Sunak the UK prime minister is trying to make a new law banning anyone born after 1st Jan 2009 from ever being able to purchase cigarettes. It's been initially approved by parliament, though many of the government voted against it.
This is a stupid law that will stop certain adults ever smoking, even though they would be in the presence of other adults who can purchase cigs and smoke. Freedom of the individual is again being attacked by a meddling government.

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You need to get your facts right.scold

The legislation does not ban smoking outright, as anyone who can legally buy tobacco now will still be able to do so if the bill becomes law. It will make it illegal to sell tobacco products to anyone born after 1 January 2009. The plan was first reported by the Guardian, and announced by the prime minister in his speech to the Conservative party conference last year.
Sorry. Just corrected before to after.
We all make mistakes sometimes, but glad you around to spot them.
The amount of tax they put on cigarettes in some countries...better off quitting...I am going to try and ween myself from this habit...
I think it will not be much of a problem for the younger generation as smoking is not seen as a trendy cool thing to do...not like when I grew up...
Many people vape in the UK. The cost of cigarettes is really high, through increased tax. I smoked as a teenager, but not heavy smoking and then went over to a more healthy lifestyle. TV adds continuously promoted cigs then, and socially many young people indulged especially at football matches, when you were obliged to offer and receive a cig. But, I don't regret the experience and it was all part of growing up and having fun.
My user name refers to my dog whom I lost 3 years ago . She was a German Spitz and I miss her so much. Here she is in the garden

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Ya same was a part of growing up...
The taxes are quite high and not worth it now...vaping might be a good way to ween off of cigs...
Nice looking dog. Sad you lost her. I thought your CS name was a comment about a German habit. But glad for the clarification.
I thought as much!
Cute dog...
dancing dog
Thanks guys for your kind remarks.applause

With regards to smoking I've lost 3 pals in the past couple of years to lung cancer one of whom was a smoker.I also have a friend dealing with lung cancer who never smoked.

My own Father died of this disease after giving up smoking about 20 years prior.I was a smoker until 2000 when I gave it up and with no regrets.I can't stand the smell of cigarettes now and hate vapes as well.

It is a habit difficult to control and as stated extremely expensive so anything that can be done to deter people is always welcome though half of Parliament has voted against the bill.

C.O.P.D's is another issue probably due to smoking.sigh
My mom died from cancer but she was in her 80's and had survived cancer 30 years before she had a long life despite the initial cancer diagnosis...
Another person I know of has breast cancer...and hopefully the treatment can extend her life for more than the 5 year mark...
Good for you to quit smoking...many people are adverse to cigarette smell when they quit...
Vaping has no smell as far as I am aware of...and if it helps people quit...why not...
No tolerance in Norway...

I bet Grand shopped himwink
I remember as a teenager trying different brands of cigarettes out of curiosity. I liked American brands such as Chesterfields, lucky strike, Marlborough. And especially, the French, Galois, and Disque Bleu, which had a great aroma.
The best TV advert was for a brand called, Strand. It showed a night scene where a man in a raincoat & hat walked to the corner of a street, paused, struck a match, lit a cigarette, and a voice said, "You're never alone with a Strand." Music played with a mouth organ I think.
Apparently it's Just been revealed that smoking is increasing in the UK amongst middle class women. I suppose they can afford it.
I was in the queue at W.H.Smiths the other morning and the guy in front of me was asking the price of brands of cigarettes. I nearly fainted when she said £19:50 for a packet of 20 though I can't recall the brand.

For a heavy smoker he/she would be burning away over a £100 or more a weekwow
Did you manage to get a pack?
I haven't smoked for almost 25 years and have no desire to after losing people to lung cancer .sigh
Sunak is either very brave or very stupid if he thinks banning smoking will help the conservatives win the upcoming election.

Banning anything has never worked out well for any government.

Until worldwide tobacco production is stopped, people will always find a way to get their cancer sticks.

Hemp is far safer, but that is harder to tax at this time.
So you used to smoke. How many did you smoke per day and which brand?
The headmistress at my earlier school had a big box outside her office/lounge full of packs of cigs. Craven A was the brand. She set a good example to kids.
Started on Woodbines and Players Weights and ended up on Rothmans but never a heavy smoker Most would be 8 to 10 a day so an average of maybe 3 packets a week bearing in mind they were only about £3:50 to £4 per packet of 20.grin
Yes more or less same here. School friend introduced me to Woodbines and Players weights. So, my pocket money was useful for indulging in habit. You could purchase them in fives. Would sit with other school boy who caught same bus, and would smoke out of sight of conductor. That boy became a recording star with his group and had many hits. I saw him on the same bill as Rolling Stones when I had started my first employment.
The vaping cloud smells of chemicals, and is a little unsettling, mainly banned in the same way smoking is because the smell isn't great. I tried it because it was cheaper but it makes me cough really badly laugh even small puffs. And then of course there's all this talk of popcorn lung ... so I have a fancy vaping kit for sale if anyone wants it rolling on the floor laughing

The irony is that most kids are now into vaping anyway, new smokers are relatively rare - vaping comes in all sizes, strengths, tastes, and drug levels, and is seen as cooler. That said, during the short period I was trying to vape instead, the closest supplier went out of business and the few times I was in the shop, the customers were all in their 30s or 40s. Guess he should have been on a bus route or somewhere kids can get on foot.
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