This statement was made in the Bible and you would imagine that those who adhered to the word of God would adopt the instruction.
How come that the action taken in Gaza by the Israelis against Hamas has gone beyond the notion of self defence and inflicted death and suffering on thousands of innocent members of the population?
Even individuals displaying a white flag have been shot and then bulldozed into the ground.
Those who survive this onslaught are unlikely ever to wish to live alongside the perpetrators.

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You are thinking of the new testament Israel lives by the Torah which Judeo Christians call the old testament and in the old testament it said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
In the Torah it is understood that one should not take revenge.
An eye for an eye meant that justice could be done but within limits and not in excess, and in accordance with the law. Revenge by people could be in danger of excess and so god was the judge of any further punishment.
In the case of Israel, it could be said that revenge was taking place here and not an eye for an eye as you suggest.
Killing seven aid workers is not helping Israel's cause. Three vehicles clearly marked as aid workers and with appropriate permission to enter the area designated, somehow were hit by mistake.
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