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Hello all. Someone messaged me on this site and said I had to stop posting personal things on the net. I agreed and went and deleted several blogs. I’m sorry I made you guys read that. And I admit that I had the insults that I was unintentionally asking for coming. So here’s to being safe and boring again. Cheers! laugh wine

P.S. Thank you to that person. You know who you are. angel
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Really. Tell him / her from me that it's none of their business what you do on here,
besides you're pretty anonymous anyway. Noone knows your real name or adress so they can go f themselves boring dumb foucks. I say the more personal the better. Eh... perhaps within some limits, and you have not crossed there.

Now, the only time this advice would have meaning is if they think you can not take care of yourself. That is not my feeling, you seem very capeble actually.

Thanks Oz. I appreciate that. I can take care of myself but some men are on the scary side. It’s more like they don’t trust them not me.

Just for you…I had someone else ask me for sex again the day after the first guy did. I’m on an app where you can meet single people and he messaged me and pinged me his house on a bloody map. sigh

I told him I was willing to meet him at a group event. These men…I don’t know what they’re thinking when they think I’ll come to a persons house I don’t know. They are thinking with their other head. laugh

I don’t think he’ll go to a group event(it just doesn’t seem like he would) but he has to if he wants to meet women. We won’t go somewhere unsafe.
Yea... well, at least on here it's very safe!
Nobody meets nobody! Don't even need a body condome laugh
I'm glad it wasn't the Titanic blog that got deleted!
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