The Problem With Guns…

Is that they are no problem at all. This country is collapsing bit by bit. The shooters in this country are all controlled by a socialist called satan. He very much believes in his cause and has recruited others as his conglomerate. The fact that people don’t see this as spiritual warfare and only as a mere materialistic problem with guns is a giant red flag and I beg you…in fact I implore you to seek where you are going when you die. None of this head knowledge and political knowledge is gonna matter when you face the Almighty. He’s just gonna simply ask you one question…did you believe in me or not? That alone is enough to scare me more than any gun pointed at me ever could. The guns are the distraction. The destruction and lost souls is the man behind the mask or behind the gun so to speak.
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I like this blog, written straight from the heart/hip (in this case the same thing)
If more people had guns, fewer people would get shot. professor
it's true. guns aren't the problem as the agency failures get buried for uvalde and other areas. the elites still get to use it to circumvent more rights. meanwhile, knifings, home invasions, and worse, are spiked in most areas saying they don't have as much gun violence. that's because other atrocities have taken the void they don't talk about.

here's something that helps me at times. the very leaders not upholding their oaths and even promoting lawlessness for their own purposes, will also have higher standards to answer too in that final day.

then we have to think about all of the people that have been supporting them. come judgement day, we're all in trouble. there are many in worse positions than they know. they're happy now because they hold the "power". it's going to be interesting to see their re-actions when they realize they had none at all down the road where it mattered most. their "works" will bury them.
Can't put the gun-cat back into the bag.

It's like with nukes. Boths sides better have them now.
Ozzie trust me I like you more and more each day. Sometimes people tell me omg you blasted off the hip with that one. Yes I did. But it doesn’t make it any less true. Bob is my good friend and even I made him dumbfounded. The way things are in this country is enough to make even the most culturally or spiritually sounded sober and I thank everyone for being woke up!!!
@curvy that simply doesn't stack up against contrary evidence. Australians surrendered 600,000+ guns back in 1996. The number of deaths by gunshot wound, which was already declining at a rate of 3% a year before the reforms, declined at a rate of 6% a year post-1996, Yours is specious reasoning indeed.
The Hoplophobes on CS!laugh
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Reason #1 -- protection from criminals Democrats have put back on the street.
Reason #2 -- protection from government Democrats control.
Don F.
Are firearms responsible for more deaths of kids in America than anything else?
I got through an entire day without needing an assault rifle. Go figure. dunno
Lets not leave out the children being taken from their parents and mass injections of the vials. Lets not forget the detainment camps that ppl were forced into against their will.
Lets not forget,the total abuse of the liberties and rights of the Austrailian ppl.

If they were able to protect themselves via a gun would the outcomes have been different. You decide.

Make a fair argument, not a one sided commie comment....
I call Bullcrap on your unproven A$$ertion again!comfort
you wouldn't know one of those even if it bit your Backside!comfort
Conman.... I asked a question. Did not make a statement. Try understanding English.
Do me a favor AND DON'T SHOOT ANYBODY! help
Wing Command..} .. dateline, the Pentagon is written..) .sum where in the D ring..
..when the battle begins, there be no such thing
.as too much artillery.

( .but there is a thing called, too many donkeys.)
comfort comfort comfort
comfort you mean you asked a leading question in true Libtard fashion!
I'll be honest. The ideas of guns scare me a tad if going to Americania on holiday,
but only a mini tad bit.
My game plan is to raise my arms and say "just take it" if approached with a colt 44.
I have never seen a gun in Norway among people, except when I saw police wearing
it in the belt, and that made me feel safer, not less safe.

I also used to watch western on tv when growing up in the 70's and I was never scared to see a cowboy walk into a bar fully armed. I'd be more scared if his gun was not on him I think... wondering if he was a weirdo... rolling on the floor laughing

So with that said: of two imperfect options ova there... I'd take armed to the teeth
good citizens as my neighbors I think, opposed to sitting ducklings.
Me again (logged out while writing).

.eYe cannot take 1/2 breath nor enjoy one
Femtosecond without a Crat ruining that event.
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