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I will be joining some single peeps in the Fresno area at the end of this month for a game night. I imagine there will be men there that will bring their chess games because us single introverts like games like that…heady games, so I learned chess in one afternoon.

Ask me if I’m good at it though because that’s a whole other ball game…laugh

I couldn’t understand what a stalemate was to save my life for a bit. So now without the aid of the internet I will try to tell you all what it is in my own words…and someone told me not to feel bad because it’s hard for a newbie to grasp but I want to understand damnit!

It is when the king, if he moves in any direction, will become under attack but he is not under attack until he does so. So the game is a draw.

Checkmate is when the king is directly under attack and when he attempts to move out of the way then he is still under attack. So the game is over.

Am I right or wrong?

Oh lawd.


This is fun though. I’m learning something new.

My own pick for game night though is a game called score four. I played that with a man once. He beat me every time but I had a blast playing that game. It’s like a three dimensional game of checkers. So I will be bringing that one to share.
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Sounds groovy....the ultimate game is to beat / tap your 'smart phone ' into a slave existence of making Coin with no time off...

You know , the way $acto treats it lower class real time.

Comments from the other viewers always
A rich gooey noughat of snark.
It’s fine bobbers. My blogs are the way I want them now. Blogs aren’t really for comments anyway. They’re just to tell a story really. I suppose I know what a stalemate is now which is good news. I’ll be killing it at game night.

Interesting video. There are so many ways to play chess. I remember my first boyfriend beat me every time. I told him no what is that? WHAT IS THAT! Why do you keep winning? He said because you play chess like checkers. You can’t do that. I know that! Argh! lol. I’m a fun competitive person. Not a mean one.

But that was a long time ago. I had to relearn chess recently. I had forgotten everything!
I already do that. laugh
Let’s talk about something more tame and less confusing shall we? My game came in the mail yesterday and it’s all wood. Omg I’m having an o*gasm right now just looking and smelling it. Mmm. Can’t wait for Saturday night.

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