will not be told who my enemies are.
Is there a difference between living in North Korea and South Korea?
Is there a difference between living in Afghanistan and Kuwait?
If you don't see a difference, and think if there is, it's an illusion, perhaps you should try a holiday there and report back.
My sister -in-law has just spent 4 weeks on holiday in Vietnam and Cambodia with stays in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh and loved it.

Sadly it's the politics of a country not it's people that cause the problems.
I agree...I visited those countries and others despite the political history...all I can tell you is that people need/want to earn a living and actually want to enjoy life without conflict...
Keep in mind that some are easily duped or ignorant of how others live as some do not read about other countries or travel that will expose themselves to differences...(politically or culturally)
One reason some countries try to ban or block the internet from their people to reduce exposure to what the government does not want you to know...
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